Encounter During A Journey

Today I got a bit time to write a small encounter of mine. This has happened around 4 years back exactly. As you know that, I reside at Hyderabad and works in a company.

On the worst day, I got a call from a district official who informed that my colleague (at that time) has suddenly felt heart stroke and they are taking him to the hospital. I told my district official to take proper care of my colleague and asked to take him to a good hospital.

I passed the same information to all the head office colleagues and everyone feels tense. After half an hour, I got a call and he informed that my colleague is passed away. We all at the state level were dumbstruck and were in a shocking mood. We all recollected the memories with the person who passed away.

Thereon, we all opined that we shall visit his place and console his family for the sake of support. Around 8 ppl (3 women and rest are men) booked the air tickets in kingfisher airlines and proceeded to the airport at 11 am.

We were received by our district officials and proceeded in a car to the place. We all attended the procedures at that place. Later, out of us, 4 male were decided to stay back there only for another day. However, I have some work to attend at Hyderabad and I told them that I can’t stay back and asked my person to book a bus ticket in private travels as flight is not available for that night.

The three women also would like to travel back as they dont see anything to do there. Night at 10, we boarded to the bus. Since we were 4 and two women aged 30+ decided to sit in one row and 40+ woman sat with me in another row.

It was in the mid december and cool breeze was making me mad. My colleague chose to sit in the window seat and I adjusted myself in the next seat without any other intention. To tell you, I felt a bit awkward about this, as I never shown any bad intentions towards any ladies in the office, but why the other two were chosen to sit together and left a 40+ lady with me.

Anyway, the journey started and I’m feeling a bit tired with all the hectic incidents happened in a day time. She wrapped herself in a shawl and chatted with me for some time. The other two were also joined in chatting for some time and sharing the snacks as we have not taken any dinner. Once the city is crossed, the bus has taken full speed as such we all felt sleep coming on to our eyes. I think, around 2 hours passed, I felt like I am feeling more cool and needed some heat. I just moved close to her and now her thigh and shoulder are touching me.

I checked her and a sense that, she was in deep sleep. After some time, I couldnt resist myself to keep my hand on her Though she is in 40+ age, she maintains good and I especially feels that she has good boobs to press and suck. After few minutes of hesitation, I decided to place my hand on her thigh. I waited for a bus jerk for around 15 minutes and then found that the driver applied a little bit brake and I slipped my hand from hand rest to her thigh.

But it accidentally fell in between her thighs. I adjusted my body according to the condition and turned my palm upside down. Then started my show. I gripped her thigh first.

No reaction from her. I just moved my hand closer to her midplace.
I rubbed my hand gently for some time. She was in her salwar dress.
No reaction yet.

I just moved my body a bit closer to her. With a bit power, just gripped her flesh above the center point. Now I sense that, she woke up and not reacting to anything negatively. I pushed my hand towards her tummy,
Penis is poking me from jeans I wore. Her tummy is a bit fatty.
Moved a little bit more towards her boobs. Gripped her left boob which wasn’t fit my hand at all. But started pressing it. I loved it. I never in the past gripped a boob of that size.

I am not feeling comfortable with the bra she wore. I felt it like an enemy. I slid my hand beneath of the bra and thats the moment I waited for. So soft and skiddy skin. I played with both the boobs for half an hour with my left hand.

Meanwhile, she opened her eyes and made an eye contact with me for few minutes and after that closed her eyes.

Firstly, I could sense with her eye contact that, she felt like I am doing it during my sleep. But later understood that I am doing it intentionally. So, she started enjoying the moments.

My penis was increasing pressure on jeans and I was feeling a bit awkward to control it.

Did she sense that I think so, she gently placed her hand on my jeans and rubbed it from the top itself. After few minutes of rubbing, she just pulled down the zip of jeans and took out my penis into her hand.

She did a nice job with her fingers, caressed the top with her thumb. Cant express my feelings at that time I wish, she could suck. But neither she tried to do nor I forced her. Between, I tried to slide my hand towards bare pussy area, but she refused to do so. But with a little bit of force, I could slide till the entrance but found a lot of hair and understood that’s why she was not letting me go further.

However, I caressed from there only by reaching hardly with edge of my fingers and enjoyed. At the same time, she fastens her speed with a blow job and I ejaculated in her hand. She wiped it with hand key and we were exhausted.

In between, I tried to kiss her on lips but refused totally. This is the encounter of mine during a journey.

You can reach me at [email protected]l.com. This is my 2nd post

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