Air Force Medical Test -1

Hi Readers my name is Sunanda Mitra, this year in for the January batch of Air force’s short service commission i appeared for their medical test, and believe i had hell of load fun during those couple of hours. Although i was less of sex, and more of sexual handling i hope readers find pleasure reading my first entry to this site. On the day, of interview i reached the place, while waiting for the my turn to be called out, my cunt reported to my brain that i am running through my dates… Phew…. I thought… Oh My God, what now… My name was called and went inside the room, i was greeted by group of uniformed men and women. Please stand on the this please. Instructed a tall, middle aged man, My name is Captain Santosh, I have my team here, 3 doctors, 1 Fitness expert and 1 psychologist. Please introduce yourself. He instructed again.I cleared my throat, as saw the doctors getting ready with the gloved hands and medical instruments.I started, My name is…. Wait not like this… Interrupted one of the doctors..please remove your clothes before u start..excuse me… Did i hear right…. I need to strip… I asked…yeah my dear.. Replied the lady doc.I started unbuttoning my shirt, undoing my belt, removed my shoes, my pants, my under shorts, and undershirt.Now i am standing in front of the panel in just my bra and panties.please remove these also… Instructed another guy..But how can I….. I asked You have to… Replied the lady… This is a medical test and we are doctors…Please strip completely…a few moments later i was standing nude in front of them.Please collect your clothes and put them in the basket at the other end of the room, come back and stand here…. Came the instruction I just plainly complied. Rest …. In next part…..

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