College Picnic

College Picnic

Hi all ISS readers! I’m Susant again. Thanks to all my readers for their overwheilming response to my previous story. It is a tale of a virgin college girl who experienced her 1st sex and enjoyed a grand fuck in a picnic party. This is my sincerest request to all of you readers mostly to virgins that after reading this story don’t forget to give your feedback.

Let’s start with the introduction of our heroine. Her name is Ritika, Ritika Saini. She is 19 yrs old, a student of final yr B.Sc, Physics Hon’s and of course the most beautiful girl of the college, can be called Queen of College. Her figure wow, any saint would be faint – 34-26-34, fair, 5’5” tall, slim but having big firm round boobs. The most attraction of her figure is her beautiful eyes. Not only the boys but also the old professors of the college were dreaming about her.

Since, it was their final year in the college, all the students of Physics Deptt. decided to go for a picnic on 26th Jan. But our heroine was little bit reluctant for this. How the picnic is possible without Ritika! No way! The boys, girls and even the HOD, all put their effort to persuade her. At last they could succeed and it was decided to have a picnic on 26th Jan.

A luxury coach bus was arranged for journey to the spot. Well furnished push back seats, all the window glasses were supported with curtains and above all it was a video coach. The journey started 2hrs late from the scheduled time. So, all were worried as they had to travel more than 250Kms. If they don’t reach in proper time then all their plans will go waste. The boys instructed to the driver to speed up the vehicle. Accordingly the driver increased the speed of the bus. All the participants were enjoying/shouting/chatting in the bus. Some were singing in loud voice. But Ritika was totally silent. She was not feeling well. In the midway her vomiting started. All were panicked and worried. Medicine was arranged for her from a medicine store, on the way. Although vomiting stopped, but she was feeling severe head ache. The bus reached at the spot just 1 hr late from the targeted time. All got down from the bus but since Ritika was not feeling well she preferred to take rest and stayed in the bus. Looking at her condition no body also insisted her. All the boys and also the HOD were very upset. Their dream girl was not joining them.

The spot was really a superb one. A deep forest area with beautiful water falls. Since the main spot was at a down area the bus was parked at a place near about 200 mtrs away from the main spot. And due to dense forest with curved roads the bus was not visible from the spot. Except Ritika all including the staff of the bus (driver, helper and conductor) were out. Normally 2 staff came with the bus but being the brother of the owner the conductor also accompanied them to which no body could oppose. There was no one in that area other than Ritika as other picnic buses were parked at a different place. Since it was winter and dense forest the place was very cold there. After 1 hr. two girls came to the bus and asked about the condition of Ritika. Still she was having head ache. However, the girls again returned to the spot and came with some refreshments. Ritika refused to take anything. With much persuasion she only took some fruits. Then the girls went away.

Again at about 11.30 A.M some boys and girls came to Ritika and called her for visiting to a temple which was famous in that spot. This time also Ritika refused although she was feeling much relieved. The temple was on the top of the hill which takes almost 2 hrs for a person to come back after visit and since they were in group it was to take minimum 3 hrs definitely for them. So she hesitated to walk for such a long distance in that condition. At last with extreme dismay her friends left her for the temple.

Ritika was taking rest on the last seat of the bus and laid there closing her eyes. After some time the bus staff came into the bus and started gossiping. The driver was oldest one who was around 55yrs. but tallest among all, 6’2”. The conductor who was nearly 5’6”was around 38yrs and the helper who was around 24 yrs of age was 5’8” tall and unmarried. They started drinking there. Ritika was well awaked but did not pay her attention to their activities.

The video was on and one music cd was playing. The driver said the helper “hey Bhima, kya gaana wanaa lagake rakha hai, jo dharmik cd tu laya hai usko dal na” The helper started teasing the driver. “Sala budha 55 sal mein bi rangeela banta hai. Dharmik cd dekhega. Aap jante hain Guddu bhaiya (Conductor) ye budha apni 15 sal ki natin ko bi nahi chhoda.” The conductor was in mood and supporting the helper said “sahi me hai kya? Kya Ganesh ji, batao na?” The driver got embarrassed and said “Nahi babu ye sala heper phek raha hai. Hey Bhima tereko aur koi nahi mila chatne ko, sala pakhandi kahin ka” Helper reacted immediately and said “hey mujhe bewakhub mat banao, tum mujhe khud bola tha ki nahi, abi Guddu bhaiya ke samne rang badal raha hai, tum budha sach sach bolo nahi to koi dharmik varmik cd me dalne wala nehi hu.” Ritika was listing to this and feeling very awkward but pretending to be slept. With the demands of the conductor the driver started………

