Sex With Hot Maid – Parvati

Hello…My name is Dhruv. My email id is [email protected] I live in Pune and am 20 years old. I have just started reading sex stories from this site and have been fascinated by the maid section. I would like to share with you a real life incident which happened to me a year ago. My maid’s name was Paravati. She was 25 years old unmarried. She was damn hot and innocent. Quite tall, perfect slim body and great boobs.

She had been our maid since I was 5 years old. She used to always wear sarees and one could see her navel clearly. She stayed with us and had a separate room. I would always try to get peeks of her sexy body and sometimes had luck. She was very friendly and cared about me. Now I will come directly to the incident-

My parents had to go out for a wedding and I was alone at home with Parvati for around three days. I had decided that I will get her in my bed this time. The next morning she made me breakfast, as I had a holiday I stayed at home. In the afternoon I was watching an English movie and she was sitting near the sofa. A hot kissing scene started, but I didn’t change the channel. I was staring at her and she smiled. I felt great.

Later in the evening she was washing clothes, I went to her and purposely gave her my undergarments to wash. She was a bit confused but she didn’t say anything. I sat there watching her wash the clothes. Her saree was up to her knees and I could see her beautiful carved legs. There wasn’t a single hair on her legs. I kept staring at her boobs. They were perfect and were shaking up and down as she washed the clothes. She noticed me staring at her tits but didn’t say anything. I felt confident that I could get her, but I didn’t know how to confront her.

With these mixed feelings I just went out of the house to play with my friends. We played for 3 hours and when I came home it was already dark. I was very tired. She noticed me and asked what happened. I told her that I was very tired. She said that she will give me food and then massage my legs. I was too tired to notice. After having my food she came to my room with the oil. She had just taken a bath and smelled like a rose. She told me to take of my pant. At 1st I hesitated but then I took them off.

Now I was only in my shorts. She started applying oil. By now I had a big boner. She looked at my shorts and said that do you want to got to the toilet. I just said yes. I told her that I can’t walk so could she take me. She agreed. I went in the toilet and didn’t leave her. Taking her to the pot I just freed my cock out of my shorts and it just sprang out. I peed in front of her and she blushed. After going back to the bed. I told her that I don’t want to put my shorts back on. She smiled. I looked at her. She had lust in her eyes.

I couldn’t control myself and just jumped on her kissing her lips. She was shocked at 1st, but then gave me her tongue. We kissed for atleast 10 mins. After leaving her lips she said ,”Baba, this is not good. If someone comes to knows….” I put my fingers to her lips and held her hand taking her to my computer. I went to a porn site and showed her videos of maids and nurses having sex with their masters. She started to get hot and I could feel her hot breath on my chest.

She just held my cock and started giving me a hand job and oral as in the videos. I was in heaven. After 15 mins I cum and she drank my juices. We went to the bed. In a flash I pulled off all her clothes. Her skin was glowing. She was looking like goddess. I started sucking her boobs and she gave slow moans. She said, “I’m hot do something! I went down to her cunt passing through her navel, kissing her whole chest.

I started licking and fingering her pussy. She was going mad and stared pushing my face into her cunt. She was desperate for my cock. I put my cock on the entrance of her pussy lips. She started begging me to fuck her. I pushed my 7 inch cock into her a bit. It was very tight inside. She was a virgin! I gave a big push and my whole cock went inside her and she gave out a cry. I fucked her hard for about half an hour and cum inside her. We lay next to each other panting. I asked her about protection.

She said she just had her periods so it was ok. We talked for some time and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Next morning went I got up she was already awake and going in the toilet. I went after her. She turned and smiled seeing me. She sat on the pot and peed in front of me. Without any clothes we went to the kitchen and made breakfast together. I pressed her boobs her ass in between and she smiled and held my cock too.

After breakfast I fucked her in her ass and pussy till lare afternoon. It was great. She loved me and we kissed and tried all poses. We fucked in the kitchen too. I pushed a cucumber inside her cunt while in the kitchen. She loved it and allowed me to fuck her boobs, by placing my cock between her tits and moving them. We went to have a bath together. I licked her pussy while having a bath and she had a massive orgasm. She gave me an oral and again I cum in her mouth.

During the next 2 days we were alone in the house and fucked whenever and wherever we could. We had sex in the hall, on the terrace at night and on the stairs too. We seldom wore any clothes and were naked most of the times. After my parents came home we fucked whenever we could and still do I hope you liked my experience. Please send me your thoughts on my email id, which I have given above. If any women in Pune wants to feel my cock in her cunt., please feel free to email me. Thank you for reading my story.

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