A Chance Encounter That Changed My Life

We wanted to shift to a new house and in my lunch breaks during the office, I was on this task for about a month. But we hadn’t yet found a house that we both liked.I had earlier selected 3 houses but she had refused all of them stating different reasons.I wanted her to be happy, so I kept looking.

One wednesday, I came across this ad and went to the adress in the afternoon. I rang the bell while I was on the phone with my wife.When the door opened, I suddenly stopped talking. Wow, what a beauty. Green sari with a red blouse. Her face looked good too.”What happened.Hello”.

My wife kept saying this.But I was lost.I later realized this and I told her that I had reached the place and would call her later.

The woman gave me a smile and welcomed me in. She told that the owners had gone out and instructed her to show me the house.She said that her name was rani and that she had been working at the same house for about 5 years. As she was saying all this.All my focus was on her.What beautiful expressions.Umm..What a face..She is too beautiful to be a maid.All these thoughts were running inside my head.”Saab”.”Kahaan kho gaye ho saab.”.And she was waving her hand in front of me.

I realized that I was being weird and told her that I was sorry and that I was thingking about a meeting in the office.When in relity I hadn’t concetrated so hard at anything recently.Wow.What a beautyfrom her expressions and body language I gathered that she was one of those talkative types. I like talkative women.So not a problem for me..”Saab.Oopar se neeche dikhaoon.Yaa.Neeche se oopar?”..I was shocked.What did she just say?Was I still dreaming..?Kya kaha.I said.

She gave a naughty smile and repeated the same.I realized what she was talking about.I told her.Hum neeche hain.Tho neeche se hi shuroo karo.She ave me a smile.A very beautiful one indeed..She showed me around the ground floor. While she showed me every room I was behind her and she was swaying her hips to and fro while walking.I was literally unable to believe any of this was happening.But I didn’t want it to stop.

After showing me the floor, she asked me whether I liked it. I told that I really liked it. She seemed pretty happy and asked me to follow her upstairs. While walking up the stairs, I was so close to her that I could smell her perfume. I thought that these owners must be really rich and that they must be paying her well.

While going up the stairs, my eyes were fixed on her hips. Wow, what a structure.She suddenly turned back and caught me red-handed. I was shocked.Didn’t know what to do.But luckily, she just smiled.And that too in a seductive way.Unlike the one she had given me when she greeted me at the door, there was something else in this smile.

Anyways we went upstairs and the house was really good.It was one of the best I had seen in the last month.And was at a relatively affordable prize.She stretched her hands wide open and asked me”Saab.Poora aapka ho saktha hai.Kaisa laga aapko”.Without analyzing the different interpretations the question had.

I immediately answered.”Mujhe tho bahut acha laga.Par meri biwi ko bhi pasnad aana chahiye. Tabhi gar lenge”.Fir se kal aa sakthe hain kya?.She answered”Haan zaroor saab..Par ek baat hai.Main hi aapke yahaan bhi kaam karoongi.”.Though my usually delat with the maids.I said”Haan zaroor.”.She seemed pretty happy.

We went over the next day. Rani opened the door.She was in a white saree today and looked special. The house was decorated too.On inquiry, my wife found that it was Onam and the owners always decorated their house in such a grand way. Everything went well and we bargained for the right price.

During the conversation, I looked into the kitchen occasionally.To get a glimpse of rani.The first few times she didn’t notice me.But later, she gave me the same naughty smile that she had given me yesterday. Everything went well and we decided to get the house.

I used to occasionally visit the house when it was being painted before we moved in.And the owners had made rani responsible for the renovation.And based on what they told my wife.I felt that they really trusted her a lot.They even told my wife that she was the best maid around.And we should hire her as it was a new city.

My wife wanted didn’t want to take any risks.So she decided that rani would be our maid initially and depending on how it goes she would decide whether rani would continue or not. So I used to call rani whenever I visited the house for inspection(the owners had given us her phone number) I sensed that she had a different way of tying her saree.She would wear it in such a way that a little cleavage was visible from her right side.So I made sure I always stood on her right ;).

I got a feeling that she was aware of what I was doing because she would always smile whenever she caught me staring. One day she even moved her pallu to her left side and revealed a lot more than usual.This made me really excited and my heart started beating fast. That day she was really on fire. She told “Saab.Lagtha hai aapko oopar ka bahut pasand aaya.”.”Kya aap oopar hi apna kamra rakhogey?”.I didn’t know what to say.

Maine kaha.”Haan.Oopar ka view bahut acha hai naa.Isliye.Aur hawa bhi achi tarah se ayegi.”.”Saab.Kal se kaam khatam ho jaega.Aap jab chaho shift ho sakthe ho” maine kaha”Theek hai.Hum jald se jald shift ho jaengay.”Agle din jab main gaya tho maine dekha ki rani green colour ki saree pehni hui thi.Bahut sundar lag rahi thi.Sar me lal bindi.Aankhon me kajal.Aur achi perfume.

Main fir se kho gaya.Main uske peeche andar gaya aur poore ghar ka jaanch kiya.Sab theek tha.”Saab.Ye dekhiye maine.Andar bhi clean karwa diya.”.Peeche mudke dekha tho woh stool par khadi hokar oopar ke almareh ke bare me baath kar rahi thi.Main uske paas gaya.Aur kaha.”Haan sab theek hai.Bhadiya kaam kiya tum logon ne”.Jab woh seedi se utar rahi thi.

Tab uska pallu hat gaya.Aur mujhe uska sundar cleavage dikhne laga.Meri aankhein tho uspe fix ho gayi.Jab use dekha tho woh smile de rahi thi.Aur usne kaha “Saab.Kitne der dekhte rahogey.Choo kar bhi tho mehsoos karo.”.Aur usne apne left haath se mere right hand ko pakda aur apne boobs par rakh diya.

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