Doctor Sex

Hi Ladies this is ram from Chennai. Ladies Aunties in and near Chennai contact me for secret sex. This is my pen ID which I am using to post stories. Use this id to contact me for confidential sex ladies and aunties of any age [email protected] I am Ram studying engineering in a well-known college in Chennai. From the title u, all can guess that this incident happened with a doctor. I started masturbating from early ages i.e. from seventh standard itself. I used to masturbate daily twice because I used to watch blue films a lot with my friend. This incident happened when I was in inter, as I used to masturbate daily, after masturbating I used to feel pain in my penis, I was unable to know why was it paining and I was unable to tell anyone.

I was unable to contact any doctor in our area because they all know my family well, so I used to suffer like that until I came across a clinic in my friend’s area. I read the name as Dr. Sheiz, was happy because he was unknown n that to a male doctor. Therefore, one evening I went to the clinic n took the appointment. The appointment was on Tuesday evening 7 Pm. Therefore, I told my parents that I was going to Krishna’s house (my friend) and straight went to the clinic. I reached the clinic at 6:45 PM, there were many people in the clinic, and I went to the receptionist and asked that is the doctor present? She said yes the doctor was present, if we come to this receptionist; she was young with a sexy figure. I thought this doctor would have been enjoying with this girl a lot, thinking about it I was waiting for my turn.

Finally, the girl said that it is my turn and asked me to go in, I thanked her and game a smile she also gave a smile. As I entered the room I was shocked to see a woman doctor, my face turned pale…I asked r… U… Dr. Sheiz? She said yes I am Dr. Sheiz (Dr. Sheiz.).I was pale at that moment, she asked me to take my seat. She was around 28-32 year old, slim. I sat down with my face down. S asked me what my problem was, I was unable to say anything, and I kept my hands on her table and sitting. She holds my left hand n started checking my pulse. I was shocked to see that, she noticed me and said your name Ram. I replied, OK Ram tell me what’s your problem, I was not telling anything. Though it was winter season, I was sweating a lot. So, finally wit lots of courage I said after…I mass…tur…bate…I feel a…lot. of pain ….in my penis….

I saw her, she was shocked to hear this n kept quite 4 some time and she took a long breadth and said that feel shy Ram, this is common at this age group children I felt some relief after hearing those words, she asked me not to worry and asked me to remove my pant n sleep on the bed beside me. I said no……….I cant remove .She said don’t feel shy Ram I am only giving treatment, finally she convinced me and I removed my pants, my penis was full with bush. She stopped and said Ram wont u shave? I can’t treat u like this, get up, and ware your pants I did so, she asked me to shave and come again on Sunday. In addition, she asked me not to masturbate until treatment. I said OK and left. I asked will it would be open on Sundays. She said yes it would be. After coming out I started laughing, went to Krishna’s house, and said what is all has happen. We both also started laughing. Days passed and on Sunday

I said the same old reason to my parents and went to the clinic at 10:30 morning. There was no receptionist so I went and knocked the door, a sweet voice call me come in I entered the room, wow she was wearing a red colored sari my favorite color. She gave me a smile and asked me to take my seat. I sat down with my face facing her this time. She was up went to the door and said that by the time she returns should remove my pants and lay, and she went out. She returned after 5 minutes I was laying with my pants off. Ladies this is ram from Chennai. Ladies Aunties, in and near Chennai contact me for secret sex. This is my pen id which I am using to post stories. Use this id to contact me for confidential sex ladies and aunties of any age [email protected] She said good u shaved this time and went to wash her hands, I was still bit afraid. She came near me and smiled at me and said do not worry. I too smiled.


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