……….When I was about 39 yrs my only daughter married at the age of 17 yrs. Just after one year she gave birth to a twin. A son and a daughter, Raja and Raji. As my daughter was quite young and her husband was an employee of a company it was not possible on her part to take care of two babies. So when Raji was just 2 yrs. I brought her to our home. My wife was also very happy as after the marriage of our only child she was feeling alone. She was very cute and lovely too. Gradually she became my darling. Till I return from duty she was used to wait for me for dinner. She didn’t sleep unless she hears story from me and most funny thing she must lie on my chest before going to sleep. Her story listening and mostly laying on my chest before sleeping at night became a habit to her. She stayed with us up to her 7th standard. As we were having no standard schooling she went back to her parents.

After that neither I could go to their house nor she came to us. But she was talking with me over phone and her grand mother was going there occasionally. In last summer vacation, after completion of her 10th she came with her mother. She was quite grown up and her figure was drastically changed. Her boobs were developed to very attractive size; large, round. I could tell her breasts hadn’t seen much of the sun, by their slight paleness. When she saw me she hugged me tightly and was very excited. The next day her mother returned but Raji wanted to pass some more days with us. Her mother also did not force her as it was her summer vacation and there was no burden of studies as well.

That day in the night she desired to sleep with me. Her grand mother used to sleep in a separate room. Since she was our grand daughter and very young too, her grand mother did not object. She came to my bedroom with me. Up to that time I had no weird feelings about her. She slept beside me. I put off the light. With the influence of corridor light the room was not fully dark. I tried to sleep but she was chatting incessantly. Due to day full of hard labour I was feeling sleepy, but she was not ready to leave me. I said “Raji, chalo bahut rat ho gayee hai, kal phir bat karenge na, so jao”. She became silent. I thought she slept. But after few minutes she again said “Nanaji mujhe neend nahi aarahi hai, kahani sunao na”. I told little irritated “hey bhagwan, tum wohi bachi ki bachi rahgayee, is umar mein bi tumko sone ke liye kahani sun na hai”. But she again insisted to tell story. Since she had come to our house after 3 years I also did not want to make her unhappy. So I started telling a story. She again asked “Nanaji, main apke upar so jaun?” I felt very astonished to listen this from her who is quite grown up now but remained silent. She was encouraged with my silence and rode up to me. Pressing her chest she laid on me and shut her eyes. She was having very good size boobs. Her well-developed breasts crushed against my hard hairy chest which gave me erotic feelings. Her pussy was pressed to my dick. I was feeling very soft load on my chest. I don’t know whether knowingly or unknowingly she was moving her body slowly which was giving rubbing effect to me. Unintentionally my dick started getting hard. She was continuing with her acts as if she did not know any thing. But I was feeling very much excited. I was getting out of control. Although I tried to hide my sexual attraction towards her, I could not avoid the erection in my underwear. I had never experienced such feelings since last 10 years. I forgot that she is my grand daughter.

