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About me Ron, 21, not so fair, a software engg student in Rajahmundry. I was staying with my friends in Rajahmundry for 2 year in an apartment but then I went to Norway for 6 months and when I came back everybody except me was in Hyderabad. I though of staying with some of my friends but then something urged me to take an independent house. I took a 1-bedroom house in Danavaipeta area. After some days I had to hire a maid as I was sometimes cooking at home and it was too difficult to wash the dishes and moreover with 14 hours in office and 1 hour on road I was failing to cleanup my house. Mine was a pigeon-box apartment; I went to next door aunty and asked her if she knows any maid. She was little apprehensive about sharing her maid as that will reduce the time the maid spends at her house. She told me that there was a girl who came to her about 2 days asking for work. She is studying somewhere and was looking for a baby sitter or maids work to support her studies. Aunty dint entertain her as she was asking for 1000 bucks a month. I told aunty that I can pay her 1000 if she wash the dishes and clothes and mop the house everyday. Aunty immediately went down and told something in Kannada to the security. The guy within an hour appeared with a girl who started talking in English and introduced herself as Kuku. She was fair, short and think with good assets. She asked me if I am staying alone and when I replied true, she dint agree to work at my place. But then I told her to come and work for 2 days so that I can know if she is taking good care of the house or not. If satisfied I will leave the keys with her and she can come and clean the house after 10 O clock after I leave for house. The security assured me that he knows her and I can leave the extra keys with her.

The first day she came at 9 so that I can tell her what has to be done. For next day onwards I dint she her but house was extremely clean with things done in much better way than I expected. On Saturday when she came in, I was just out of bed around 12 and after a long weeks working I immediately went to fridge for a beer. But her presence refrained me from taking one. She noticed that and made 2 cups of tea. Then we started some small conversation. She enquired about my family, my work etc and then asked me why I kept her at 1000 bucks when I could have got the same work done at 600 bucks. I replied that since she is working to support her studies I helped her and moreover since she was working only for me, she will take of her work properly than doing it half hearted in hurry to work for other houses. She asked me my permission to use my desktop in afternoon hours. I had no problem expect that I asked her not to leave the lights and fan on all day long. We became more friends over time and she used to cook me my/our breakfast on weekends. Weekends I used to get up early to watch her working. I had become a fan of her protruding boobs over for thin body. My friends used to drop in on weekend morning to have breakfast and see a girl working. (Agree or not you rarely get such girl maids in Bangalore unless you are staying with your family).

One day she came and told me that she will soon complete her graduation in biotechnology and for post-graduation she will start getting stipend. Her family wouldn’t want any more her to do any maid work. That was a good news. Around that time I was being asked my company to get my Visa ready for US for a business trip of 3 months. The next 3 days Kuku did not appear at all. I thought probably she is gone and cursed myself for not have done anything. During all these days Kuku was little pissed off with next door aunty and they had some small fight. When I asked next-door aunty she was like “I don’t know, you better ask the security”. I dint know Kannada hence couldn’t ask security either. The 4th day, it was a Saturday Kuku appeared and told me that she has a fever and she couldn’t come.

After washing the dishes and moping the floor she made 2 cups of tea and told me that she can’t make the breakfast as she was not feeling well. I felt bad that I allowed her to work when she was not well. I offered her a small neck massage to which she denied. I asked her “why did you say no to the neck massage. Is it because the window is open and aunty can peep in anytime”? She replied in an angry mood that “I don’t care about that lady and besides what we do in this closed house is not of her business”. I said good and walked till her. I started giving a massage to her neck. (The front window was still open). While I massage her I asked her, what she meant when she said that “what we do in thins closed house” is none of auntie’s business. To my question she was silent for a while and then said, “Everybody has a private life and the next door neighbor has no rights to know about it. Similarly she has some work and private life, even if she is sleeping with me, the next door neighbor has nothing to do with it”. Damn hearing such kind of remark while I was messaging her neck brought me instant hard on. I reminded myself that Kuku in off in 3 weeks time and this is probably the only chance. I gathered courage and while talking to her I lowered my hands from neck to wards chest. She didn’t say anything. I continued my hands down and voila…finally I was caressing Kuku’s breast and she was breathing heavily. She suddenly got up. I thought a slap is on the way. She walked silently towards the window and pulled the curtains. Looked at me and said that “we can always say that others should not peep into our private life, how ever we should also take care that they do not get a chance”. My hard on which had vanished in fear of slap popped up again. I had nothing to say, I pulled to the cane sofa made her sit on leg with her face towards me and lifted her top. Damn she was wearing a grey bra (my hot favorite is black). I enjoy lowering a bra and working on boobs. I did the same thing with here. In matter of seconds I lowered the bra from her shoulders and started working on her boobs. I licked it for almost 20 minutes. She was different.

A little slack boobs, big for my hand, small nipples and a big areola. I was driving her crazy. She told me that she wants to repay all my favors but I need a pack of condom for the same. Damn I took my suitcase out and there was a pack of Kamasutra. She immediately put the condom on and lowered herself from my lap. While I was on the sofa she started giving me a blow job. I am always curious about the sex life of my partner. I immediately asked her about her sex life. She told that she has gone to bed with her cousin and also friend of his father. She told that the friend of his father screwed her for almost 15 days while she was at his house for her 12th board exam. She intends to have the duration more with me. Kuku was quite keep in drinking me. She did so and before I could start she jumped on me saying it’s your turn now. I kept fingering her for 10 minutes. The thought of her being screwed up by a 53 year guy for 15 days was driving me high. I licked for another 10 minutes till she got her first orgasm. She asked me to move in to bed room. We took off all our clothes. I went for another round of boob work and then she asked me to lay flat. I did so. She cleaned me off with a mouth work and then started riding me. After 2-3 minutes I was not very comfortable, I took her in doggie position. The way she exposed her pussy in doggie position was awesome. I kept on thrusting.

I asked for a backdoor entry to which she was reluctant. The same day we had a round in bathroom till 1 o clock. She went home and came back around 2:30 telling her parents that she has something to be done on PC. I was about to move out for a 3o clock movie, but then I cancelled my plan. I went out got a porn CD. We followed the exact sequence of the porn. (Couples try out following a porn; its quite interesting if the porn is slow). For next 3 weeks I don’t remember how many leaves I have taken. We sometimes fucked the whole day off on breakfast only. Kuku’s face was not so beautiful but the way she used to pass intelligent remarks used to bring me instant hard on. Most of my love making learning was during these 3 weeks. The best of her positions were her legs on my shoulders and cross leg. Do drop me a mail on [email protected] n [email protected] for any feedbacks and sharing of experiences. DISCLAIMER: Names and situation changed slightly to maintain the privacy of my friends. If any female interested mail me.

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