Biology Tuition Turns Into Practical Sex Session – Part I

Hi, this is Mayank again. In my first story I wrote about taking the virginity of a girl in a moving train. I am here with my second story. I want to tell you myself . I am 25 year old. Belong to Delhi and is working in a private company after completing my MBA.

This is a real incident which happened with me with a girl in my neighborhood.

Her name is Pooja. At the time of incident she was studying in class 12th. She was 18 yrs old. I was in college. I was good in studies. everyone in the neighbourhood liked me for my good nature .

One day when I was going to market in the evening , I met Mr Sharma, father of Pooja.

We shared pleasantries. He looked little worried. when I asked the reason he told that Pooja was about to face board exam and her Physics and Biology subjects were weak. Tutors in the city are charging lot of fee, which he was not able to afford. For the exam only three months were left.

Although I saw Pooja in numerous occasions but I never paid any attentions as she was just a normal looking neighbourhood girl . I thought for a while and then told Pooja’s father that I can help her in the subjects during the evening hours without charging any fees.
He was very happy hearing this. I told him that I will start the tuition from next day.

Pooja’s family consisted of her father , Mr Sharma 45 yr old, mother Malti 42 yr old and an elder brother ushar 22 yrs old. Tushar was also in college but he was an Arts student and a mediocre in studies.

Next day it was Friday. I reached Pooja’s house. Only she and her brother Tushar were at home. Her father used to work at his shop and used to come back by 9 in the night and her mother used to go far an approximate two hours walk and gossip with neighbourhood ladies every evening without a miss.

I sat in the drawing room . Tushar was watching TV. He called Pooja for the tuition . Pooja came with her books and greeted me – Good evening. I nodded. She was having some problems which i clarified and gave her a question to solve.

During this time Tushar shifted to another room. I was paying attention to Pooja’s body now.

She was having dusky complexion. Inviting eyes, nice lips . she was wearing a pink colour salvar suit. I tried to see and imagine her boobs. They were medium sized , later I came to know they were 34 size. her hands were soft as I used to touch them incidentally while sharing book or note book.

After seeing all i said to myself – She was not that bad.

The tuition continued . One month passed. Only few touches here and there could happen till now. One day she was alone at home. When I went for tuition she said that she had some doubts in Biology.

I asked her to open the desired chapter. When i saw i smiled within . It was a chapter on reproductive system.

I saw at her face , she was feeling little shy. Then I told her i was ok to discuss reproductive system and sex openly. as it was important part of our life.

I started explaining things to her. Suddenly i felt something touching my legs in a sensual way. it was her legs. i did not say anything and started enjoying her touch. During the explaining the chapter she said she was feeling something strange within her. I asked what . she told cant say but something good. I touched her hands , it seemed she was hot with mild fever.

She said when you touch me I feel some sensation. I knew that I have some nice chance with this shy girl. I said nothing and kissed her hands and asked , how was she feeling now, she said it was better . then i pulled her closer and kissed her cheeks … she did not say anything . Then i caught her face and kissed on her lips. First she did not respond but later her lips moved and our kiss became more intimate, I was feeling so nice by having her soft lips in mine. I got up and made her to stand , gave her a tight hug. her body was warm and nice. I felt her boobs getting pressed by my chest . I was rubbing her back . I took my hands down and suddenly pressed her buttocks. On doing this she suddenly got away from me saying whatever we were doing was not correct. I wanted to move to her but she requested me to stop.

I was really stunned to see that she started crying. I was now a worried man. What if she tells all this to her parents and I get into trouble. I said sorry to her and was tring hard to console her. After some time she became calm. I made her sit on the chair and was waiting for her to speak something.

She said in soft voice that this was the first time some boy have touched her, kissed her and made her feel so special. Boys did not paid much attention to her due to her normal looks. She was also scared of her parents , if they came to know that something happened between us then we both will be in trouble. I consoled her and said that she was a wonderful girl and I felt so nice with what happened between us. Also told her that we will keep our affair secret and no one will come to know. She smiled. I went to her , lifted her and by looking in her eyes said -I love you. She seemed little surprised. Then kissed me on my lips and said – Love you too.

Since it was time for her mothers return , i controlled myself and sat down by giving her a deep kiss. I told her would she like to do practical of the lesson we read during the class , she smiled and said yes but with protection. I understood and told her that surely i will make arrangements for that.

After some time her mother came home. I was her and said aunty today’s class was over and i will come back tomorrow. I saw at Pooja and winked at her. She gave a naughty smile. I came back home with an aching long cock which was to be relieved with masturbation. At the same time I was very happy that interesting sexual lessons with Pooja remained to be completed.

To be continued….

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