Chennai Sex With Office Co-Worker

Hello readers, I am Umi from Chennai. I am a regular reader of ISS and had thought of submitting my real time story but never had the nerve to do that. But recently when I saw people coming up openly and sharing their experiences, I also made up my mind to share my own experience. Hope you all will like this. This happened back in 2007 when I was working for a Multination company.

About myself I am 5’6” tall with a body of an athlete, 26 years. During those days my company has new product and myself and my director were recruiting people for the new project. We were recruiting people for sales, marketing, training and back-office. This interview was conducted in a 3 Star Hotel in Chennai. On the 3rd day there were a very few people waiting for the interview. Among them there was a lady who looked to be into her late 20’s. Her name was Naina. She was very anxious to attend the interview and leave early.

One of office colleague noticed the same and on being asked she told that she has a daughter who is expected to come back from school and she does not have the house keys. Then my colleague came and told us the same and we being bit liberal asked her to come in. The moment she entered the room I was stunned by seeing her lovely assets. She was extremely good looking dressed in light Pink Saree with part of her huge boobs exposed. She walked elegantly and handed over her Bio-data.

By looking at her Bio-data I got a shock of my life, it said age: 29. She never looked as 29; I had thought her to be 23-24. We started the interview and in the process I came to know that she is a divorcee staying alone with her 7 years old daughter in a posh locality in Chennai. She was highly talented and the right profile for the job. That day itself I had made up my mind to fuck this lady at any cost.

She started working in our office, but I never had the guts to do something which can give her some hint of what my plans were. But whenever I got a chance I would sit down with her and chat about how she likes the office environment, staff members, etc. This continued for 3 months, till that she became more open and we were like very good friends. All time she was with me I would look at her sexy lips and heavy boobs as they were only meant to be licked and squeezed all the time. I started imagining her in my dreams and masturbate.

She was all over my mind. One day I gathered all my guts and asked her about her personal life. Then she said she was mentally tortured by her husband and so one day she decided to live him and came back to her home town along with her daughter. While saying this she started crying, I tried to console her and in the process she held me tightly and cried a lot. From that day onwards we came very close to each other. I kept going to her house and she started enjoying my company.

One day when I reached office I found Naina had not come to the office. I called her and she said that last night she got a call from her ex-husband who threatened to file a case if she does not hand over the child to him. She was disturbed and so she had decided to take off from the office. I asked her if she needed any help, to which she said she needed some company as she was feeling lonely.

I immediately made a plan of visiting a client and left the office. After half an hour I reached Naina flat. I rang the bell and she opened the door. I stunned to see her. She was in knee length night dress and looking very sexy. She asked me sit in the hall and went to the kitchen to get water for me. After some time she came with water and coffee for both of us. While having coffee I asked her about the her husband’s call, as she was sitting very close to me she started crying and hugged me tightly,

I got aroused with touch and also started holding tightly and feeling her back and buttocks. I then held her face in my hands and looked into her eyes. Her eyes said everything. Without thinking anything I kissed her on her lips, at first she pulled herself away but again she came to me we started kissing madly. During all this I moved my hands on her boobs, believe me they were so big and so soft that I felt that I would cum in my pants right then.

She started moaning wildly. I lifted her up and she guided me to her bedroom. Once in the bedroom she unbuttoned my shirt and started kissing me all over my chest and my nipples. I then asked her to take off her clothes to which she said that why don’t you do it yourself. I was then thanking my stars to have given me this golden opportunity. With a flash I pulled her night dress from over her head.

There she was standing with bare breast and a see through panty. I had never seen a lady so beautiful and sexy. She was perfect from all aspects. Let me tell you about Naina. She was fair, 5’5” tall with 38-28-34. Her huge melons were just hard enough despite of her age. She came near me and unbuttoned my pants and with one go she pulled them along with my briefs. There I was standing with my 7.1/2 inches cock standing upright and touching her lips. Without any warning she opened her mouth and took the entire length inside.

She started licking my cock as she was hungry for years. She was giving me a wonderful blow-job. After 10 Minutes. I felt pressure building up in my groin. I told her that I am going to cum to which she said please cum inside my mouth I want taste your cum. Then I held her head and fucking her mouth and exploded. She drank all of that and licked me clean. I never remember when I had ever cum like that.

I then made her lie down on her back and pulled her panty down her legs. That was a sight to watch. She was clean shaved and her pussy lips were pink and inviting. She was just out of control and was begging to be fucked. As I had already cum once I need some time to be ready again. So I just took my face near her pussy and took a deep breath. She smelled good. I started putting my tongue inside her pussy and started licking.

She was going crazy and was shouting and yelling like she was being raped. Without any warning she came in gallons and drank all her juice. She tasted very good. She was begging to enter her, so I told her make me hard again to she changed her position. Now she was having my dick in her mouth while I was finger fucking her.

When she felt that I have achieved my full erection she just pounced on me like a tigress and sat on my stomach. Then she stood up a bit and then lowered herself positioning her inviting pussy lips on my dick. My God let me tell you guys she was as tight as a virgin even after giving birth to a child. Believe me I was having pain in my dick and she inch by inch took the entire 7 1/2 inches inside her pussy.

Then she started riding me like as if there is no tomorrow. After 10 Minutes. She asked me to mount her. I made her kneel and started inserting my dick in doggy position. She was screaming like hell talking all sorts of dirty words as she was having huge orgasms one after another. After fucking wildly I told her I am going to cum. She asked me to cum inside her as she was also going cum. After few more strokes I came inside her pussy and she also came. We laid there for some time and again got back into action.

That day fucked  five times all in different positions, on the bed, floor, in the kitchen while she preparing food and last in the bathroom. That was the best fuck I ever had in my life and she also admitted that she was never fucked by her husband like that. Later on I fucked her ass and also fucked her in front of her daughter. But that is a different story, next time. Any girls, aunties in Chennai interested to have private relationship without anyone knowing can contact me [email protected]

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