True Indain Beauty

Hi, this is an incident that happened to me a long time ago…. when i was single. I had just bought this new 3BHK all for myself, right in the center of town… and i was enjoying every minute of it. As u know in India we really do none of the work so i hired 3 maids. One was this old bag who came every morning to clean the house basically… sweeep swap… clean the bathrooms ….etc. The other came in just to cook…. once in the morning and once again in the evening…. she was nothing to look at but her body was in pretty good shape. The third was thrust upon me by the cook who assured me that this girl was trustworthy and would take care of the house for me and stay with me round the clock. Her name was Manju. She was brought in to see me on sunday so that i could interview her…. When i saw her she was stunning…… i dont mean like a Tv star or anything but pure and true indian beauty. Whats more she was young… very young…. she said she was 22 but i could swear she was 18. We had a chat and as soon as she said the word massage she was instantly hired.

I was in my mid twentys too and horny as hell….. i had several women in my life but i am the kinda guy who needs variety…. Now i am also a night bird surfing the net all night till the wee hours of the morning. So one night after a bit of surfing i hit upon some porn sites including ISS which really got me going… so i undid my fly and pulled out my 9″ long and 4″ fat cock and began stroking it gently….. Now i was pretty relaxed and i was reading story after story not realising that time had really flown….. cause the next thing i saw manju at my door with a tray of tea wanting to know where she should put it. I really did not realize it was morning yet…. also i wasnt used to someone being there 24 hrs so id left the door open….. I was also wondering as to how long she had been standing there…. Anyways i casually asked her to keep it on the bed … which she did and left. As soon as she left i got up to go and shut the room door and as soon as i reached it she too was back. It was a really awkward moment for us both cause my 9′ cock was still hanging out of my fly….While she tried to stare away but i was checking her out and she was looking at my big cock from the corner of her eye….. I reached down and forecd my cock back into my pants…. and asked her what she wanted. It was just the watchman who had come to drop the keys off after washing the car which she came to give me. I took it and shut the door.

While having my shower i masterbated hard over the thought of her…. the more i thought of her the more her indian beauty appealed to me….. She had small but well filled out tits….. say 34 ..her waist could not have been more than 26 and her ass which was small but well filled out as well must have been 34 too. She was was 5ft 5″ which is nither short nor tall but with her dimensions she looked a bit taller. Anyway i had a good wank , got ready and left for work. I had ony the one 9 am meeting which wound up at 11 so i was promptly home by 12 ready to catch up on some sleep. When i got into my boxers and T shirt i realized that she said that she gives massages…. I told her that i was tired and that i needed a massage. I removed a bottle of oil and gave it to her. As i lay on my back and she started sensously doing my back….. i was in extacy…. this woman really knew how to massage. From my back she came lower down to my lower back.. and still lower …. lowering my shorts….. it felt great….. then all of a sudden in one swift motion she slid her hands into my shorts and began kneading my ass…… My god …. i was in extreme pleasure…. she oiled her hands once again and went back in only this time to my supprise she put a finger between my crack and massaged not only my crack but amy asshole as well. I had to lift myself of the bed a bit to manage my raring hard on…. She finished my thighs and feet and rolled me over….. My cock stuck out right out of the fly slit of my boxers and was at 90 degrees…standing tall in all its glory at 9″. She looked at it and smiled and said ” aap ka to asli mard ka saamaan hai” which means that u have the cock of a true man….. Then she asked wether she should massage that ( my cock) first of finish the rest of my body and then come to my cock….. I could not believe my ears……

I told her to massage my cock first….. She pored some oil on it and ran her fingers up and down making sure it was well lubricated. Then she cupped it with both hands making fists and started stroking it carressingly. He hands were so small they would not go all the way around comfotably and inspite of using both hands it would not cover the lenght of my cock…. But her technic was so fantastic… that i was in extacy. As she carried on i could not help myself so i grabbed one tit in my hand and pulled ripping all the buttons of her blouse. Her blouse flayed open and her tits were out in full display as she was not wering any bra. She gasped and backed away for a bit. She asked me to go easy and herself stripped of all her clothing. Gosh she was beautiful. Now i like playing a little rough so i got off the bed… walked up to her picked her up and sandwiched her betw me and the cupboard….her legs circled around me and she clasped me tight cause i just rammed my cock into her pussy. Her eyes nearly popped out. I began to fuck her hard and she was responding well…..

I could tell that she was no virgin……… she was very responsive…. i fucked her harder and harder….. then i got a little tired so i flung her on the bed face down paretd her legs and mounted her from behind…. I was fucking her vigourously and was really enjoying it cause these city women are very dainty and cannot handel it rough……. After ramming her good…. i was a little tired…. So i lay back and got her to mount on top of me…….. She eased herself very nicely onto my 9″ cock and started riding me….. in a while we were in a rythm and she was riding me like a horse…. bouncing up and down as i held her ass and supported her movements up and down.

I was in pure lust and extacy…. and i was also about to cum…. so i threw her of and climbed ontop of her chest and stuffed my cock between her tits and fucked her tits real hard till i came all over her chest and face…… Man what a fuck. I fucked her several times that day….. not realizing it became evening and the other maid ( cook… one who had brought her ) walked in on us. In some time it was open and common knowledge betw all the mades that i was fucking manju….. and me being the exhibitionist that i am would fuck her any time anywhere….. even while the other maids swept and mopped…. and often stopped to look and stare…. sometimes even rubbed themselves…. But that all ended one day all of a sudden…!!!!

But that is another story.

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