Sex With maid Servants

This is Raj from Hyderabad. I am 36 years old, 6’ tall well built guy. I am going to tell about a sex experience with a village girl. This happened in about 2001–02. I go regularly to my village which is about 100 Km from Hyderabad. There was a girl who was the grand daughter of our servant who took care of our farms & house since a long time. My house is in the end of the village and is in 5 acres of land. There is a lot of open space all around my house.

This girl, I will call her Pallavi, used to do the cooking and looking after the house. She was about 5’2”, 24 years old, 32–24–32. She used to wear low cut Punjabi dresses. She always tries to expose her boobs to me when ever she bends to do some work. She had a habit of not wearing bras. I could see her cleavage when she bends and some times her tits also. She would not mind me seeing her exposed cleavage. Whenever I had chance, I would touch and rub her arse and her boobs also.

She did not object, so I took advantage and pressed her boobs one day. She said some one might come, but I said “There is no one here and the workers won’t be back till the evening”. She was moaning as I pressed her boobs over the dress. Her erect tits could be felt over her dress. I kissed her on her neck, back and her face. I then tried to insert my hand into her dress on her boobs, but she resisted. She was a bit shy. So I thought of giving her some time. In the evening I called her on the pretext of some work to my room.

She came into the room and I kissed her and fondled her breasts and put my other hand on her cunt hole. The next day I told all the workers their work and after they left, I asked her to stay in the house to do some work. As she was doing her work I was watching her. She had removed her chunni (upper cloth) and I could see her erect and stiff tits as the dress was very loose and she was not wearing anything inside. I asked her to get some tea for me. She went and was making tea. In the mean while I was planning to tackle her.

She got the tea for me and placed it on the table. I told her “You are looking sexy”. She blushed and tried to run from the room. I caught hold of her wrist and pulled her towards me. I kissed her on her lips and inserted my hand into her dress from top. She was shocked and stood like a statue as I fondled her boobs. The boobs were not so hard but her tits were hard and erect. I played with her tits for some time and tried to remover her dress. She said that some one may come. I told her to stay in the room.

I went and closed the main door of the house. I came back and stared kissing her again. She blushed but started to cooperate with me by kissing back. I removed her kameez (top) and stared at her fair and white beautiful body. She had a mole on her right breast above her nipple and a mole near her left nipple. I started to play with her boobs and took her left nipple into my mouth and started sucking it. She was moaning in excitement. Then I took the other nipple into my mouth and started sucking it.

I removed my shirt and banian and hugged her tight. I could feel her erect nipples pressing into my chest. Both of us were nude above our hips. I took her right hand and placed it on my cock. She was shocked and was in a state of confusion. She was feeling my cock I told her “Press it hard”. I then removed my lungi and she was shocked to see an erect cock. She was holding it hard and staring at it. I removed her shalwar (bottom) and rubbed my hand over her ass. I then pressed them and spanked her on her ass.

She almost cried, and then I said “Did I hurt you?” She said “It is paining”. I again rubbed her ass and was squeezing her ass and playing with her boobs and some times kissing and biting them. Pallavi was in pain and pleasure. I could see tears in her eyes. In the mean while electricity had come and the fan started to run. She came to her senses and blushed again and said “I have to go. I have work at home”. I said “I will not let you go without satisfying me today” She said “I do not know any thing about sex”.

I told her “I will teach you about sex today.” I was having a few blue film CDs in my cupboard. I put a CD in the player and switched on the TV. It was a XXX rated film. It was a film in which a White Guy was seducing two Negros. One of the girls was sucking his cock while the other girl was having her boobs sucked by the guy in the poolside. Both the girls were moaning. After that they were doing 69 pose. And the other girl was inserting a dildo into the girl’s ass hole. Pallavi was staring at the TV not knowing what to do or say.

As I and Pallavi were watching the movie, I was playing with her body. I inserted my middle finger into her cunt hole and tried to push it in slowly. She was moaning in pain and stopped me from inserting my finger more. As she was watching the film, she was shocked and tried to remove my hand from her and said “How can people do sex in this way”. I asked her “Did you have sex with some one before?” She said “No” “Then how do u know about sex” I asked her. “I have seen my brother–in–law fuck my sister a few times when they were here.

