Village Girl Lachi

Hi friends, this is a story about a village girl who was working in my house and tell her village life of her to my wife. Her name is Lachi from Hassan. A place in Karnataka. Actually she was 22 years old and married to an uncle of hers (her mother’s brother) and he is looking after the fields and cows in his native place in her father’s house itself. She stays with us and goes to her native for all the festivals and once in a month otherwise to meet them and give money for their need. She is the only one studied up to 8 the class in the family and their family has allowed her to find a job in Bangalore.

She was working in a garment company and latter shifted to our house since my wife was always sick and needed domestic help and for her she is not happy working in a factory and staying on her own in a rented house. So cut the expenses and safety and leave to go to native now and then are the reasons. She is about 5.5 and slim since she is working always, small breasts ( I have seen many village girls and women have small breasts, may be they are not idle like city folks) her waist is slim and her saree seems to be too big for the waist, and shapely ass like a boys of 18 years old.

Face is cute and hairs are knotty and oil less. I know if she is dressed in the city style with shampooed hair and jeans, she can be any of the college going teens in this city. She was not that lucky, anyway. She chats with my wife all the time and has a lot new things to say even though she has spoken for two years now. Her childhood she was saying is, she used to sleep with her parents in the single room house and her father used to have sex with her mother in front of her itself. When she was young she thought they are upto something and sleep, but when she was grown up also they used to do it seems.

She used to first watch in the darkness of her blanket, then one day when she opened the blanket also they were continuing and asking her are you not getting sleep Lachi and carried on with her watching. She said that her Appa was bare assed on Amma and Amma had pulled her saree up and having Appa in between her legs and dancing which made sound like rubbing. So she used to talk to Amma what they are doing and Amma used to say Appa hadthidane (means dad is fucking) she used to ask why is he doing it and her mom used to say appana thunne theete teriskoloke. ( means to put off the itch on daddy’s penis.)

She asked why he is doing to you she said nan tullu nave tersoke( to put off the irritation on my pussy.) she used to keep on talking when they do its seems and one day they were doing it when she come from school in the evening and saw them doing it, she said why mom you are doing now and they told her that we can do it whenever the itching comes. She said it is itching for me also ask daddy to do it to me. Dad said not now when your seal is broken you can get it done.

She asked her dad to show his penis to see how it goes inside mummy and her dad showed the penis and her moms hairy pussy and inserted inside and told her to sit down between their legs and watch from underneath. So she used to watch them whenever they are fucking and mom used to tell her to see and learn how to get fucked it will be useful when she get married.

When she become big and see them fucking she used to scold them saying no work for you two and keep doing her work it seems. There are also some sentiments they have she said which her mother used to teach her. Once she had pimple on her face and her mom suggested the juice coming from his dad penis to be applied it will go. Her mom was having 4 inches long hair on her pussy when this girl came to know shaving of pussies from friends in school she asked her mom and her mom banned saying you will not be

Wealthy if you shave the hairs on pussy (lakshmi oliyodilla) if they mate on a festival day god will be pleased that’s why they wear new and good clothes to attract their partners to have sex on that night compulsorily. If they have sex on the full moon night and get pregnant they will give birth to a white skinned child similar no moon day the darkest child and in between according to the moons growth. Similarly if one has sex at night and by mistake some in the family see them they have to perform Pooja, if the person who saw is a female the fucking couple should perform

Pooja on the husband’s penis by offering banana and to be given to the female who saw them, if it is a male who saw them a Pooja to be performed to the pussy with dates in her pussy for some time and offered to the male who saw. If it is an outsider they have to perform Pooja for the penis and pussy with beetle nut and pan leaves and thrown in the three street junction at dawn or dusk. If the children are the ones seeing they are not suppose to chase the children away and should not stop fucking for them or hide from them.  They should let the children see or go by themselves if they do not want to see.

They can allow their children’s to touch or feel the genitals of parents since they have brought them to the world and it becomes their responsibility to teach them the world. If a girl matures in their community, the mothers brother if any will have the right to do all the help during the 7 days and he is treated as the husband, even if the girl is married to someone else, this mothers brother behaves like a husband and can fuck her. They have so many rules and regulations she explained. The stupidest and the silliest imaginable which I will narrate in my next posting as and when I remember.

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