To clear my curiosity I gently rubbed my hands on her back. Apparently she was not wearing any bra. When I took my hands to her heap and gave a gentle pressure she pressed her pussy on my dick more. I could understand that her intention was something mischievous, but I did not react soon. Her nightgown had risen far above the thighs already so I slowly pulled it up further till the armpits leaving all her vital parts uncovered. She also cooperated me silently by raising her body to facilitate the gown is pulled up. Although there was no bra, she was still wearing a panty. To reveal her most appealing assets I was dying to shed that as well. But I did not have courage for that yet. With nervousness I just pulled her panty a little down, but to my surprise she raised her waist as if she was awaiting me for that advancement. I pulled down up to her knee and the rest job she completed and thrown that away. Ever since she had grown up to be a big girl this was the first time I saw her totally bare naked body. Her nude figure shining in the dim light looked very erotic. I was still hesitating to make any moves to avoid embarrassment. But Raji took the initiative to move her lips on my neck and gently kissing me all over. She got down from me and her eyes were still closed as if in deep sleep. I was sure she was not in sleep as her hands moved on my hairy chest. She pressed her right waist deeply against my groin feeling the hardness in my lungi. Gradually her leg was well over hips having me trapped. I placed my hands on her boobs. Wow they were very soft but tight. I pressed them gently. She was moaning and whispering “nanaji achha lagta hai, aur jorse dabaiye na” I became more excited with such words and sucked her nipples as a baby. She was moaning madly aaaaahhhhh…..waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…….. I removed my lungi and brought her hand to my dick. She was surprised to hold such a huge dick. It was not coming in her little hand. She was moving her palm up and down. She again laid me down on bed and confidently mounted on top of me, wildly rubbing my chest and shoulders with her soft warm hands. Then she was kissing me from top to bottom. I had not had sex with a woman ever since last 10 years. It was a strange experience after so many years, especially with my own grand daughter. Raji pulled my dick in all directions arousing it to the max. Then she raised herself up spreading her pussy lips, placing them firmly on my dick. She rubbed it gently at first. The heat was building up in both of us as I also rubbed her soft tender flesh with my rigid masculine hands. She was enjoying the sensation of a hard male hand caressing her tenderness. Her soothing sensations drove me mad with passion. I could not control my emotions any more.

I jumped up and pressed Raji hard on the bed trapped in my strong grip. Her massive balls were bursting up each time she gasped to breathe in and out. I licked and sucked her nipples as I cried in an outburst of emotions. Her hands were busy rubbing and further hardening my already erect huge rod. She quickly pulled my dick into the pussy a little bit leaving the rest of the insertion as my privilege. I raised my ass from the surface of the bed to push the dick deeper into her tender lower lips. Her pussy was soft as petals of a budding rose flower. I pulled the rest of her body pressing deep into my chest as my mouth feasted on her juicy fleshes. She cried with pain..aaaaahhhhhhh.. uhhhhh…uuuiii maaaaa mar jaaungi… nanaji, aapka bahut lamba aur mota hai, and immediately got down from me. But I was totally mad. I was not in a position to listen her. I put the light on. We both were stark naked. She felt ashamed and tried to cover her body with the bed sheet. I smiled at her and said “nana se chudwana chahati ho, aur phir sarma kyuo rahi ho.”

I pulled the bed sheet from her body and knelt down in front of her and kissed her thigh and pubic region. I then slowly put my face on her pussy and inserted my tongue inside her and started giving her tongue fuck. She was just getting wild and she pressed my face more on her pussy, making me enter her deeper. She was moaning…. suck me more…more, yesss suck it more….lick…… pleasessssse suck it……. She was already dripping juice from her pussy. I was going fast and held her tightly with tongue, inserting tongue to and fro, parting her pussy lips to wide and more wide, entering deep inside, then inserted again my middle finger and giving her finger fuck. She moaned with pleasure aahhhhhhhh……… naanaaaaajiiiiiiiii……. yessssss……….. ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I saw her pussy was filed with her juice. Thinking it the right time to take attempt, I went to the bath room and brought oil. I applied oil on my monster and get it oily well and also applied some oil on her love hole. Then I kept the head of my lund and made a gentle strokes. Even it was oily the dick was entering in her pussy very tightly. Her cries were increasing with every stroke. After two or three strokes my dick was stopped by some obstruction. I understood that it was her virginity seal. I made a harder stroke. A cry broke from her aaaaaaaayyyyyyyeeeeeeee…. uuuuuueeeemmmaaaaaaaa…… marrrgayeeeeee……. Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh……… I continued making smaller strokes and after atleast 15-20 strokes my dick entered in her pussy completely. I surprised that a small pussy can hold a large cock easily. I stopped for a while, after some time her pain subsided. I again started making to and fro movements. She was crying but I continued to fuck her. Blood was dripping from her pussy. I rammed my rock hard cock back and forth in her pussy. Slow at first but then harder as she screamed for him to give it to her. My hands grabbed her ass and I pounded away, fucking her with all my might. She was as hot as she met my thrusts, moaning every time my balls slapped her clit. I was doing very fast so that she could not control herself and I made her cum again and again. She shivered as she came but I did not stop I was ramming my rod with a great speed At last I moaned loudly Rajiiiiiii ……I am cumming……cumming….. ahhhhhhh…. ahhhhhhhhh…. ohhhhhhhh…… I took out my dick and spread my sperm over her body. The bed sheet was drenched with her blood. She got scared but I consoled her that it is very normal for a virgin. After that till she left our home regularly I have fucked her. She is a very sexy girl. Even in same night she forces me to fuck her again and again. Now whenever she comes to our house she must sleep with me and get fucked whole night. Her grand mother is unaware of this till date.

