Men at Work

I am appointed as a Personal Secretary to a handsome looking young guy [Executive] around 27 yrs in a MNC. In his well pressed clothes he used to look very sexy. He was wheatish in color, medium built with a charming smile and curly hair. Whenever he used to dictate some letters or discuss some issues to be taken my eyes used to get glued to his tight bulge visible between his thighs and his hard pecks/nipples were pointed and used to show their prominence even through his vest and shirt. I used to get a hard on and I had to adjust my penis so that my tent should not be shown to him. One day as I was returning from office at around 9.30 pm My Boss[sanjay] called me and asked me if I can give him a lift as he has given his car for servicing and his quarters are in my way to my house. I readily agreed and I took him on my motorbike. Our office was around 20 Kms away from our residence. As the road was almost empty I sped my way to home and it was about to rain as cool winds started blowing along with trickles of rain. Sanjay caught my waist to support himself, his warm hands on my waist are giving me pleasure. On my way there was a huge bump on the road and I had to apply sudden brake Sanjay’s hand slipped from my waist and touched on my bulge between my thighs. As I was already horny and my penis was hard pushing my underwear and pant up, his hand touched my erect cock. My penis became harder at his touch and responded by throbbing vigorously, sanjay could feel my hard on. He has not removed his hand from my crotch. He rested his entire palm on my penis and pressed it down as though he was measuring its size. My breathing became heavier and I did not object his actions. He moved further on the bike seat now I am caged between his warm and tight thighs as he pressed them together. I could feel the warmth of his lap as my hips could touch his tight bulge as he pushed his groin further.

It started raining heavily and as his quarters were nearby I did not stop for a shelter. By the time we reached his residence we were completely drenched but I was not feeling cold as he continued playing with my penis throughout the journey which kept me warm. I stopped my bike in his portico and was sad as he has to leave. Sanjay got down from my bike and came near me. He pulled my keys from bike and put them in his pocket. Without saying a word he caught my hand and guided me inside his quarters. He opened the door and led me inside as soon as we locked the doors he pulled me and hugged me tightly and started kissing on my lips. He started chewing my lower lip as his tongue was surveying my tongue. He pulled me closer our hot crotches met and our penises were so hard I thought our pants might be torn if we do not free them. He pulled my shirt and opened my buttons. His hands were roaming over my hairy chest, he pulled my hair on chest playfully and lowered his head as took my erect black nipple in his mouth. I gasped with pleasure and sweet pain as he bit my nipple. His hand slipped between us and opened my pant belt and zipper. He pulled my pant and underwear down. My erect black penis popped out and saluted my boss. He knwlt before me and admired my penis and balls viewing them for a while. He combed my thick black pubic hair and pulled them gently. He kissed on my 8 inch black uncircumcised penis. His hand was playing with my hairy & heavy balls. He was rolling each of my testicles in his hand softly, while he started sucking my cock. I was in a sweet shock whether this was really happening or my dreaming. It was my dream to see my black penis in his red lips coming out and going in from the day I joined the job. He slowly reached my ass hole and started figuring it. I spread my legs apart to accomodate his roaming hand. Soon I exploaded in his mouth as I could not hold any longer. He happily drank my milk and did not leave even a single drop of my cum.

As he lied on the ground slowly leaving my limp and shrunked penis I slowly kissed on his lips and removed his tie from his neck. I opened his shirt and found a hairy chest with erect brownish nipples I lowered on them and started sucking one by one hungrily he caught my head and pulling me closer moaning sweetly. I moved my hand to his belt and opened his pant, belt and zip. I slipped my hand inside his cut drawer and pulled his magnificent warm and thick penis outside. I pulled down his pant and underwear exposing his private parts to my eyes. I caught his erect 9 inch penis which looked like a brown python and licked it from top to bottom. I sucked his brownish balls one by one and returned to his cock head I pulled his fore skin back and tongued his pee hole causing him tickles. I started sucking his penis vigorously and soon gifted with his salt tasted cum. From that day Men at work enjoyed each and every moment in the office/work site.

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