Good Times With My Team Mate Part – 1

Hey guys,
This is andy, again with a new story.After my previous story, I got positive feedback from most of the people.You can read my previous story by searching for my user name. In fact, I must thank those who had given me valuable feedback about my story.This is also a real story happened during the rainy season in august

To begin with, after the incident with Rachel, I completed my on site and joined back in Mumbai. Consequent to my hard work and of course good feedback given by rach, I was promoted as a team leader.I was tasked with one critical project.My team was five in number with three men and two women.We started working as a team and achieving the desired targets in every phase.It was planned to have a party kinda thing once we achieve our weekly targets.

Meanwhile, one of the ladies was given maternity leave as she’s carrying.As the project is very critical for the firm, they appointed a new lady, Priya, who is the heroine of this episode.I formally introduced her to my team members and briefed her regarding the project and various targets to be achieved.She is also very hardworking and often helps others team members. This made me like her and pat before all my team members.When you pat a lady before all, normally she blushes!! ????.
One day, all the team members informed me that they will be late to office as it’s raining cats and dogs since the morning. I got a call from Priya and requested me to pick her up if it is okay with me.As we almost live nearby, I told her no issues you can join me.Then I gave a call to her once I reached her residence.She joined me in the car. She’s is wearing a blue tight jeans through you can crave her ass and a red color v cut top through which we can find her beautiful twins. After exchanging formals, we started chatting.

M: me
P: Priya
M: what happened to your vehicle?
P: it was broken down as the radiator was choked.

M: oh I see.
P: can we chat?
M: sure we can as it will take a long time to reach office since there’s a road blockage due to rain.

P: may, I ask you about your personal life?
M: sure.
P: how is your married life?

M: it’s ok.But not the best.Because I’m missing the real spark in my marriage.
P: I heard that you had an affair with team leader during on site?
M: I don’t think it’s an affair.I feel it’s fun with boss.Why are you asking that?
P: I’m also in the same situation as what you’re now!
M: what happened to your married life?

P: my hubby work for the different firm and I’m working for this firm.So, we are not getting connected at the highest level as our office times differ.
M: what you feel the solution to this problem?
P: as you told FWB and winked at me.

Then due to speed breaker, I changed the car gear, my hand touched her thighs.So, soft they are!
M: you’re so soft!!;-)
P:yes.I’m!! ????

M: what are your plans for the weekend?
P: not yet decided.My hubby went on office work and will not be available this weekend. What about you?
M: my wife went her home town.I’m also free.I think now you can decide your weekend plan!!;-)

P: yes.I had decided ;-) where we will go?
M:lonavala is okay with you? It’s really awesome to see rain on the hill top and playing with a hottie like you!
P: am I really hot??

M:of course you are! You got 34d cups,32 waists and 36 lower.I love that physique.
P thank you. What’s your tool size?
M: you can check that!

She saw my dick trying to bulge out and told it’s 6′ long.
M: you’re correct!
By that time, we reached the office and started working.
As there’s less strength, I asked her to join me for lunch in restaurant for which she readily agreed

As the weather is chilling, I thought of taking a chance.
We went to the parking lot, where there was no one except for us.
I whispered in her ear, how about a ‘starter’!
P: when there’s huge ‘lunch’ before you, how stupid you’re to ask a simple ‘starter’!!

M: any huge lunch starts with a ‘starter’!! ????
Saying this, I started tasting her sweet lips.She was happy with the move and reciprocated the same. We are tasting lips for almost 5 minutes.I offered my tongue to her and they’re fighting like tug of wars!!Meanwhile, my hands removed her top and unhooked her bra.She removed my pants.I started fingering her pussy. She started stroking my cock.Did I ask her how about a blowjob?

She responded and engulfed my dick into her mouth.She started licking from the head, moved onto the shaft and reached the tip.I’m throbbing my cock deep into her throat.She cleaned my dick very nicely with her tongue. Now, she wanted me to twirl my tongue inside the pussy.I said okay.She is sitting in the car.I buried myself under her!I started tasting her pussy. She started moaning loudly.Aaahhh mmmmmm oh yeah aaaahhhhhh.Giving a good rim job to her ass and pussy while she’s grinding her hips.I love the way she’s grinding her hips over my face.As I’m nibbling her pussy, she’s also excited and grinding with full excitement. After this, I whispered in her ear how is the ‘starter’?She replied with her lips. She then asked don’t you need a lunch now. I see you’re so ‘hungry’!!I told I need a good lunch.

I asked what’s your favorite position? She told every possible position is okay with her.Then I started banging her pussy with my tool in the missionary position.The way my dick is penetrating deep into her pussy is making her wilder!She started moaning loudly.Aaahhh mmmmmm oh yeaaaaahhhhhh.Give me more fucking master.I changed my position.I slapped her ass and took her leg over my shoulder.I’m ramming her now.My balls are slapping the side walls of pussy.She is so much excited and asked me for doggy.I laid her back and started banging her ass, the tightest hole.With my strong dick deeply penetrating into her ass she’s, in fact, screaming ohhhhhhhyeaaaaahhh.Come on fuck that asshole.I wan to squirt. I increased the pace of banging and I told her that I would like to see the creampie of hers!She said she also wants orgasm inside hers.And finally, I saw her creampie! ???? In the next part, I will tell how we had fun in Lonavala.Members can give the feedback or comments on my email [email protected] so that I can make the next part more interesting!!Any dissatisfied wife in India can contact me for the discreet affair at the above mail!Complete discreetness will be maintained.Till then adios amigos.

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