The Blackmail

Hi I am huma, with a new story. It is one of its kind and hope you will love it too.

I am Nikhil, 16 years old starving son of yesteryears millionaire. My father and mother both were killed in an accident and I was on the streets, courtsey of my father’s friend and partner Munir Ahmed. He had everything written in his favour. The bastard now owns the entire business. “Nikhil, dont be afraid, I am here to help you. I wont let you starve. You wil work at my house, keep it clean and obey orders and I will pay you RS3000 monthly plus free food and a room to live.” I accepted the job. It was at least better than starving to death.

Ahmed uncle lives in a big bunglow with his beutiful and sexy wife, Tabassum aunty and his gorgeous daughter Sazia. Tabassum is in her early 40s and Shazia is 20 years old but bothe are fair, buxom and beautiful, with large tits, wide hips and long legs. I had heard that Tabassum aunty had affairs with many men behind uncle’s back and that Shazia too was a sexbomb. But my immediate concern was to have food and shelter.

I worked in the uncle’s house with my ears to the ground. By nature, I have been a peeping tom. And servants are the eye and ears of the house. I mean you can not have any secrets from teh servants. So, if you keep servants in the house, be careful. I had got myself nice clothes from my salary and outside, people know me as a member of the house.

It was a Saturday and Ahmed uncle was away to Mumbai for a week and Shazia was on a college trip. The day was very hot and I was relaxing in the afternoon in my room in my kurta and pajama. I heard a car stop in front of the house. I peeped out of the window. It was Mr. Gupta, uncle’s friend. I was about to go and tell him that uncle was not home when aunty came out and took uncle’s hand in her own and pulled him into her bedroom. I was intrigued. Why was aunty taking Mr Gupta into her bedroom? I grew curious and after 5 minutes, went near her bedroom. I heard laughter. I went to see what was happening and peeped into the keyhole. What I saw in the room, made my blood boil. Tabassum aunty was hugging Mr Gupta like a lover and kissing him on the lips while Mr Gupta was fondling aunty’s big tits.

So this was the game! I watched the lovers get hot every minute and clothes left bodies as they clung to each other in the heat of passion. I was scared and rab back to my room. I masturbated just imagining the naked body of Tabassum aunty. I must have Tabassum for myself. But how? I could blackmail her by threatening to expose her affair with Mr Gupta . But who will believe me? I was a servant only. And I would lose the job too. I could not take that risk. I had to think of a better plan. In teh evening I bought a small Camera and hid it in my room.

The same thing happened on the Sunday too, but this time I was ready with my camera. I climbed the ventilator with the help of a ladder and saw completely what was happening. I was aroused by seeing Tabassum naked and was surprised to see what a whore she was. She played with Mr Gupta’s cock and even sucked it. He sucked her boobs like a baby. I heard her beg after 10 minutes,” Ab der na karo, chod dalo mujhe, main aapke lund ki bhukhi hoon, mujhe jaldi se lund do,(Dont delay now, fuck me now, I am starving for cock)”.

Mr Gupta made her bend down on her fours and entered her cunt from behind,” Theek hai, Tabassum? Ab to khush ho? Munir behnchod bewkoof hai tere jaisi biwi ko akela chhod deta hai(Is it ok now? are you happy now? Munir is a fool to have left a wife like you alone)”

“And you are a fol to fuck Tabassum aunty with Nikhil watching and taking pictures, you bastard. You two will have to pay dearly you bastards!” I smiled to myself. They were still fucking when I got down and slipped into my room. I took out the film and went out to have it developed. I went to the other side of the town where no one knew me or Tabassum or Mr Gupta. The man asked me to wait for an hour. I was nervous and went out and smoked a cigarette. I dont smoke normally but I was scared and nervous. If everyhting went well, I would own Tabassum aunty by tomorrow.

I took the envelop of pictures and ran home. I did not dare look at them on my way. When I was in my room, I looked at the pictures. They were clear and colorful. Tabassum looked even more sexy in teh pictures and the camera had caught Mr Gupta clearly. I heaved a sigh of relief. I went out and began my work normally. I did not want to show any sign that I was going to hold them at my mercy with the pictures in my envelope.

