Finally Got A Chance To Fuck My Hot Spanish Teacher In College

Hey guys ! I am rahul and I live in mumbai currently. I’m 23 years old and I’m working in an mnc. I would like to share my sexual experience with my teacher at college which happened when I was 20. Please send me your feedbacks at my email [email protected]

Let me begin by describing the teacher whom I had this sexual experience with. Her name is ananya, she was from delhi and was around 5.5 feet in height. She had a perfect 36 24 36 figure which made her the hottest teacher in our college. She had a very round bubble ass and perfectly shaped boobs. She used to wear sarees in college as it was mandatory. One could see her sleek waist and her busty boobs over her saree. Many guys fantasized about fucking her. She had long black hair which ended just above her waist. She used to teach me spanish. All I did in the class was stare at her breasts and her beautiful ass.


Many guys tried to impress her by scoring good marks in her class. As I couldn’t pay attention in her class I scored less consecutively in two tests. Today in class madam was distributing the exam papers. As usual, I scored less. But today a very unusual incident happened. She pointed towards me and said, “I want you to wait after class Rahul”. As she asked me to wait I sat on my table after class. I knew she was mad about the low marks. She walked towards me, her hips swinging side to side as her hair bounced gently on her shoulders, “Rahul, I see that you are scoring very less in your Spanish exams? May I know the reason for that”. I desperately wanted to tell her about the many fantasies I had about her, how many times I had masturbated to the image of her firm boobs in my head. I finally spoke, “umm… madam actually…umm” I said stuttering unable to speak. “come on Rahul, I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me,” she said placing her hands on the table. “m..Madam actually I think I don’t have enough practice” I blurted out. “hmmm… well I suggest you take some tuitions to solve this problem” she said looking at me. “well mam, there are no Spanish teachers where I stay….I would like you to give me tuition” I couldn’t believe what I had just said. I looked at her as she thought for some time and said, “okay Rahul. I can give you private tuitions…..I want you to come at my home on tomorrow after college” she gave me her address and contact number.


After that day everyday after college I went to her house to get spanish tuitions. It was hard for me to control seeing her everyday like that. Everyday at home I used to jerk-off thinking about her sexy body. I scored pretty well in the next class test. This made ananya madam very happy. She congratulated me in the class which made me feel very proud. We had grown quite fond of each other in these days. Her husband used to be away on his business trips most of the times, this made her lonely. As far as I am concerned, I used to steal glances at her deep cleavage and her perfect ass whenever I had the chance. After the results, I decided to surprise her at her home. I rang the bell, I heard a click and there she was standing.


My jaw dropped open as I saw her wearing those clothes. She was wearing a tight tank-top and a very short skirt. Her top was hugging her perfect boobs showing her perky nipples off. I figured she hadn’t worn any bra. Her sleek thighs were visible under her tight shorts, giving me an instant hard on. “Rahul! I was not expecting you today ” she said tucking her hair behind her ear. “I…I just came here to thank you for your tuitions mam” I said checking her whole body out uncontrollably. “well, come on in. Let me make you a sandwich”. I walked behind her, noticing her bubble butt swaying from side to side making the bulge in my pants even bigger. I sat down on the dining table and watched her as she prepared the sandwich.


I looked at her juicy lips, which were slightly parted inviting me to kiss them. I couldn’t resist staring at the outline of her sexy boobs through her tank top. I could clearly see her perfectly shaped round ass through her mini-skirt. As she bent over the kitchen counter to get some cheese for the sandwich, I could see her g-string’s outline through her tight skirt. Her soft black hair fell on her hips and swayed from side to side as she moved around in the kitchen. Looking at all this had made a huge bulge in my trousers, and now my hard on was growing, even more, making it hurt in my pants. I had this immense sexual energy build up inside me. I never saw Ananya madam dressed this way. As I was staring at her perfectly shaped bubble butt she glanced at me over her shoulders and asked, “do you want some ketchup along with the sandwiches Rahul?”. I was surprised and taken aback with her question as I was staring at her. I shook my head “umm… what madam ?” I asked looking at her. She smiled, and gave me an unusual look and asked me playfully “where is your mind Rahul? ”. “umm..A …a …um I was thinking about my homework mam”.


She turned around giggling, her hands resting on the counter. She rolled her eyes at me and asked “oh really Rahul? That’s what were you thinking ?” she smiled and looked at me. I guessed that she caught me staring at her ass. I slowly got up from the chair and walked towards her, running my fingers through my hair I said: “to tell you the truth, I was staring at you and thinking about you mam”. She blushed a little and turned around and started making the sandwich. I could see her getting a little uncomfortable after I said those words. I walked towards her slowly, “actually, I think about you most of the times mam. When I’m in school, when I’m at home all I can think about is how beautiful you are”. She stopped moving, ”is this what you think of your teacher Rahul? ” she said softly not turning around. I stood behind her and gently placed my hands on her hips. She literally jumped as my hands touched her bare milky hips. I could feel her getting goosebumps all over her body. In a trembling voice, she said,: “this is not right Rahul, I am your teacher”. Slowly moving my hands up to her tank top I gently placed my finger over her hard nipples, “but your hard nipples suggest otherwise mam”.