All including Ritika were listening to the driver very eagerly. Ritika was feeling very excited and her pussy area was getting wet. But she was very cautious about their presence. The driver again said “hey Bhima, lagaona woh tumhara cd”. Bhima said “woh ladki jo soyee hai agar uthgayee to”? Driver consoled “are bechaari bahut beemar hogayee, woh to abtak bahar nahi niklee, bekar me itni door arahi thi, tum befikar raho woh soyee hai”. Bhima got up and put the cd he had kept that in a secret place. Ritika was still lieing on the seat without any move and listening to everything. She was feeling very fine now. No vomiting tendency and no head ache too.

Actually the cd was not at all a dharmik cd rather it was a blue film cd. The bus was totally closed and glasses were covered with curtains. There was no man around that area. So, all were enjoying the movie without any trepidation. Ritika was listing to the moaning and screaming of the actors. Since she had no experience of such movies till date she thought how such sounds are coming from a dharmik film! No dharmik dialogues rather they were talking in English and moaning uuuuhhh.aaahhh… yes baby, that’s like….aaaissss….wow….. She slowly got up and looked at the TV. Oh my God! She was stunned to look at that. It was a porn movie! Two men were fucking a babe from both sides very badly and the gal was sucking the dick of another man like an ice-cream bar. An electric wave passed thru her body. She bewildered with such erotic scenes. Although three males were in the bus she could not move her eyes away from the TV monitor and stealthily watched such erotic actions. The staffs were talking “wow kya mal hai yar, sali randi kya le rahi hai, teeno ko to aramse samhal leti hai, kaash humei ek mil jaati, hum bhi uski dhajiya uda dete”. Ritika was feeling thrilled with their talks.

Immediate after the end of that fucking scene she again pretended to be asleep. With some sounds of foot steps she felt that some body was standing near her. She was very scared and trembling inside. She could not open her eyes with fear. She was in jeans and top. After some time she felt a hand was moving on her chick and lips. She was much panicked now. She could realize her position can be like the gal in the movie with those three persons in the bus. She was breathing heavily and her mouth was getting dried. In fear she could also not open her mouth. Slowly the hand came down to the shoulder and finally rested on her left boob. Ritika was already hot and expecting some body to quench her thirst. So she was accepting this silently. But to save her face she threw the hand and looked at the person with hateful eyes. He was the helper, Bhima. She rebuked him “Nonsense, tum yahan kya kar rah ha hai, yahan se bhago nahi to chilaoongi” But he didn’t fear rather smiled and said “chilao na, mein bi bata doonga ki tum bemari ka bahana kar ke chup chup ke yahan kya dekh rahi thi” With this words from Bhima she was stunned. She was not aware when Bhima had seen her watching the movie. If he disclosed to any body then she may be in problem and they may take it otherwise. Her face became paled, she could not look at him straight. Bhima pushed her and indicated to lay on seat as before. Ritika, without uttering anything lied on the seat facing upward. Bhima slowly encircled over the nipple as a result her nipple swelled like a grape. Again he put another hand on her left boob doing the same as with the right one. The conductor Guddu and driver Ganesh were enjoying the movie. Guddu looked back and said “hey tum wahan kya kar raha hai, yahan aao na dekho kya mast scene hai”. But Bhima could only sense the reality there. He without caring Guddus’s order slowly started pressing her twins. Her twins were very big and firm. It was giving immense pleasure to Bhima. Ritika was also silently enjoying the erotic action of Bhima.

