Fucked By My Student

Hi to everyone, once again I am back with another story. I am Harman from Delhi and this is one of my friends story and writing in her own language. And thank you for liking my story and huge response to my new story titled ”Fucked my bhabhi at her house”

My name is Sunita Bajaj and I am from Vishakapatanam and I am married, 26 years old. I am fair in color with dimensions of 36-28-36. My husband loves me a lot and we enjoy our sexual life a lot. I wear sarees and expose a lot.

I always show my navel, back and cleavage. I can see people gauging me from their eyes. They pop out whenever they see me body parts and make a tent in their pants. This story is about how I was fucked by one of my student.

I am a teacher and teach in a college and there was this student who was very handsome and good in studies also. He always uses to stare me in my classes and I can see that he was very much interested in me. I also use to like him but being a teacher I was helpless.

Anyhow on the pretext of clearing his doubts he started talking to me. He uses to come daily to me to ask his concerns. I use to watch his chest and biceps. He was really good looking. I use to imagine him in night when my hubby fucks me.

So slowly he came closer to me and we started talking a lot. One day he proposed me to be his girlfriend. I told him I am married. You are only 19 and I am 28. He said we will just be like be girlfriend and boyfriend and I could not say no and accepted his proposal.

Initially it was normal talks just about love and affection and he always say that he envy my hubby that how lucky he and his that he has got such a beautiful and good wife. I was also a bit hesitant as I did not want to cheat my hubby. So one day we went for movie and till now he uses to only touch my hands.

We are watching movie when he kissed on my cheeks. I didn’t resist and he became bolder. He started kissing me on my neck, cheeks and then we smooched and I didn’t let him do anything else. So we were up to kisses only and then he use to spend a lot of time with me in college and always use to hold my hands.

One day I had a fight with my hubby and he went to office. I was crying and he called me up and asked the reason. He said I am coming to your home and within 15 minutes he was at my home. We sat in our sofa and I was still crying.

I went inside the bedroom and he followed me. I was still crying and he hugged me. He was trying to con sole me and rubbing my back. My head was near to his chest and I saw movement in his trousers and he was getting excited.

I thought of teasing him more and started crying more when he saw that I am not stopping me he placed his lips on my lips and started sucking them. I also started getting excited and started responding to him and we were kissing each other passionately and our saliva was mixing.

He was literally trying to eat my lips and our tongues were twisting with each other. This kissing went on for 15-20 minutes and then we stopped to take a breath. He immediately put his hands on my boobs and started pressing them hard.

He took them out of blouse and started sucking them hard and my nipples had become hard and he was chewing them. I also inserted my hands in his pants and took out his monster dick which was 8 inched long. Immediately I felt a burning sensation in my pussy and I knew I am going to enjoy being fucked by him.


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