Fucked My Physics Teacher & Sister

Hello ISS readers.. I’m Sahel (changed).. Male/21 – 5′-11” tall – Nice body – Fair complexion from Hyderabad, India. Comments are most welcome at [email protected] I have read lots of stories about students fucking their school or tuition teachers and I get aroused every time reading this kind of stories and have no other option but to ejaculate.

Today I want to share a real life experience of mine with all ISS readers. This is the first time I’m writing a story so I hope that my spelling or grammatical mistakes will be forgiven. It happened when I was in my 10th standard. Her name was Farhath (not changed) She was my Physics & Biology Teacher. She was good looking, nice tits, nice ass, beautiful eyes, long hair. She was married but divorced just 2 years ago. I was not at all interested in studies from the beginning so I was quite poor in almost all the subjects.

She use to stay in the same apartment as I use to. My flat was on the 1st floor & she was on the 5th floor. Till 9th standard, I somehow managed & passed but 10th standard was quite hard for me and I was not showing any progress in my Unit-Tests or the exams that use to be conducted once in every 2 weeks. As she was my teacher & use to live in the same apartment, she talked to my parents about this and advised them that they should allow her to take my tuition & extra classes. My parents agreed in an instant.

I was feeling so lucky at that time. In fact I had no idea what it feels to have sex but I use to masturbate at least twice in a week. Then I started on that same day to go to her home for my Tuitions. She use to live with her old aged mother, her 6 year old son & an unmarried sister. When I went to her home, ranged the bell, Farhath was in front of my eyes wearing shalwar kameez but no dupatta. Her kameez was also of some deep cutting so a tiny cleavage of her was also visible. I went inside & she showed me where i have to sit & study.

I was sitting on the chair with my Physics text book in my one hand and in another there was my Physics note book. Farhath bend in front of me and was checking out from which chapter do we have to start but my eyes were glued in her deep cleavage. She didn’t noticed it and continued searching in the text book. On the other side, I noticed that her sister is standing near the kitchen door and staring at me with a naughty smile on her face. As soon as I noticed it, I suddenly bend down my head and started seeing in the text book. Farhath’s sister laughed out loudly and went into the room.

Farhath looked at me in an astonishing way and then saw her sister who was laughing in the room and again started to see in the text book. This just happened in 2 minutes time. Then finally she told me to copy some of the questions she marked and went into the room where her sister was. I was so worried that they might tell my parents about this and my parents will beat shit out of me. But to my surprise, nothing like that happened. They both came out & this time farhath was laughing in a medium tone too. I felt quite relaxed and continued what

I was doing. Time went like that & I got some 4/5 chances to see her cleavage on that day. I came home, went to the bathroom, masturbated with my eyes closed and was thinking about her cleavage. I cum in not more than 2 minutes that time and it gave me such a pleasure that I didn’t had before. I was very much relaxed. Then I had my dinner and went to sleep. Next morning when I went to school,

I was just thinking about her & was waiting when will i reach home. School khatam huwa, main ghar pahuncha and got ready for tuition. School mein maine notice kiya ki farhath ka behaviour thoda sa change tha mere liye. I was happy. Main jaldi se upar gaya and ranged the bell. Farhath ki choti behen ne darwaza khola & welcomed me in a good way. Main andarr gaya aur wahin jaakar baith gaya jahaan mujhe bataya gaya tha.

Farhath nahaarahi thi and main paani ki awaaz sunn sakta tha coz bathroom pass mein he tha. Uski choti sister ne awaaz di usse ki main aagaya hoon toh farhath ne uski behen ko bathroom k paas bulaya & explain kiya ki mujhe kaunse questions & answers yaad karne hai. Her sister came to me and bend in front of me like her sister did yesterday. Main text book mein he dekh raha tha but mann karr raha tha ki uski cleavage dekhun. Maine thodi si himmat ki and uski cleavage dekhne ki kooshish ki.

Wow, her boobs were milky white and there was no bra inside. I was enjoying the view and woh mujhe bata rahi thi ki yehh question yaad karna hai and all. Mujhe control he nahi hoo raha tha and there was a bulge in my pant. Usne shayad wohh dekh liya and gave me a naughty smile. Uss din maine notice kiya ki her mother and her son was not at home. When i enquired, she said that her mother & her sister’s son went to their relatives and will come after 2 days.

In the mean time, farhath came out of the bathroom.

My mouth was dripping inside. She was all wet and a towel was wrapped around her. I became so excited that I asked that can I use their bathroom? They both laughed and said ‘yes, u can’. I went into the bathroom & started to jerk off and while jerking off, I saw her bra & panty hanging on back of the bathroom door. I got more excited & I was not in senses. So, I jerked on her panty and some of my semen on her bra. I washed my hands and went out.

After about 10/15 minutes, Farhath’s younger sister entered in the bathroom. I was still trying to focus on the subject & I completely forgot what I just did in the bathroom. Suddenly, she came out with her sister’s bra in one hand and panty in another. I was shocked when she shouted for her sister with a smile on her face, I thought I would get killed by these two sister tonight. Farhath came running out of her room in her blouse & petticoat.

