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Hi All this is kittu frm hyd, this is my first story so pls excuse and bare if its long or more explained.

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I am slim 6 fair and with 8 inch prick i love the beauty of girls and mainly seeing boobs i go mad.

I have been reading lot of stories and finally could get courage to write my own exp. I finished graduation and started in masters correspondence.

While studying also i was working for small companies finally i could get into an MNC, After working for about 3 yrs i became to good position in the company leading a team about 140 members.

Now coming to the main part of the story because of the hectic work pressure the management decided to hire more people for the project so many people came for the interviews many girls were also there, on one sat one girl came her name was swati along with her sister.

This girl could not get through the initial test she had to leave the office actually sat and sun were weekly off but we were working extra time. next on monday while i was entering the office this girl and her sis both were standing in the parking and as soon as they saw me they came to me and said.” hi sir i gave test on sat but could not get through because of nervousness kindly give me one more chance and she started telling her family troubles and how its important for her to join.

I gave it a thought and finally said wait let me speak to my sr.manager, so i went and spoke all the same thing to the manager and convinced him. The girl started giving the test in the mean while her sister was sitting in my cabin i was checking my client mails and daily activity.

She started the conversation by thanking me again and again for the help i said its ok and then she again was telling all their story i was not having any work as such and was just listening. after about an hour swati finished her test and came to my cabin with a big smile and said sir i finished this time i did well seeing her happy i was also happy and thought fine i helped some one.

Later next day when her test file was checked she again failed seeing this i was thinking if she comes to know this what will be her reaction. The Hr people called her and informed tht she failed. The very next moment she called up our land line and asked for me.

When i went on phone she was requesting me badly so i said ok i will see what i can do. I went to the tech team and said she is my relative’s friend just take her in she will be ok in a month. as i was the team lead they said ok and immediately i called swati and said the same she was on her top heaven thanking me for the help.

Now the joining day came and we had a colleague wedding in the next town so on sat we all planned for a tour. Swati also wanted to come but could not dare to inform their parents so she requested me for the help, then i called her sister and spoke they agreed for it.

We all started on the tour in a private small tourist bus, All girls were in the middle seats and boys were at the back and in the front seats me and my HR were seating we both were busy on laptop with some mails and all.

By morning 7 we reached the destination and had taken couple of rooms girls separate and boys separate .we all were getting freshed up and i came out of the room and was having a smoke suddenly swati came out wiping her wet hair and with a smile. her some hair was wet and was on her salwar which made the top little wet and it became see through.Her figure was 36 nice sexy girl really with good ass.

She was looking awesome she had very good 36 size of boobs. i got shocked seeing this but till then i never had that intention as she was my  colleague. She came near to me and spoke to me for a while and she went off.

After the wedding we all started back and we had 2 more days holidays so few people went to their native from there directly so around 10 people were left.

While booked the tourist bus only for one way and booked APSRTC on the return so we all went and got into the bus and started back our return journey. i was sitting in the middle row seat and swati came to me and was talking to me standing then she requested the other boy to exchange the seat as she wants to speak to me for while he agreed.

We were just casually chatting but i was trying to take a glance of her boobs when ever i got chance.soon it was around 9 we got down for dinner. After dinner she sat with me only and asked me if she would move to window seat i said ok. while she was moving to the window seat her hand and my face touched she said said sorry and we sat on our seats.

Now she was again thanking me for the job and telling her family story i was just listening after a while she fell asleep and her head was on my shoulder and her one boob and the cleavage was were clearly seen i controlled myself and kept quite.

after a while she got up and found herself on my shoulder and started telling me sorry but i said its ok and dont know what happened to me i grabbed her face and made her sleep on my shoulder making her comfortable and to tell its ok sleep.

she was happy and she was holding my arm tightly her left boob was crushed to my right hand. she closed her eyes but i was trying to see her boobs in the light of the TV in the bus. she suddenly got up and caught me staring at her boobs i could make no answer just turned my head towards tv she removed my hand and dont know what she kept quite for a moment and again she held my hand now i was shocked and looked her face she brought her face totally near to me and said”Sir its ok u can see now and dont pretend that u dont like them” i just gave a kiss on her fore head and she kissed me on my cheek now the movie was about to finish and have already slept.

Seeing this i made no delay in kissing her lovely juicy big lips and smooched them for couple of min.she was smiling and looking in my eyes i again smooched her my putting my hand on her neck.

now i was dying to touch her boobs i love playing and sucking big boobs iam mad at it but could not dare but slowly i was trying my best my keeping my hand on her stomach. she moved little in a position were i can see the boobs i made no delay and started making circle from her top and was also kissing madly at the same time.

I moved my hand from under her top and went to her boobs they were big and tight and were dying to come out of her bra ,with my right hand i went behind and tried to open her bra but could not next she helped me to unhook it now i was mad and playing with the boobs.

i slowly moved and made circles around her nipples and was slowly pinched them by this time she was getting aroused and i lifted the top from down to see her boobs, next i bent down and started making circles around her nipples and she was pressing me towards her boob now with one hand i started pressing it softly the left boob and sucked slowly the right boob she was biting my earlobes and and playing with my hair.

now i started pressing them hard and sucking the other one very hard she was really enjoying it when i withdraw myself she said me what will this other boob do if u suck only one i went mad on that word and started sucking madly and now i moved one hand towards her bottom.

When i reached her panty it was wet badly when i saw her face she was smiling now i took out my prick and made her hold it seeing it she kissed me madly and said its too good and fat to hold then i moved her my hand inside her panty and slowly moved and made my fingers around her pussy.

Her pussy lips were badly wet and i started finger fucking her madly she could not resist as she was enjoying madly and she was holding my prick very i removed my hand and took her face and guided towards my prick to kiss it she tried to take it inside and stopped and said its too big i dont thing i can take all of it then i said its ok take it deep she did it.

She played with her tongue on the pink part and started sucking very hard really i was in heaven and i was feeling like iam fucking her mouth in between she was stroking with hand and also sucking it badly and now i moved my hand towards her soft ass. Oh man they were really soft and cute to be pressed. soon i gave a big shot and cummed inside her mouth she drank and smiled looking at me.

This we did for 2 more time before we slept as we could not do sex thr in bus but after we returned we had for 3 time which i will express in the next story. dear friends dont forget ur comments on this and the next story will come tomorrow.

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