But I could not see any thing clearly nor could understand what they were doing. My sister would moan while doing sex” she said blushingly. She also said “My tits would be erect while I saw them have sex, but I did not know what was happening to me.” I told her to play with my cock as the girl is doing in the film. She was shy and tried to resist me. I said “I will not let you go today till you satisfy me totally.” She was playing with my cock and then she pumped my cock till it was hard like a rod. Then I asked her to suck my cock.

She hesitated first but started to suck it gradually. I put a chocolate in her mouth and asked her to suck my cock thinking it was a chocolate. She started to suck my cock and I reached the height of enjoyment. She became an expert cock sucker in a short time. I then removed my cock from her mouth. I inserted my middle finger into her hairy cunt. She was moaning in pain, so I put some oil on her cunt and inserted my finger inside. Gradually I inserted my second finger to make the hole bigger. Then I inserted my cock into her virgin cunt.

She was moaning a lot. Then I closed her mouth with my mouth and started fucking her. She was moaning and pleaded to leave her. I had sex with her for a few minutes and told her to relax. I sucked her cunt for some time and tasted her sweet cunt juices. She slept on the bed and closed her eyes. I then rubbed my hand her all over her body, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at me frightened. I told her to relax and slept next to her on the bed. After about half–an–hour, I asked her to go to the toilet and clean herself.

She came out after having a bath just wrapped in a towel. Just then the bell rang. I told her to get ready and open the door, and I rushed into the bathroom. By the time I was out of the bathroom I saw her younger sister, Sangeeta, with her. I asked her “When did you come to the village? You have grown up a lot.” She said “I just came here about an hour ago.” I had seen her play as a kid in our house. Now I was surprised to see her after 2–3 years. She had a sexy figure, even sexier than her sister.

She was about 18 years old and her stats were 36–28–38. Her boobs were firm and she wore a black bra which could be seen from her tight semi transparent dress. The shape of her bra was visible from the dress. I asked her what she was doing now. She told me that she had completed her Intermediate and was planning to join in Degree now. She had come there for holidays from Hyderabad. She was there for about an hour helping her sister in her work. Then they both left at about 2.00 PM after I had lunch.

I then left for the farm where the workers were working. I was in the farm for a few hours till it was dark and came back at about 6.30 PM. The sisters were in the house cooking food for me. I then went into my room had bath and wore my lungi. By 7 PM I got my bottle of beer from the fridge and sat in front of the TV watching an English Action movie. Sangeeta came to my room give me some snack for the drink. I was watching the TV and did not notice her coming into the room. Just then a passionate kissing scene was running in the movie.

She opened her mouth and was seeing the hot scene and was not able to speak. I saw her and she ran from the room. I called her and asked her “What happened? Why are you running?” She came and stood in front of me but could not speak. She then made courage and said “How do you watch such type of movies?” I said these scenes are normal in English movies. She said “Chee Chee”. Then I caught hold of her hand and pulled her towards me. She came towards me and I touched her on her butt. She just jumped forward.

I told her it’s OK, do not fear. I made her sit on the handle of the sofa next to me. Se said “My sister will come.” I touched her on her waist and pressed her boobs softly. She was shivering with fear. I let her go out of the room. I planned to seduce her another day. Pallavi came to the room after about half an hour and said “The food is ready” I told her to wait for some time to serve the food. I had another beer and went to the dining room. Both the sisters were there. They served the food and left after I ate.

I went to my room and watched TV for some more time and slept. I was satisfied that I had seduced Pallavi to bed and played with Sangeeta in a day. I was waiting for time to come to fuck Sangeeta. Pallavi came at 5 AM and started to sweep the house. She switched off the fan and was sweeping my room. I woke up to ask her why she had switched the fan off. I saw her sweeping from under the sheet covering me. Her nipples were being exposed when she bent to sweep. I started to pump my semi erect cock.

I removed the sheet so that she could see my penis. She was seeing my penis and blushing but not daring to touch it. She touched my hand accidentally while sweeping. She then held my penis and pressed it hard, I said “Ouch” Then Pallavi was pumping it hard, I put my hand into her dress and pinched her nipples. She almost shouted but I closed her mouth with mine. I asked her to get tea for me. I got ready by the time she got the tea. She went back to the kitchen to do her work. In the mean time I had my tea and bath.