The next day I was going to be the Master. Tabassum aunty was standing in the kitchen and I walked in. Nikhil, get me a cup of tea in my room, quick, I have to go out…Now dont stare at me, you dumb fool, crack working” I smiled at her. She was wearing a night gown which was transparent. I could smell her perfume and see her black bra. The bitch looked sexy. I placed my hand on her waist and pulled her to me. She looked shocked as I cupped her boobs cruelly,” Kion, sali randi, Gupta se chudwane jana hai? (why, whore, are you going to get fucked by Gupta?). Ghar mein jab main hoon to bahar kion jana, aaj teri chudayi ghar par hi hogi(When I am here to fuck you at home, why go out)”.

Tabassum lifted her hand and smacked me on the face,” You are fired, haramzade, main police ko bulati hoon.(Bastard, I will call the cops).” I slapped her back with biger force on he cheeks. She was stunned. I threw the pictures on the kitchen table and she stared with open mouth. She looked white and bloodless as I began to take charge.” Behnchod, bula police ko(sisterfucker, call the cops now) Now listen to me carefully. From now onwards, I am going to be the boss, the Master, understand? I am going to amke you my fuck toy. I will fuck you the way I like, even in the ass. You will be my slut. And one thing more you and your cheating lover will pay me one thousand everyday. I will give the orders and you will obey them. But dont tell Gupta anything yet. I will tell that bastard. Ab Tabassum randi kahin nahin ja rahi, tum mera lund chuso. abhi, yahin rasoi mein(Tabassum whore is not going anywhere. You will give me a blow job now, here in the kitchen!)”

There was an intense silence as we looked into each other’s eyes, the tension was building. I slapped her ass hard to remind her who was the Master. She bent down to open my pajams without saying a word. I pinched her nipples hard and she cried” Please, dont. Dont be cruel. I love sucking a cock. I will suck it with love, why be cruel? Let me handle your young cock. I was searching for a young cock. I am so lucky to find you as my stud.” Just then, she ran her expert hand on my shaft and played with my balls.” Nikhil beta, your tool is so nice, so big anf strong!”

I spread legs making my hard cock brush her lips. I loved the touch of her skin on my cock as she inhaled deeply. She looked at me, and kissed my whole cock with her open tongue. “Suck my cock, bitch, I want to cum in your mouth and dont call me beta or anything. And also dont forget about the money. I want it everyday, ok?”

She stood between my open legs and kissed my cock like a whore, pressing her lips hard against my cockhead, her tongue swirled on its sensitive skin as she kissed with hungry intensity. She put her hands on my balls. I grabbed her ass and pulled her on to my hard cock. Her tits were hanging and I played with them.

“Oh Fuck!” she shouted, taking her mouth from my cock. It seemed she was really turned on. I too felt I was about to cum. I cloud not cum so fast. Studs dont cum so fast. I was going to be a paid stud. Suddenly, I pushed her mouth off of my cock. I took off her gown, and was surprised that she wore nothing underneath. I grabbed her hips and roughly turned her around forcing her to lean over the kitchen table. I stood up, grinding my cock against her ass. The whore pushed her ass back against my cock, “Yes Nikhil beta, do that. Rub your cock on my ass,” she said.

“You want a good hard fuck, don’t you,” I whispered in her ears.

“Yes, you know what I want, I want whole of your young cock in my pussy” she gasped. “You know fucking well what I want.”

“You want a good hard and wild fuck, don’t you,” I repeated as I pressed my cock harder against her round ass. I knew she liked dirty talking. I then reached forward, grabbed her hair and pulled it hard, getting her to turn and look at me. “You want to get fucked like a slut, don’t you?” “Yesssss beta, make me your slut,” she yelled. “Fuck your horny Tabassum. Fuck me! Give it to me!” I let go of her hair. In fact I planned not to fuck her ass in the first time. Itouched her cunt and he moved forward pussy pressing on my hand.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was hot and horny and so was my slut.

“Yes, make me your slut,” she yelled again. “Fuck me!”

I rubbed her swollen cunt and ran my middle finger into her wet pussy and she moaned, “Oh fuck! Nikhil, raha nahin jata, pel meri chut apne mast lund se, pleaseee(I cant wait anymore, fuck me with your cock)!” she murmured, squirming, getting my finger deeper.