When Bhima did not listen to him, Guddu suspiciously came to Bhima. When he saw the act of Bhima he could not believe and surprised to see his daring. Bhima looked at Guddu and became uncomfortable at his presence. Guddu smiled at him and indicated Bhima to keep continuing. Then he went near to Ritika and slowly unzipped her jeans and pulled it out. Ritika could know that another of three had already joined with Bhima to attack. She was helpless and bound to accept that. She was in matching see through tiny pink panty. It was too transparent. She had just cleaned her pubic hair last night. So it was looking great through the panty. They both were getting excited now. Without taking much time Bhima pulled her T.-shirt over her head to which she silently cooperated. Now she was only in her bra and panty. Bhima sliped her strips from her shoulder and pulled the front portion down without unhooking. Now her gorgeous milky white boobs were shining out. Bhima twisted her nipples with her fingers and squeezed randomly. Ritika was getting out of control.

Guddu was moving his fingers on the pussy over the panty and twisting the clit. He was gently rubbing his hand and giving thrilling sensation to Ritika. Bhima bent down and took one of her breast in his mouth and Guddu took the other in his mouth. They both started licking her out of her nerves on her boobs. Bhima was running his tongue all over her boob, taking the nipple in the mouth and stretching it. Guddu was producing an audible sound while licking her other boob. Then, while Bhima was still licking her, Guddu got down to her pussy. He pulled down her panty. She was refusing to lift her legs. He forcefully lifted her legs, removed the panty and threw it aside. He looked at her pussy for quite some time. Bhima asked him “How is it”. He just signaled too good. Bhima bent a little forward and Guddu parted her pussy lips and showed to him. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….. it was marvelous to look. The red cheery was there in all its glory infront of two horny men. Then without wasting time Guddu started his job on her cunt. Bhima was seeing him. Guddu first parted the cunt lips and observed it fully. Guddu inserted his tongue inside her hot pussy and started licking her. Ritika got very hot and she was shivering with sensation. Her hips went in the air on touch of his tongue on a womans most sensitive area. But he again pinned her down and started licking her chut. She was in heaven. Then he inserted his index finger in her cunt. She screamed in pain aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But very soon that pain disappeared and she started enjoying his finger fuck. He was very careful not to insert too deep becoz he wanted to take her virginity with his lund. Then he inserted another finger and after some times another. After some pain she was also able to take all three. He was now moving in and out very fast. Uuuufffffffffffff Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Don’t stooopppppp. Yesssssssssss. Yessssssssssss. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Bhima was pinching her other nipple hard and she started to moan. Guddu started licking her pussy. It was continued till Bhima started building up. In the meanwhile Ritika was getting ready for her first orgasm. She was stiffening and arching. A loud….mmmmm… came from her mouth and she dropped down and came in Guddu’s mouth. He licked all that. Bhima was continuing pinching and eating her nipples. Bhima realized that he can not hold for long time. So he told Guddu “bhaiya, chaliye thasai suru karte hein.”

The driver was busy with his drinking and watching the movie. Suddenly he saw that both Guddu and Bhima were doing something near Ritika. It did not take much time to understand the situation as he was a very good player of this game. He came to them and shouted but in low pitch voice “hey yahan kya chal raha hai? Tum log kya kar rahe ho?” Ritika with fear got up and pulled her bra up to cover her boobs. She folded her legs closed to her pussy. She was trembling with fear and embarrassment. Ganesh, the driver said again “tum bi ladki kam nehin ho, yahan sardard ka bahana kar ke inse marwa rahee ho, aanedo sabko aaj sab ko bata dunga.” Ritika’s tension mounted to the peak and started crying putting her face on her knee. She was only in her bra. Ganesh was just acting, it was not known to her. Genesh again said “thik hai mein kisiko nehin bataunga, lekin mujhe bi tum ko khus karna padega.” After listing this Ritika lifted her head and stared at Ganesh. Ganesh was giving a wicked smile at her. She relieved her tension with a long breath and nodded bending her head down. Now she was sure that she was going to be banged as the girl in the blue film. Ganesh without wasting time opened all his clothes and his semi erected dick came out of his underwear. He lifted Ritika’s head holding her chin. Ritika looked at him, he was stark naked and his dick was very fat and long in that position also. Guddu lifted her in his arm and brought to the front of the last seat. He pushed the seat to maximum back as a result that became like an arched bed. Ritika laid on that resting her back on the seat. Guddu asked her to open her bra to which she obeyed. Now she was completely nude before three males. Guddu and Bhima all undressed themselves. Their tools were hard and straight ready to shove. They asked her to hold both dicks in her hand and move up and down. Ritika did the same. Those were so long and thick she was feeling amazed to see. Ganesh moved to her back and kept his dick on her mouth. She in the beginning hesitated to this as it was giving foul smell but with the force of Ganesh she started licking slowly. The semi erected pole of Ganesh got harder and harder with blissful licking of Ritika. It became almost 10’ long and 3” thick. Ganesh inserted his dick more and fucked her mouth. Ritika was feeling as if she will be chocked.