Pallavi said “I am going to the town for some shopping and will be back by evening, and my sister will come and cook the lunch for you.” I thought this was the right time to seduce Sangeeta. Sangeeta came at about 11AM to cook the food. She wore a pink dress and was looking sexy. The workers had gone to their work by then. I told her to cook the food and I went to the farm nearest to the village where work was going on and supervised the work there. I came back after half an hour and Sangeeta was cooking the food.

I went into the kitchen and touched her back. She suddenly turned back and saw me. I placed my hand on her ass and pressed it hard. Then I placed my hand on her shoulder and pulled her towards me. I lowered my hand to her boobs and pressed them gently. I could feel her bra from over the dress. She was smiling, I then kissed her on her cheek and then on her lips. She was shy and tried to go out of the room. I said “No one is going to come here now. I have locked the main door.” The dress was with a zip on the back. I pulled the zip down.

She was wearing a skin colour bra. I opened the hooks of the bra as well. She tried to resist, but I held her tight. I removed her top and bra. She was sexier than her sister. Her boobs were firm and tight. I took the bra and saw the size, it was 36D. I pinched her nipples which were erect and I took the right nipple into my mouth and sucked it hard. I was playing with her left tit. I took her left tit into my mouth and sucked it while playing with her right. She was moaning in pleasure. I lifted Sangeeta and took her to my bedroom and put her on the bed.

She tried to hide her face by placing her hand across her face and breasts. I pulled the knot and removed her shalwar. She was wearing a matching lace panty. I pulled the panty and threw away. Her cunt was hairy like her sister’s, unshaved with curly hairs. I placed a hand on her sexy cunt and inserted my middle finger into her. She was shivering with fear, but her mind was telling her there is nothing wrong. I asked her if she had any boyfriends. She told that she had a boy friend and he kissed her but she did not allow him to proceed further.

I told her “There was nothing wrong if you took precautions in having sex.” I gave her a condom and asked her to put it on my erect cock. She did not know what to do. I showed her how to put the condom. Then I proceeded to insert my cock into her cunt. She cried with pain but I did not stop and inserted in into her. She was crying in pain as I inserted it into her virgin cunt. I closed her mouth with my mouth and fucked her. After that I had sex with her in 69 position. She was sucking my cock and I tasted her cunt juices which were flowing heavily.

I continued for about 15 min and she was moaning in pleasure. It was time for her sister to come. So I left her and asked her to wash and wear her dress. She went into the bathroom and was washed. Then I entered the bathroom and both of us had a bath together. Now she was trained to have sex. I made her satisfied and confident that nothing would happen with me. We went had lunch together and went to the orchid together at 2 PM and came back in an hour. I touched her and pressed all over her body while driving the car.

She left for her home. After about an hour Pallavi arrived to make tea for me. She was wearing a cream lehanga and voni (half saree), she was looking sexy, and her white bra could be seen from the blouse. She was exposing her navel and boobs from the sides. She made tea for me and got it to the hall. I asked her why she did not wear a bra daily. She told me that her sister had got them for her yesterday. She closed the main door and came back. I took my camera and took her photos while removing her dress.

I took a few nude photos as well. I knew she was under my control now. The bra was a lace one exposing her erect nipples for me. She sucked my cock to make it erect and inserted it into her cunt, I fucked her to my satisfaction. I left for Hyderabad in a few days, fucking both the sisters again whenever I got a chance using preventive measures. I went to the village after a month. Sangeeta had left to Hyderabad after having satisfied me. I was left to satisfy Pallavi in the village. I had fun with Pallavi for a year before she got married.

Now I was left with Sangeeta to satisfy me. We would watch many XXX rated BFs together and have sex to our satisfaction. Our orgies continued for a few more years before she graduated and was married two years ago. She also gave me an opportunity of having group sex along with her sister Pallavi when she was in the village. It was fun and we enjoyed it the most. Now I am looking forward to seduce their youngest sister Kavitha. She is just about 19 years old to satisfy my lust. I plan to use Sangeeta to seduce her.

Now I am looking for ladies or girls to satisfy me sexually. I assure you of guaranteed satisfaction and the affairs will be a secret. Interested girls and ladies can contact me for individual and group sex at [email protected] I will give more stories of my sexual experiences with other ladies in my next stories.

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