My hard cock was grinding against the crack of her ass, my finger moving in and out of her dripping pussy. She spread her legs wide apart. I touched her clit as she squirmed. Her squirming against my hand was driving me crazy as I pressed the length of my hard cock into the crack of her ass and she shuddered and screamed, “OH FUCK! I’M CUMMMMMMMMING,’ she yelled. “DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP! OH YEAH KEEP FUCKING MY CUNT WITH YOUR FINGERS!” OHHHHHHHHHH NIKHIL I’M CUMMMMMMMMMING!”

When she exploded all over my hand, I kept my fingers going in and out through her orgasm and she kept fucking my fingers. She was an insatiable bitch.

Now was the time for real action. I stroked my cock and placed her hand on its throbbing hardness,” Tabassum, tell me you are a whore, my whore, beg for my cock…..I know your cunt is raedy for my cock”

She looked at my hard cock and opening her thighs rubbed it on her wet cunt.

Lifting her, I put her legs on my shoulders, spreading her wider, her pussy wide open for me and I moved my cock into the hole. She screamed loudly,”FUCK ME! CHOD MUJHE!” she screamed pushing her cunt on my cock which had entered her smoothly in one go. Her cunt juices had made entry so easy.”THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT,” she yelled. “MADERCHOD CHOD LE MERI CHUT!” she screamed.

She lifted her ass up to meet my thrusts and pressed her pussy harder against my cock, screaming. “OH FUCK! BAHUT BADA HAI TERA LUND, SHABASH MERE YAAR, PHAD DE MERI CHUT,” she yelled. She kept, grinding her pussy harder against my cock. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!” she screamed at the top of her voice as I fucked her cunt, her whole body was shaking and shuddering.

As she screamed, I withdrew my cock and lay down on the kitchen floor. I pulled Tabassum on top of me, getting her to straddle me. She looked down at me, putting her hands on my chest, her hot wet pussy pressed against my hard cock. I placed my hands on her back, bending her forward so that her tits were crushed against my chest and her wet slippery pussy lips gripped the length of my cock as she moved slowly back and forth, my cock pressed hard against her clit.

“AB MERE LUND KI SAWARI KAR RANDI, MERA LUND GHUSS CHUKA HAI TERI CHUT MEIN(now ride my cock you whore, my cock is insiode you now)”. We both moaned as she slowly slid her wet pussy harder up and down the length of my cock, grinding deeper, driving me insane. I then took her shoulders and cupped her boobs. “RIDE ME WHORE!” I yelled, my hands on her ass. RIDE ME YOU FUCKING BITCH!”

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned. “Your cock is mine,” she said, looking down at me, moving the tip of my cock up and down her engorged pussy lips. “Your cock is mine to fuck,” she said. “I want this big cock in my cunt,” she said, moving it harder and faster against her pussy.

I did not tell her at that time that mmy cock was hers but at a price of two thousand rupees a day and a lot more. I kept pounding her wet cunt wildly.

Suddenly, she started bouncing up and down like a crazy bitch, her tits bouncing wildly. “MMMMMM I LOVE FUCKING YOUR COCK NIKHIL, FUCK AUNTY….FUCK BETA,” she yelled, moving up and down, my cock going deep into her tight pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHFUCK! I’M CUMMMING!” she screamed, her body tensing. “I’M CUMMMING AGAIN! OHHHHHHHHHH NIKHIL, KEEP FUCKING MEEEEE!” she screamed as she bounced up and down faster and harder. “I’M CUMMMMMMMMING!”

Suddenly, just as she exploded, I thrust my cock deep into her pussy just as her orgasm swept over her. I fucked her through her orgasm, knowing she would keep cumming. I rammed my cock deep into her pussy as I began to cum and she yelled, ‘DON’T STOP!”



Suddenly, a huge orgasm swept through me, taking me over the edge, screaming “I’M CUMMMING” I cried as a huge cum erupted like hot lava. I kept thrusting over and over like a crazed wild animal screaming, “FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEEE!” I yelled as I pounded her harder and harder.

I felt her pussy gripping my cock, milking my cock. We both came together screaming, “FUCK ME1 FUCK MEEEEEEEEE! FUCK MEEEEEEE! OHHHHHHHHHHFUCK!”

“You sure know how to fuck a man, Tabassum, but I ma not done with you yet. This is just a trailer,” she said in a threatening voice. “I will need more pussy, young pussy. In the mean time, you can teach me to become a perfect lover.”

“Perfect lover? You are a perfect stallion, look at my pussy, see what you have done to my poor chut,” she said.

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