Driver screws boss’ wife and steno

I am Ravi, aged 25, unmarried and handsome guy. I am working as a driver in a government department and my boss is the Executive Director and a powerful officer. There are so many persons working under his control. He is aged 45.There is a talk in the office that my boss is having an affair with his steno Chandra who is a beautiful lady, spinster and aged about 30. She is beautiful with nice boobs and I am sure anybody will have an erection at the sight of her. Boss is lucky to have Chandra in addition to his beautiful wife. Boss called me one day and asked to bring lunch for him from his house. I went to my boss’ house and pressed the calling bell. Madam opened the door and told me: Lunch basket is kept there on the teapot. Take it and go. Madam was neatly dressed in the white sari looking like an angel. She must have had her bath just now and she was very sexy in the sleeveless jacket. I whispered: “Boss is having an affair with the steno, in spite of possessing an angel at his disposal”. When I was about to leave, Madam called me: what did you say? I was scared and told her nothing madam. Madam demanded again and I was forced to tell about the affair between my boss and the steno. Madam was not prepared to believe my version. She slapped on my face left and right.

I told madam that she can see the incident herself in the office at 4 PM and that it is a routine affair in the Office chamber after switching on the red light outside the room of my boss. The practice is that nobody can enter the room if the red light is switched on. Madam told me that I can leave. I left my boss’ house in a confused state. At about 4.30 PM, we saw madam entering the office in a ferocious mood and suddenly she entered the room of my boss. We could not stop her as the visit was so sudden. As expected, Boss was caught red handed as both the steno and the boss were totally in nude condition in the chamber of the Boss. We could only guess that from the noise and exchange of words. After madam had left, Boss was looking very sad. Madam had not disclosed my name. Thank god! Boss thought that some other staff would have phoned up. Next day, as usual, I went to boss’ residence to bring the lunch. I could not look at the face of madam. I told her, “sorry madam… very sorry. I did not want to tell you. But, it had slipped from my mouth”. Madam said: No problem. You gave me the opportunity to know about his other side. I will take vengeance against him. She challenged with a tough voice. Her face was reddish in anger. She told me again. You have not done anything wrong.

She approached me close and asked me: Have you taken food? I was surprised as she had never asked this question to me ever. I said, No madam. Madam looked at me deeply and told me. You have food and go. I was reluctant and refused but madam caught hold of me and took me to the dining room. She brought a bottle and two glasses and poured the drink into the glasses. It is imported scotch which my boss used to drink; she sipped one glass and offered me the other glass. I told her. This is my boss’…no…Madam thundered into laughter. With her eyes winking, she told me that you will have not only your boss’ bottle, but also… She did not complete the sentence. I could not resist anymore and we had taken the drink together for sometime. I was wondering whether it was true or dream. My boss’ wife serving booze for me. After the food, I told her that I am leaving. Boss will be waiting for the lunch. Madam told me. Wait. The real feast is waiting. She asked me: Are you married? When I said No, she asked me again. Any girl friends. Any sexual experience like your boss. I said No madam, I am from a conservative rural family. I don’t know anything. Madam took my hand and led me to the bed room after bolting the front door. She told me: I submit before you. Enjoy your first taste of woman in me. I will give you everything to you. She gave me a wild kiss on my lips and the next kiss on the ear lobes. Suddenly, I felt the heat throughout my body. Madam demanded me. Come on.Handle me, the way my bloody husband screwed Chandra which I had seen yesterday. The intoxication of drinks as well as madam’s kisses made me wild and I started kissing her naval base and chewed her sexy lips.

I removed her sari and threw it in a corner. I removed her white blouse and saw madam budding with her erect boobs looking like two mountains. I told her: Madam, I am fortunate. You are wonderful, Madam. Madam stopped me. No. Don’t call me as Madam, call me Lalitha. I am your Lalitha. You fuck me and show me the heaven. Lalitha is now in black bra covering her sandal colored breasts like the cloud covering the mountains. I slowly unhooked the bra and liberated her boobs. I have never seen such a wonderfully shaped breasts in my life. The nipples were tight and looked like cherries mounted on the ice-cream. Madam started asking me: why don’t you handle the boobs waiting anxiously for you? I will feed your thirst. Please suck the milk as much as you can’. I thought I should not miss this opportunity anymore. I embraced Lalitha and kissed her deep. Then I started sucking her nice boobs one by one and pressed the other side of her sandal chests. I could enjoy the peculiar taste of the milk from the fountain. Now, my cock had grown to the level of around 10 inches and the cock was anxiously waiting for the opportunity to penetrate into her cunt.