She was shocked too seeing my semen which was quite dried on her panty & bra. She showed me some anger & was telling ‘yeh kya kiya tumne ?? mujhe kal yahi pehenna tha and tumne iss parr poora tumhara sperm laga diya, abh kya pehnungi main kal ?? I was like ‘Im sorrrrryyy Maa’aammm’. Then her sister started to talk ‘ Didi, iske parents ko bool dete hain ki isne tumhari bra & panty parr poora sperm laga diya’.

I was completely scared & was literally shivering. They noticed my situation and started laughing. Then farhath came near to me and said ‘agar tum hamara eak kaam karoge toh hum loog tumhare parents ko kuch nahi batayenge’. I nodded my head in ‘OK’.

Farhath: Abh joh main poochun sahi sahi boolna, warnaaaa..

Me: Ok ok..

Farhath: Kal kya dekh raha tha tuu ?

Her sister: (giggling) bol bol

Me: Kal maine aapke doodh dekhe..

Farhath: (laughing) kaise the mere doodh ??

Abh mujhe thoda accha lagne laga coz yehh dono toh itna khul karr baat karr rahe the & mera darr bhi dheere dheere kamm hogaya.

Her sister: Didi, sirf tumhare he nahi, mere bhi doodh ko ghoor ghoor karr dekh raha tha woh

Farhath: Accha!! Kya yehh sach kehh rahi hai ??

Me: Haan, wohh.. Inhone kuch pehna nahi hai andarr toh dikh gaye..

Farhath: (laughing) chal koi baat nahi.. abh sach sach bata.. tujhe sex k baare mein kya kya maloom hai ??

Me: Zyada nahi pata parr mera woh jabh ladki ki wohh mein jayega toh usko sex boolte hain..

Her Sister: wohh wohh kya bool raha hai ?? sidha sidha bool warna abhi jaati hoon tere parents k paas..

Me: Aare, mera lund jabh ladki ki chooth mein jayega toh woh sex hoga..

Both started laughing. Then they took me in their bedroom and asked about that have I ever seen any adult movie ?? I simply nodded in ‘No'(I was lieing). Then Farhath opened her drawer and took out 2 DVD’s and put 1 of them in the DVD player. It was a desi movie where 1 man was fucking 2 Indian women, he was fucking one lady in the ass while other was being licked. I got a hard-on and they both noticed it.

Farhath Said ‘choti(her sister) abh bardaash nahi hoo raha, iska lund nikaal, chahe jitna bhi chota ho main le lungi’. Her sister said ‘chal, kapde utaar, tujhe aaj bahut zaroori lesson explain karenge hum dono’. When she took off my clothes, I was in my shorts & when farhath herself came and took off my shorts, she was amazed seeing my 6” lund. She first saw me then she saw her sister and said ‘choti, lagta hai aaj hamara jackpot lagg gaya’ & not wasting a single minute, farhath took my cock all inside her mouth and my eyes closed due to the pleasure

I was getting. I didn’t opened my eyes till I ejaculated in her mouth & she drank every single drop of my semen. When I was relieved, I opened my eyes & saw that her sister was lying on the bed all naked & her legs were spread apart and there was a big carrot half way in her chooth. What a beautiful scene was that. ufff.. Then I bend my head and saw farhath sitting on the floor and her right hand middle finger was in her chooth.

She was fingering & after 5/6 times she entered her finger, she use to take it out and lick it. I was standing there and was watching all the action. After 5/7 minutes, my lund started to grow again. Farhath saw that and stood up, grabbed my hand and took me to her bed where her sister was already masturbating. We laid beside her sister. I was below & farhath was above me. I thought at once that she will eat me raw coz of her behavior.

She was getting mad, kissing me all over & then she pointed my lund on her chooth and pushed it. I was staring on her jumping boobs and getting pleasure of my life time & when I looked down, It was like my lund had disappeared all in her chooth. Then her sister took one of my hand & placed it on her right boobs and told me to press it as hard as I could. I obeyed & did what she said.

Then after 10 minutes, Farhath started screaming loudly, I was scared thinking what had gone wrong coz I had no experience, then I felt some warm liquid on my lund and that liquid started flowing down from my thighs on the bed sheet. I was still holding up and didn’t cummed. Her sister saw that I’m still hard so she took out that carrot & asked me to get on her. I obeyed and main uske upar aagaya. Then she placed my lund on her chooth and asked me to push it in with as much force I can. I pushed it quite hard and she screamed quite louder & farhath started giggling.

Then I fucked farhath again while she licked her sister’s cunt. I fucked them one by one in almost all the positions which was showing in that DVD. At 9 I started feeling lots of pain in my lund and told both of them about this, farhath got some hot water from their geezer and started to rub my lund with a towel & hot water. I felt good and wore my clothes & was ready to go home. Then they both said me that ‘yehh baat sirf hamare beech rahegi, kisiko pata nahi chalna chahiye and rooz tujhe aise he lesson milenge humse if you’ll keep it as a secret’.

I agreed and happily went home. After that session, they both use to send their mother and the kid to their relatives for 1 week atleast in a month and when her mother & child use to be at home, I use to press their boobs in kitchen or in balcony & sometimes we use to enjoy when my parents not to be at home. After 5 months of this beautiful time, I also got chance to fuck my class teacher once when farhath shared it with her. That was simply great. 3 women & me alone but that will be in another story. I hope ISS readers would like this & will surely encourage me to write further. Your comments are most welcome. My Email Address is [email protected]

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