A Desire Fulfilled With A Bengali Worker

Am a native of Kerala. Brought up with the typical Malayali culture of submissiveness and modesty!! However, such a conditioning could not do much in holding back the rapidly growing obsession with sex. Though I have never had sex, I was a frequenter of porn sites, often daily. My specs are 34-32-36. The stories I used to read here really spurred my cravings higher and boldness too. I never had the courage or chance to try out, though. Until once I visited my grandparents. They live alone in a village area amidst a rubber plantation and I used to visit them occasionally and stay for a few days. Near their house, there was a room sort of set up for Bengali workers to stay. They used to use the water facilities provided by my granddad.

Every evening they would come over to our place and bathe in the pond in our place. I came upon them once during one of my evening strolls. Sometimes they would come in groups or alone and I used to watch them taking bath, share porn, watching their cocks grow hard under their thin towels, a watching them fall about as they dressed. Often my fingers would creep down to my pussy, feeling myself all throughout. I wondered how I would get one of them to satisfy me. And I came upon a plan.

The next day I waited for one of them to come alone. It was around 6:30 in the evening. My grandparents had gone to the church for a meeting. I wore a skirt and a shirt with nothing underneath and walked to the pond, which was quite far from the house. I had seen one of the last ones going over to bathe. I went up there and as expected there was one guy. He was quite tall and well built. And I had seen before, his cock was quite long and think too. It was almost dark. I waited a bit more. And then I walked up to him. He paused in the middle of his bath and looked up at me, all wet, draped only in a towel. I looked at him and opened the first three buttons of my shirt and pulled then apart revealing my boobs. He mouth fell open and devoured my boobs with his eyes as I jugged and squeezed them in front of him.

I went up to him and started massaging his body with my erect nipples. And then with full boobs. I touched my nipples to his nipples and started drawing circles with them. He seemed to be too dazed in the beginning to respond and then he too started enjoying. I told him “Choos”(suck them) and he bent down and took over my boobs from my hands. I was in absolute bliss. Maybe he was too starved, he started sucking and then very hard as though he wanted to get it milking. He was way too excited and started eating them, trying to put one whole boob in his mouth, pulling them together and sucking them together. He would bite at the nipples and pull them, or suck on them so fiercely that I would yelp in pain. I didn’t mind the pain at all. I was a pleasure greater than that.

Meanwhile, I was flowing from between my legs. I had one hand there and the other was grasped on his cock. I dint want him to fuck me, though, but it was too irresistible. So I pulled him towards me and put his long cock between my legs. Not in my hole, but right over my clit and started rubbing his cock with my clit. Omg! That was soo good. Probably he felt the same way coz he pulled me tighter and started moving as I did. Rubbing my clit with his cock. The juices from my pussy were flowing over his cock making it slippery as well as easy to keep rubbing. He started increasing the pace and my moaning started reaching its peak. I could feel him getting harder and harder until he suddenly burst over my clit and pussy hole. His cum started flowing down my legs and I put a finger and took some and put it in my mouth. I asked him to go down and lick me clean. But I was getting concerned whether my grandparents would return now, or any other guy to take bath.

So I asked him t follow me to a shed near the house, where we wouldn’t be seen and I would be able to hear if my grandparents came back. I lay on the floor over some newspapers and asked him to lie between my legs. I didn’t even need to tell him to. He pulled my pussy towards him and disappeared between my legs. I could feel him licking up all that sticky juices. Sucking at the hole for more. He bought his tongue to my clit and started playing with it. Initially, it was just the tongue. Then he closed his mouth over my clit and started eating at it. Like sucking at some fruit. Probably he started getting really wild by then, he started biting at my clit. Holding that tiny thing between his teeth he would bite into it lightly and then drag his teeth over it. I could not bear anymore. I started wiggling away but he had me in his iron grip. I came several times all over his mouth and chin and he sucked up all the juice.

He kept lapping at my clit for a long time. Several times he would rub his face over my clit, spit into it or keep sucking and biting. He probably didn’t want to let go of a chance as this. A free treat that came to him. Though he hadn’t appeared that wild in the beginning, after my initial caressing he took over completely. I just let him go on. All of a sudden, he got up. I had heard it too. My grandparents had come back. I quickly got up and buttoned my shirt. Turning to him, his facing still shining with my cum all over it and told him I will wait for him near the shed tomorrow too. He nodded and picked up his towel from the floor. I saw that he was still erect. So I took his cock between my legs once again, like before and started rubbing over it with my clit. He took the cue and-and started fucking squeezing my boobs with his hands and in minutes he came over my pussy. I quickly wiped the cum flowing down my legs with my skirt and told him I will meet him tomorrow. I ran off juts as I heard my grandma calling for me. I looked back and saw him walking away rubbing his cock with the towel. I didn’t even ask for his name, but I felt awesome. I had a desire fulfilled. I was gonna wait for the next day anyway and make a much better plan.

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