An Interview For A Personal Secretary Position

There were four other girls waiting for the interview. We were all sitting in the innermost chamber of office. All were dressed very sexy…rather one was wearing a tube top with mini bottom with high heeled well-manicured legs. I was dressed in low cut without bra and panty sari revealing my assets. Another girl had her salwar kameej which was a see through and last one wore a low revealing white shirt knotted in middle with a skirt ….We were all very well-manicured sexy bodies.

The office was well furnished, designer stuff and all. My friend Nalini who recommended my name for the post was in fact retiring. She spent seven fucking months with Big Boss. She described the Job very clearly to me. It was make the boss happy, when he was tired, give relaxation massage, handle his clients, serve them well and whenever required assist him in business closures. In simple words…you have to be a fucking good whore…the position is for six months only. Boss likes to change his personal secretary every six months. So you will have a choice at end of six-seven months or till another girl replaces you, to continue being a high class slut or go back to your mundane world where a job is guaranteed for positions like front office executives. Salary will be paid on commission basis and for every deal 60K to 80K could be earned. Plus incentives will be paid directly by clients.

Primary duty will be to serve Boss and his partners daily. Morning session would be at 11.00 am and night session at 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. During customer interaction period, the above may not be applicable.

Client handling will be designated from time to time. Fees for services rendered will be paid by company and not clients. For individual meetings for one night, from 20K to 30K could be earned. For group bouts not exceeding 6 people, 30K to 50K could be earned. For mass fucking, anything between 10-20 men, 75K-100K is guaranteed. We were asked to sign this letter as acceptance of rendering our bodily services. It sounded very lucrative. Couple of girls were apprehensive. They demanded a minimum of one lakh to proceed further. Their condition was no photos; no video tapes were to be used during the time period. I and another girl were open.

We both were widows. My hubby passed away six months backs and my in-laws kicked me out. I had seduced my brother-in-law into fucking me and I was a slut in our housing society. So I decided to become an officially a whore while keeping my social respect.

I knew Nalini from my college days. I knew that she was into some sort of an office slut. I called her one day and requested for job in her company. She immediately said there is always an opening in my company for sluts. The company was a frontend for all racketing in prostitution, gambling drugs etc. My pussy wasn’t fucked for in months and I cared a damn if I was a prostitute for some time. I dressed well with very low cut blouse and see through sari. I did not wear panties inside and whole of my body could be seen. I was very sexy and really hot.

The other girls name was Roxy Sinha. She was around 27-28 years and has a fascination for men’s dicks. Her husband found she was cheating around in his own house and committed suicide out of shame. Her in-laws turned her out of house but she charged her in-laws in court and got substantial amount including their flat in Jogeshwari east. She challenged in court that her husband was impotent and was not fulfilling her basic body needs. She had no choice but to cheat. She was ostracised by her family.

But she was out of money and met nalini through advt. which stated “requirement for high class models for personal secretary position”. The other two girls came from same advt. Sheena’s husband was a paraplegic and always on chair. She wanted money and fast for her house. She turned to best known source since ages. Ayesha was a case of father selling her to some rich Arab at 14 who misused her like any crazy Arab bastard and landed back in India only to be refused by her parents. Mother of two she needs money to take care her family. We together were known as the Gang of four.

A sexy receptionist was sitting in the reception area with her boob’s half hanging out probably awaiting her turn to be fucked for the day. She was look-in bored and filing her nails. Two men came out of know where and spoke with her. She bend down showing her tities till one man started rubbing on them and kissing them. She responded saying that boss will come soon. They replied that boss himself had sent them to fuck her in front of us. We were shocked and sat agape. The two men removed her top and started kissing her and soon their pants were down. All this was happening in front of us and soon she was sucking their 7 inch dicks. These men were well built and soon were naked. They made her naked and one of them started fingering her pussy. Soon she became wet and asked them to fuck her…fuck me fuck me you bastards fuck me and soon there was pumping action happening.

Soon Nalini came out of her Boss office. Her mouth and boobs were sprayed with cum. cum was dropping from her legs …looks like she was well fucked. Smiling at the on-going scene she turned to us. Are you ready girls …I was ready. My pussy was aching for a dick or dicks…I said…Hi Nalini my pussy is aching Nalini I want a dick now. She smiled and tapped me saying ‘Shalini you’d make a great slut…Roxy got up and undressed herself. She was wow …a Greek sex goddess. Nice boobs but not very huge…just right size…wow what a curve she had…my cunt needs to be filled now…she said. Nalini replied…put on your clothes. You here for a PS position not a prostitute position. You require dignity and charm and grace. Boss wants you Shalini…she said.

I went inside the interview. It was an amazing room, well lit, huge plasma TV on the walls where many xxx movies were either being played or live actions being beamed. Nude fucking photos posters were displayed. A huge leather sofa was in middle of the room. Across the room was one single stainless steel pole and another end…i saw four to five men in their leather suits sitting behind a huge Glass table. Towards another side I saw huge glass panes stretching out onto the roads. Pedestrians could stop and look at my show if was near the glass panes. One Boss called me and said” we will rename you…Shalini is out…Yoni… will be your new name. I smiled. Sure…you can call me anything. No they said…we want you to remain sophisticated for six months; then Pandey if you want …if you want…I repeat only then…will he turn you into whatever local whore you wanna become….our offer is very clear…six months of personal secretary position with either one of us will take you places. Strip…he commanded and sat in the sofa slowly and played a very slow song…He watched me undress to the music…

I slowly opened my sari and wrapped on to the pole while unwrapping myself…another Boss came to me and ran his finger on my boob’s..aah I exclaimed…my cunt was wet now with all movies, live action and posters….these guys knew how to seduce even the most stubborn of a woman and avoid raping her…he did not touch me anywhere else…only ran his finger on my boob’s…third guy came with a knife and ripped my blouse from back….i was semi naked now and soon my blouse fell forward. I bent showing my assets…found an exclamation.’ Wow .she’s hot…I never saw a woman who enjoys showing herself and getting fucked”…I knew he was lying bcoz he said same to Nalini…or Slutty her true slut name was.. The fourth and fifth bosses pulled my remaining sari away revealing me completely naked.


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