Hot Sex With Three Girl Students

I was a science graduate doing my further studies. Since I was studying, I was always in short for money. So I used to do tuition in science.

This story is in continuation of my earlier story. But new readers can also enjoy.

I could hardly sleep that night, as I had never done 3 girls together and it was a dream for me… I went to Tina’s house the next day… I found all the 3 girls present… Seema had massive 38 D size tits and a heavy body, nice ass too… She was dressed in a bra type top which Rakhi Savant wears in her item songs; Bina on the other hand was proportionate and very fair and frail… She was in a white transparent T- shirt with no bra inside… I could see her nipples…

We sat down… Tina said” Sir, All 3 of us are weak in our biology, I want you to teach us chapter 9 and then give us practicals also” I said” ok.” Chapter 9 was on human reproductive system… We sat on the dining table… I opened the book and started to teach them. I showed them the sketch of a male penis and said this must be put in a girl’s vagina… And then it secretes a juice which mixes with the girls eggs and a child is born… I had brought real photos of cock and cunt from a porno magazine, I had also brought a photo of a man fucking a girl.. I showed the girls the photos..
Tina’s hand was on my cock thro’ my jeans squeezing my cock… Both seema & bina saw what Tina was doing… She said” Enough sir, let do practicals… I said ok…

I pointed to my cock and said this is male reproductive organ. It is known by many names like penis, cock, dick, etc… Tina said” But sir you have to show them how it looks.” I said let us all go to the bedroom… Where I removed my jeans and then my undies… I pushed up my shirt a little and showed them my flaccid and soft dick… Seema and Bina both touched my cock and said “It is so soft. How will it go inside a girl’s vagina? And secondly where exactly is this vagina in a girl” Tina said “Remove your shirt also it is coming in our view” I removed my shirt as well. Now I was stark naked… I asked all the girls to remove their clothes… Seema removed her top to reveal me her massive tits…. Bina too removed her top… She had massive areolas… Tina also did the same… Tina went on to remove all her clothes and was naked now… Seema & Bina were hesitating… Tina said” come on now, there is no need to be shy, he is after all our sir and very discrete, and also how will he teach us practical”… My cock was still soft, but had become semi erect after seeing all these girls naked…

I said I need a volunteer and made Tina lie down on the bed… I lay down next to Tina and put my finger in her wet pussy… I said this is a girl’s vagina… Both the other girls were looking at us… Seema was lightly fingering herself… But how will you put that soft stick inside Tina vagina? Bina asked… I said It needs to be stimulated and then it will grow bigger and very tight so that it can enter… How Bina asked… I said come near and lick my armpits… and no kissing with your lips, you have to lick, use your tongue, and lick each hairy armpit slowly… Only this much Bina asked… I said no, Tina will lick my stick, which is the main thing… Bina too lay down next to me & started to lick my wet hairy armpits… Tina bends down to take my dick in her mouth… I could see that Seema had parted her cunt lips and started to finger herself… I soon got rock hard… My cock was throbbing… Seema came near & started to fondle my balls… Tina was really licking my cock nicely. I took out my rock hard cock from her mouth and asked Seema & Bina to hold it…. Both agreed that it was very hard now. Precum had trickled from my cock. Seema took it with her fingers and rubbed it between her fingers and then she licked. She said “What is this juice? It tastes nice”. I said it’s the juice which comes out when my prick is excited enough. It means it is ready to be put inside.

I climbed on top of Tina, parted her legs and she guided me inside her cunt… She moaned out aloud. Seema said “now what Sir?” I said “Now I pull in and out of Tina’s pussy& then after a while I will secrete nectar in Tina’s pussy.” In the meantime you two girls keep my stick excited. “How” Bina asked. I said “You can continue to lick my armpits and Seema can lick my ass.” I started to move in n out of Tina’s cunt, making a slouchy noise. Bina buried her face in my armpits & started to lick them. Seema parted my ass cheeks and started to lick my asshole… Ahhhhh… what a feeling…

When I was about to cum I pulled out from Tina. And I came out on her stomach. Seema stopped with my ass and started to lick my cum from Tina’s stomach. Bina too joined and she too licked my cum from Tina’s stomach. Tina then took my cock in her mouth and licked it dry. When there was nothing left for her she reluctantly let it grow… I said ‘if you girls are feeling wet down there I can scratch it for you with my fingers or you 3 can form a triangle and leak each other dry. The 3 girls then started to leak each others pussies while I sat down and watched them… wow what a dream… every one agreed later that we will all meet again to learn more about biology chapter 9. And we met many many times afterwards.

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