Madam became wild and she started undressing me. She removed my pants and underwear and caught hold of the thick rod of the cock. Lalitha told me that the Cock is too strong and I should visit her cunt at once. Lalitha started crying in ecstasy: I have never seen a cock of this size in my life ever. Why don’t you insert this wonderful cock into my cunt and tear my vagina? I was thrilled but controlled my emotions. I told her that you are simply bluffing and you will discard me after the intercourse is over. She told me: Believe me. I love you so much. If you are in love with me, I will also be in love with you much more. Please satisfy me. You are wonderful to me than my useless hubby. You should fuck and suck this bitch begging for your mercy. I was in a commanding position. I told madam that the mangal sutra, which she was wearing, was an obtrusion and discouraging me from further act. Madam had removed her mangal Sutra and threw it in a corner. She brought an yellow thread and requested me to tie it around her neck. I declared to her: now, you are my wonderful wife.

Now, my boss’ wife Lalitha has become my wife and she is in complete naked condition totally under my command. After the initial kisses and fore play, I started penetrating into her tight cunt, a true heaven. Suddenly, Lalitha grew violent, pulled my cock and put into her mouth. I was melting in ecstasy and she was drinking the cum oozing from my erect cock. I was growing restless and forcibly removed the cocks from her mouth. My cock entered into her vagina and started playing. Lalitha cried in ecstasy. We have had this wonderful fuck twice. Lalitha asked me: Are you satisfied. I said yes. She told me that she also experienced the ecstasy. She asked me. Who was your first desire? I could not understand her question. She asked me again. From the adulthood, naturally somebody would have had the desire for somebody, sometimes even the father, brother, mother or sister. She told me that she was screwed by her father and brother prior to the marriage and sometimes by both of them together. I told her hesitantly that I had a passion for screwing my mom ever since I had seen her being fucked by my dad through the key hole of the bed room. Though she is bit aged now, I still wanted to fuck her. I want to quench the thirst of my widow mother.

Lalitha told me that she will arrange for the fucking of my mom. I asked her how? She asked me to come on the next day by 11 AM. I could not sleep that night. I had already had a wonderful feast from Lalitha and she says that I can also enjoy my mom. Next day, I entered Lalitha’s house promptly by 11 AM. Lalitha teased me: You dirty fellow. You want to fuck your own mom. I was bit embarrassed. She smiled at my face. She told me: we will fuck first. She started undressing and I could not control myself. Before I started fucking her, Lalitha withdrew for a while and asked for the telephone number of my residence. I gave the number with a puzzled mood. Lalitha called my mom over phone and told her: You think that your son is a good person. Your wonderful son is now in his boss’ house and having a nice time there. I could hear through the speaker phone my mom asking in a shocking voice: Who are you? How can you say like that? Lalitha disconnected the phone. She told me: watch the fun. She went to the front door and unbolted it. I could not understand why she is doing like that. Lalitha took me inside the bed room and we continued the love play in total nude condition. Lalitha was making wild noises. In less than ten minutes, I heard the sound of an auto rickshaw in the portigo and mum was entering the house in a ferocious mood. I tried to get up. Lalitha did not leave me.

We knew pretty well that mom is watching the live show through the window. We completed the game and came to the hall. Mom was sitting in the sofa in the hall. We pretended as if we were not aware of the arrival of mom. Mom asked me in a ferocious mood. What is all this? Lalitha told mom. Calm down. Your son has really satisfied me and he has got the capacity to make a woman happy. In fact, his first desire is you, but he is shy to tell you that. We could suddenly notice the blush in mom’s face. She told us in a mild tone: I too was having the passion to fuck my son. This lust increased after my hubby’s death. Many a times, I expressed my interest in an indirect manner but this fellow could not understand my gestures. Lalitha smiled at mom and me. Why don’t you enjoy today? I told her. I want my mom with good make-up, neatly dressed like a bride and the atmosphere should be like that of first night room. Lalitha arranged everything. The room was decorated nicely. Mom looked pretty in the silk sari. Lalitha expressed her desire to have a live show of our enjoyment and we agreed to that. I kissed my mom deeply. I could see the happiness in her face. Lalitha helped in undressing both of us. I kissed her earlobes and pressed her nice boobs. Mom also kissed me violently. She caught hold of my rod. My son, don’t tease me. You should insert this rod into my vagina at once. I sucked her boobs and started penetrating into her cunt.

Mom was growing lusty and put my cock into her mouth. I released the cock and inserted into her vagina. Mom cried in ecstasy. We performed the game for about one hour. While I was performing the game, Lalitha also engaged me in the game with her. I enjoyed my mom and Lalitha together the whole day. It continued for some months. This episode came to the notice of my boss after sometime. Lalitha handled the issue with courage and wisdom. She gave a categorical solution: Ravi (that’s me) will marry Chandra. Ravi can continue to screw Lalitha as well as Chandra. Lalitha’s hubby can also continue to screw Chandra as well as Lalitha. Mom was very sad to hear that. She asked us helplessly. What I can do? Lalitha consoled her and told her that she will be screwed by me and her husband also. We engaged a house with ground floor and first floor. For the outside world, we lived separately but during night hours, the three ladies and two gentlemen had a great time. If you have similar stories, inform: [email protected]

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