Virgin House Keeper

Hey all this is Shiraz, 24 years athletic body fair 5’9” tall guy from Punjab and I am going to share a very sexy incident with you of my life. This incident took place when I was of 18 and was gone out of city for the preparation of my entrance exams in engineering.

I took a pg in the new city in Tuition Street and soon became very frank to everyone in pg. There was a computer centre in front of my pg whose owner took 2 batches one in morning and another in evening, rest of the time.

He did not use to be at home and his wife always took advantage of his absence and went away to his mom house and there were only 2 girl housekeepers left for whole the day. They both were very funny and frank type girls.

One named Shobha who was 18 years old and other was Suman of 22 years old. Shobha was prettier between both of them and had great figure witch and I noticed when my friend taught me how to play a love game and fuck her virginity wait let me tell you the story between this.

One day I and my friend were coming from coaching classes where we met Suman and Shobha in street. Suman came near to me and said she wants to talk in alone. My friend understood and left us for pg then Suman came near to me and told me that Shobha likes me.

I want to talk to me but I was shocked on that and I said nothing I was just felt bad that what the hell now this Kaamwali’s proposing me what a shame for me. I left them in anger without saying anything in pg my friend asked me what the matter was.

I explained him everything then he said you are nuts u left a big chance. I again in shock yelled on him chance for what? To accept a kaamwali’s propose or to what? Then he calmed me with the cigarette and said who is saying to accept her proposal and be his boyfriend is just saying that go play

A love game win and her trust that you love her too and you will get a chance to fuck that virgin. This hit my mind and I thought what wrong in this. This is worth trying as I also some time masturbated thinking about Shobha her tight boobs and her pretty face.

That night I planned how to trap her for a nice fuck and then left for bed after masturbating again about her. Next morning I bunk the classes and left the pg soon as I know Shobha will come to temple so I reached temple where as I said she was there.

I waved her and signed her to come in the park near. I was waiting in the park where she came after 20 minutes. I offered her a seat and we both were silent for 5 minutes. I was thinking how to start then sudden she aid what happened to you last day why you did left?

You don’t like me or my proposal I said it’s not like that Shobha I was not sure about me and even did not know wt to say but last night and I thought about you and I think I too loves you. She became red and happy after listening this from me.

The she told me that it’s her time to go home to get ready for the whole day work and she will meet me in computer centre cum home after owner uncle left. I said ok and returned to the pg at 10 pm and I was standing in street where Shobha came out of house and gave me a smile

And signed me to come and I got the signal and reached there. She was standing with and asked me to sit down in living hall. I sat on cushion she came with tea and offered me but I said I don’t want tea then she asked what you want I said.


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