Guddu lifted her legs and spread it widely. Guddu licked her one leg fully till the pussy and Bhima did the same on the other. They both reached her love spot and took turns in licking her. She was in heaven. They could easily make out that she was enjoying this too much. Again after about 5 mts she came heavily and they both licked her pussy fully. Guddu being the owner of the bus claimed to fuck her 1st. To this no body disagreed. Guddu placed his 7” raging dick on the doors to heaven. He gave a gentle push and ¼ th of his lund entered her. She cried with pain and shook fully moaning ….uuuueeeemmmmmaaaaaaaa…pleeeeeeeeeeease… you seem to be too big..please… be gentle and slow…marjaoooooongiiii mein. Guddu said ‘baby you are a naked angel. Too tempting… hot too. We will show you the heaven today.” Saying he gave another mighty push and his rod entered in the virgin hole of Ritika fully. He became the 1st man to take her virginity. This time she screamed very loudly. “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Oooohhhhhhhh Nooooooo. Plzzzzz I….I…. I… wont be able to take any more. Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.” He had broken all the barriers & was completely inside her. He didnt even wait for her to relax & started straight in the 5th gear. It was paining like hell. But after some strokes she started enjoying. Uuummmmmmm Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh iiiiisssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Uuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffff. ooohhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuuu. She cummed 3rd time. She couldnt believe this was happening to her. Within half an hour she had 3 best orgasms of her life. There was no sign of him stopping. He was fucking her like a bull. She must have cummed atleast five times when she felt him getting tensed & with one big last stroke he let out inside her.

Bhima was pressing her melons rigorously. Ritika had held his dick in her palm tight and giving him a mild fucking pleasure with her hand. He was very much aroused. After Guddu, Bhima came forward and entered his 8” massive tool in her love hole and started banging with the same speed as Guddu. Ritika was all over, turning and showing her pleasure. She was crushing the seat spread with both her hands and saying “UUUUUU.. Ahhhhhhhhh..that’s great. She was getting so much aroused that she had no control on her. The whole bus was getting filled with their screams and moans. Ganesh was telling Bhima.. “Yes…plough her..still hard..harder.” After 15 minutes of hard fuck Bhima filled his siemens in Ritika’s pussy.

Ritika was sucking the massive tool of Ganesh with much excitement. Ganesh was moaning… aaaahhhh….. kya baat hai, tu to sach me gori randi ko pichad di….. aur jorse meri rani….. aaaaaahhhhhhh…….. Now he was ready to drill the love hole of Ritika. He came to her front and kept her monster on the door of Ritika’s juicy cunt. When he inserted his thick rod Ritika screamed with pain…Oooohhhhhhhhh margaeeeeeeeee…..dheeeeeere.. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was the longest and thickest among all three. So this time Ritika was quite unable to take such a huge dick. Ganesh was pounding her as if he is not a man of 55 but of 25. Ritika was astonished of his vigour. Bhima went back and put his limp cock into her mouth. She took it gracefully. Guddu was squeezing and licking her boobs. He told Ganesh “ab main thoda kuchh alag karna chahata hun, tum thoda utho aur khud seat pe let jao” Ganesh asked Ritika to got up. He laid on the seat and instructed to sit on her dick facing towards him showing her back to Guddu. Ritika did as asked and this time she was getting more excitement. She had engulped all the 10” dick in her juicy pussy. Bhima was ready at the back of seat holding his dick. Now Ritika was in good position to lick the dick of Bhima. It was giving immense pleasure to Bhima.