I gently rubbed my fingers all over her hard nipples and moved hands all over her boobs. Her body was trembling a lot as I was rubbing her, in a very shaky voice she said: “stop it Rahul”. She held my hands and pushed them away. Turning around she looked at me with her beautiful eyes and said “please Rahul, this is wrong”. I was out of control now. I moved closer to her staring into her eyes and moved my lips very close to hers, I put my hands on her sleek hips and whispered softly, “I have been waiting for this for a very long time mam” and I kissed her juicy lips. I could feel the warmth of her lips as I kissed her. She was very reluctant to kiss me back but was not stopping me from kissing her. She pushed me back and began walking away “I am married Rahul. I can’t do this”. I quickly walked behind her and caught her shoulders and pushed her gently against the refrigerator. I moved her hair slightly revealing her smooth neck, I kissed on her neck. She began to shiver in my arms.

I pressed my throbbing dick into the crack of her round ass and moved my hand in front of her inserting it inside her miniskirt.


I placed my fingers over her soaked panties and whispered in her ear, “but your pussy likes me, mam. I know you want this” I rubbed my fingers over her panties which were soaked completely in her pussy juices. She let out a soft moan “ahh” she breathed heavily, her chest moving up and down very fast. I could feel her surrendering to me. She moved her hands behind her back and started rubbing my extremely hard dick over my constricting trousers. This was it, I got my signal and I moved ahead. Kissing and licking her soft smooth neck I whispered in her ear “I have fantasized about this so many times… now I’m going to make it all true”. I continued rubbing my hands over her panties teasing her wet pussy. She rubbed her hands over my dick along with the rhythm. I turned her around, holding her hips I moved the dining table and kissed her juicy lips passionately. This time she kissed me back and she said “let me suck your hard dick Rahul. My husband never lets me do that”. I smiled at her and unbuckled my belt and removed my trousers and slid down my underwear.


Smiling at her I said, “all your mam”. She bent down on her knees and held my hard dick in her hand and kissed on the tip. I was feeling a wave of pleasure through my head as Ananya madam was sucking my dick. Seducing her like this had brought out a completely different side of hers. I held her head gently as she moved her lips all over my hard dick. She rolled her tongue on the top and pushed it inside her mouth slowly. She looked at me with her lustful eyes and began bobbing her head up and down my hard shaft. After some strokes, she looked and me and got up. She sat on the dining table and pulled me closer holding my t-shirt. I got on top of her and kissed her neck. Slowly I took out her tank top revealing her perfectly round breasts. My fantasies were coming true today I said to myself. I kissed her chest slowly moving towards her boobs. I squeezed both of them with my hands and licked them. I sucked on her hard nipples moving my tongue round and round over them. As I was sucking on her boobs, she was breathing very heavily and was moaning loudly, “ahh…uhhh…ahhhh..Yeah….Ahh…Ummm Rahul eat my pusssy Rahul”. I looked into her eyes and slowly pulled the knot of her skirt and untied it. Slowly I removed it and threw it away. I slid her completely soaked panties down her milky legs. She spread her legs for me and looked at me, expecting me to suck her pussy.


I put my mouth close towards her pussy and took a deep breath smelling her wet pussy. The aroma was intoxicating. I dove into her wet pussy and licked all her juices off her pussy lips. Then I lapped up her clit with my tongue making her moan on top her voice. “ahhhhhh rahhhuuuuuull …ahhh …ummmm …..Ahhh” she breathed heavily and ran her fingers through my hair. I ate her pussy savoring each and every drop of her cum. She was moaning and trembling, her hips were moving along with the rhythm and she was pushing her tight pussy more and more into my mouth. After some licking, I could feel her hips grinding against my mouth very fast. She was about to have an orgasm. “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh rahuuullllll…ummmmm…ahhhhh” she moaned loudly as she cummed in my mouth. I happily drank each and every drop of it. I slowly moved up and kissed her boobs. She was lying on the dining table, completely spent after such a huge orgasm. “Rahul, I never had such an orgasm in my life” she said smiling.


She slowly reached out to my dick and started rubbing it with her hands. “now Rahul, I want you fuck my tight pussy and make me your slut” she whispered. Without wasting any time I climbed on top of the wooden table and got on top of her. I pushed my throbbing dick inside her tight pussy slowly letting her adjust to the pain. After I was completely inside her I stopped pushing and waited. She let out a gasp and looked at me, I leaned further and kissed her passionately. Slowly I started pulling my dick out, her pussy walls squeezing my hard dick. Slowly I started moving in and out of her pussy as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I increased my pace further making her scream. “ahhhhhhhhh ….Ummmm ahhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuckkkkk me harrrrrderrr ” she moaned as I shoved my cock deep inside her. I began pounding her pussy, and she moved her hips along with me. I drilled her tight pussy very hard, then I felt my cock twitching. I could feel myself almost on the verge of cumming. I increased my pace even more and then I came really hard in Ananya mam’s tight pussy. I never came so much in my life. I pulled out of her pussy and sat down on the dining table chair. Ananya madam was lying on the table, looking at me she said: “this was the best sex I ever had”. I hesitated for some time and said, “actually mam, this was my first time”. She was surprised, rolling her eyes she said “for a first timer, this was pretty amazing Rahul”. I felt proud and happy getting this compliment from her. “thank you mam” I smiled. Getting up from the table she smiled at me and playfully asked me, “now, would you like to join me for a shower?”.


I continued to fuck ananya madam until my college ended. We used to sneak up on the terrace after college and I also fucked her at her home whenever her husband wasn’t home.


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