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By: Misty

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Hi all, This is my first story and actually its first exp also hope you all will like and spare my long, mistakes if any. And thanks for ISS team helping all of us to share our exp, guys may be all stories are correct or wrong but we had enjoyed them especially I had masturbated a lot with help of ISS stories

Thanks guys and girls it’s really very relaxation to many please mail your comments at [email protected] I had been reading iss since long and finally made up my mind to let my true one and only exp for all as others did. I am from a middle class family living in a far district I did most of my studies in Hyderabad and went to my native place and had to exp a very bad situation of my family so had to drop my education and I came back to Hyderabad for job search.

With a great request and help of my friend I could make out a stay in hostel at dilshuknagar through my friend as while studies I was in residential kind of atmosphere. Later by a weak of time I could manage to get a job in BPO for voice process. Friend’s iam fair slim and 5.9 height I started my job career with quite ok salary and our training started. My batch consisted of 26 people who had both girls and boys.

I had a very close friend rupesh he was the only friend I could make in the team as Hyd guys very fast and they had many no of girls as friends and girls rupesh used to make fun of me and show me how he deals with multiple girls at a time, I wondered how this could happen how girls agree but actually the girls were fooled as he use to talk with one girl sitting opposite and flirt with another on sms with diff by giving the opposite girl a work load excuse poor girl

She thought it was true but I was watching and feeling bad any way. The final test was about to come before we had to get through 3 manual tests which included voice accent, grammar and communication skills rounds. I hardly was able to make out to be frank 2 rounds and was mad and feared for the final round which was next day and was asking many people about tips. Same time I met sneha verma she was excellent in all skills she saw me wandering here and

There asked me what’s the prob actually she was new joined team lead and had much exp in all this. With total frankness I said her situation

She asked: is it your first job?

I: yes mam it’s my first and just to make sure iam with the team I was trying to get tips frm others who are exp.

Sneha: Its ok and she asked me couple of questions and said me relax. What all is required I have the basic and I am nearby average so I will be able to make it. Finally test finished I did my best I I was selected for the practical calls or I would have to go for one more month of training.

I went to sneha and thanked her and she smiled and we walked to cafeteria after this even though she was not my team lead but she cared me a lot and helped me in lot of critical customer handling. Now coming to her sneha was more than beauty and with all looks and figures which I can’t tell the measures. But she was the nest in all and every one admired her like hell.

Moreover she was the best at helping others she was very generous and kind hearted. We had a small dinner treat at moksh restaurant this is at tank band and all of us attended. There we had some awards and gift also this was actually 6 months treat and appreciation day. Everyone had fun and by th time we were leaving we had to wait for the cabs to some so I took direct auto as it was almost 10 in the night while moving I saw sneha mam and her friend standing for auto I had to stop.

Then we all drove first we dropped sneha mam friend and then next was my hostel by the time we reached my hostel it was about 11:40 we did our best but no response and my mobile was even dead to call for help somehow I remembered my friend no and I called him but no use seeing all this sneha mam said and enquired me if it was tht I join her to her room she stayed as a paying guest

I said it could be prob to her she said its ok just take little precaution and its ok so finally we reached her house it’s a double story house and the pent house on tope is were she lives alone she said me to get down near by and said whe will signal me when her watchmen will be ok. After she went dnt know what she spoke she gave me a mobile light signal and I went in as I was moving in slight rain was running so was a bit wet as

Sneha mam finally we both went in and locked the door it was a single bed room and after a while chat about x y z I said her to sleep in and I was half naked I said will sleep in the hall watching tv she said ok and she went in and locked the door. I was madly hungry dint know what to do had some water and tried to sleep but could not then suddenly she opened the door and first question she asked was are u hungry?

She said: are you hungry any way if you wish to join iam happy as I am madly hungry she took oput few things and was making them hot in this mean time seeing her in nighty my manhood started raising as till now I did it but in her nighty she was awesome don’t know why girls try to kill boys in nighty without undergarments!

I was chatting with her and when she was keeping things on table seeing her boobs I went mad iam not sure about size but they were quite big which I love the most she caught me starring at them and went in and took her chunny covered it I felt bad.

But in any case she too is hot but the start is required so I could not resist and went in boldly stuck her neck and started kissing her madly she turned and gave me a big slap I holding my check came back to hall and sat with no word.

She followed me and sat beside me she said me to sleep thr and spoe all things etc etc then she went in as she was going I knew she liked it so I followed her slowly and may be in frustration she didn’t lock the door she lie on her back and I took the chance holding her arms and keeping me hard dick on her ass started kissing on her neck again she could not resist too long

And gave up she turned and gave a big hot kiss biting my lips and sucking them hard. Now I was sucking her top lip she was with my down lip guys its really awesome you all should also try this with your girls because girls really love this and when we kiss then on their neck.

Next it was different to go to her boobs she made I stop and she undressed herself revealing her cute boobs hidden in bra but with no panty I was shocked seeing the pussy clean with no hair and was mad at it. I took her in my arms was kissing her but she resisted and made me suck her nipples oh god the brown nipples were dam juicy to suck them and play around on the dark circle.

Don’t know why she was enjoying her nipples suck but her mourns and her words were on top She made me suck them hard till about 30 min and then she said you are a best sucker I got more aroused and straight I went down to her pussy lips started kissing it and slowly I inserted my one figure and played she was going mad and playing with my hot big dick she finally took it in her mouth and we were in 69 position

And were enjoying the fore play this went on till about 20 min she was sucking my balls one by one and shouting at me to cum but I could not and was in return telling her suck hard. Finally we broke and I took her to the corner of the bed and was standing and I was about to insert she resisted and gave me a condom she sucked my dick again and she only put condom on my dick which I loved then started the fun I fucked her standing at the corner of the bed.

Next I made her turn back and fucked her slow first as she was feeling pain and moved fast and fucked her in doggy style about 25 min then I made her one feet rest on bed and the next down on floor and same with me and started fucking this was small round she wanted to kiss me while fucking so we stopped in about 4 min and next I inserted my dick in her pussy and we sat and started fucking at the same time

I was sucking one of her boob and pressing the other one hard she was holding me very tight this round went on very well as she has to take initiative in this round next I was sleeping and she came on top of me and started ridding me well this was small round and stopped her and made her sleep back and putting my dick in her pussy I started my play fucking her hard in this position she was mad and mourning hell

And with all noise of ah yes fuck yes go on fuck me she also added some bad words but that aroused me too much and was fucking madly after this round I took another condom and tried putting in her ass but she was screaming like hell and only 20 % of my dick went in for which she was screaming like hell with fear I stopped it and made her stand and kissing her juicy lips I fucked her about 10 min then she was a bit tired and she wanted a relax fuck round.

So I made her sleep inserting my dick with 2 condoms she brought her both legs near and pressing her both boobs hard I fucked her about 6 min and I lost. She got up suddenly and removing the condoms she started licking my dick madly which was heaven for me. We had another round and both were trying to relax finally

I made her sleep in my arms talking to her chatting and her right leg was on my dick she was holding

Tightly but although I wanted to have another round but seeing her tiredness and love for me while she was sleeping like a kid on me I left it. Guys mail me your comments it’s a true exp we only had once after this then she moved [email protected] awaiting your comments and awaiting for friends who wish to be with me

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