Guddu told Ritika to masturbate him. She did as he told. Soon he was hard again. He inserted his index finger in her ass hole. “Oh my God! No pleeaaaase…. for God shake…..not there….u will kill me…… It’s going to pain a lot. Pleeeeeeease.” Guddu solaced, “yes it’s going to pain initially but after that there will only joy”. He persuaded her and she had to agree for a grand gand fuck. Ganesh hugged her tightly in such a way to give Guddu a clear look of her lovely asshole. He asked Bhima to bring some coconut oil kept in the bus for their bathing purpose. Bhima pulled out his dick from Ritika’s mouth and brought oil. After handing over the oil bottle to Guddu he again inserted his dick in her mouth. Ritika was enjoying this love game. Guddu applied oil on her ass hole and his lund too. For some time he played with the oily butts. Then he positioned his rod behind and gave a hard push. His lund was not going inside. He tried once again. He pushed and his lund broke her gaand’s virginity. Bhima was thrusting his harden dick in her mouth holding her hair tightly. She was struggling to get free as it was paining her. But Bhima did not leave her. Guddu was entering her inch by inch. After some effort he moved in fully. Now Ritika was like a stuff of sandwich in between Guddu and Ganesh. Guddu waited for 2-3 mts for her to get adjusted. Then in one rhythm both Guddu and Ganesh started moving in and out of Ritika. She was in the heaven. For Ganesh her sight of naked body on him, the dancing boobs was a feast to the eye. Guddu brought his hands on her boobs and was pressing them and pinching them.

Ganesh slowly stroking her from down. Then he asked to Guddu “Babu shall we go full speed now?”. Guddu said “Why not!”..and that’s it”. They both started banging her in rhythm from both the sides. They were both pressing her boobs, pinching, kissing her, licking her, biting her….and she was all in heavens.. and had closed her eyes…her boobs were jumping, dancing….. the body had turned slightly reddish. She screamed aloud again aaaahhhhhhh…..uuuuueeeeeeee and came, bathing Ganesh’s rod with her juice. They both were pounding her more vigorously and came together in another 5-10 mts. Both became calm and were breathing hevily.

But Bhima was not finished. With utmost excitement Ritika was sucking Bhima’s dick like a hungry cat. Bhima was fucking her mouth by making his hard dick in and out. After some time he also cummed in her mouth. Ritika’s mouth was full with his sperm. She was feeling very odd and wanted to throw away, but Guddu forced to swallow it, at last she swallowed. Till then Ganesh and Bhima were in her. When she got up (after resting for sometime) her pussy and ass hole were dripping with sperms. All 4 were exhausted and sweating badly even in that cold weather.

It was about 3pm when their fucking session was finished. She was rammed continuously for about more than two hours randomly and all 4 were fully satisfied. Ritika was feeling so much exhausted that her body was aching as if she has run 10 k.m race with top speed. Starting from her thigh, pussy, ass-hole, waist to her chest, breast, neck and in toto the entire body was aching. Her pussy was swollen like an orange and looking red with mighty fucks and the condition of her gaand was more deplorable. She was even unable to stand straight. Guddu ordered Bhima to bring water kept in the bus. Her pussy area was full with blood as her hymen was ruptured badly. Bhima brought water and all three washed her well. She drank some water. With very difficulty she could be able to put her dress back. But in spite of this she was feeling proud and very satisfied as in her 1st occurrence she could have satisfied three good size male members to their hearts end. It was her best picnic party ever she had enjoyed, and will remain memorable to her for years together.

All three bus staffs left the bus for a good bath. But as Ritika was feeling very tired she preferred to stay back in the bus. Since the fuckers had held her hair at the time of fucking it was badly disordered. She hurriedly took out the comb from her vanity-bag and dressed that finely. To be looked normal she did little make up on her face and sprayed a little deo on her body. She also chewed a mouth freshener so that the smell of sperm must not come out from her mouth. At about 3.30 P.M some of her friends came with lunch plate. Ritika was very much hungry but to show that she is still ill, she took all the foods but with faked reluctance. After the meal she was feeling fine but she was pretending just opposite. At about 4pm all returned to the bus and they left that place by 4.30p.m. From her gesture, no body could doubt about the power play which was finished just hour before. From the medicine stores on the way she took a Nimesulide Tablet to prove that she was having the head ache till then. But actually it was to relieve from the ache which she had accrued from three fuckers. In the bus all were asking about her health and showing their sympathy to her as she could not enjoy the party with them. But Ritika was cackling inside because she only had known who had enjoyed the party better………………

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