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Hi. To all die hard fans of ISS I’m a regular fan of ISS… I’m Chinni (name changed) from Hyderabad. Now I’m 26 working in a good company… With a good job and now looking for a horny wife. Now coming to the sexy incident which happened exactly a year ago. I was enjoying my holidays by watching porn movies, reading horny stories and sometimes masturbating for fun. My cock was unusually big up to 9 inch when elongated to the maximum… We had a newly joined maid in our house for cleaning the floors and washing cloths… She is from a lower middle class family but she is Horney too… She was 35 or 36 at that time her name is Sakku. We used to call her as bai. That’s all I know about her. She is a medium built with very big breasts. She is a dark color but she is beautiful. I had a crush and kinky idea for her I was attracted towards her with a first look. But I was really afraid to execute it. I fear she might say it to parents and neighbors. According to my parents I was a good guy. 1 year has passed , She used to come to our house in the morning usually after 10 so I had chance to see her only on Sundays. When she comes to clean my room I used to sit with a bare body and little shorts. Sometimes times I will try to expose my erection to her indirectly she doesn’t seems to be cared about it. Sometimes I will purposely won’t lock the bathroom door and take bath and when she is cleaning the floor. I will tie a towel to my hip and leave a gap for her to c my cock. I don’t know what’s with her. I was afraid to move further which leads to destruction of my image. A month rolled by…

In my room I used to keep my pocket money and cd exchange money in my wallet and the wallet will be in my room table. For past few days I found that some money is missing in the wallet. actually no one enters my room except the maid one day I planned to catch her red handed I kept my mobile with a video recording mode slightly positioning upward and I purposely counted my money before her and kept it in the drawer table and went to watch TV. As expected before she took 100 bucks and kept the wallet inside the table and kept the money inside her blouse. these incidents were clearly recorded in my mobile phone. The next day I called her to watch some important video. She was shocked on seeing that video. She begged me not to tell it to my parents as now she is very bankrupt and not able to live a proper living. I convinced her that I will not tell it to my parent and advice her not to steal any more. I also told her that ask money to me whenever u need. She thanked and blessed me. Now v became friends. Nowadays I started to watch porn movies directly when she was cleaning the room. She also doesn’t cared about it. One day I got very Horney and was alone in my home she was already ordered to clean the room and leave. I was waiting for a fine moment when she came to my room I suddenly removed my shorts and exposed my big brother to her. She went out of my room I ran behind her and caught her hips and with a firm grip planted a Lip to Lip kiss on her… She started to resist and pushed me away but now she can’t tell it to my parents so I was in a cloud nine… From that day I started showing my desire to her. But she resisted always I too didn’t force her.

One day when she was cleaning the room came to me and cried. I asked what’s with u she told that her younger brother is sick she need 300 bucks for his treatment. I was very faint hearted so I gave it to her. Then we become even closer but not in sex. Day by day my help started to increase and my kinky plays also started to increase I also gave my soaps and perfumes for her to use. She also told me a great truth that her husband has passed 6 years back and I knew that she had a daughter who was 17 years old. Finally one day I got an excellent chance. Our family members decided to go for 1 week vacation. But I was bored to go so I stayed off at home. Sarasu was ordered by mom to cook food and take care of me. I had well planned for the further heaven days to come…then the next day I got up earlier made necessary changes in the room closed all the windows and doors… Bai arrived home after an hour… I patiently waited till noon. I cunningly asked her to clean my bathroom in first floor so she lifted up her dress and went to the bathroom with a bucket… I swiftly went down locked the door hid the keys and made myself naked and tip toed to the bathroom she was showing her back and cleaning the bathroom I swiftly entered and locked the bathroom door now the rat is in the trap I open the shower of hot water and started to kiss her… She resisted but in vain I was restless in my move.

Soon I tore up her blouse and removed her sari… She started to shout but no 1 can hear… I saw that she never wore a bra first time I looked up her breast barely and started sucking her she tried to push me and ran out of the bathroom with half naked I ran back and tore up her petticoat she shouted for help .. I started to slap her for her act I lifted her took her to the bed room and locked the bedroom I took a plaster which was ready and swiftly rolled it in her both hands tightly I removed her panty and saw a full bush of hair.. Now she has no choice but to surrender first I took her to my bathroom and took my razor and shaved her armpits pussy area and cleaned it… I was already shaven… I also made her to take the shower with my foreign soap and v both was fresh now… She told not to take here virginity out but I asked sorry its my golden opportunity so no way I cant do anything…I made her to suck my cock with a great pleasure I also ordered if any biting then I will b brutal to u so she sucked my cock in such a pleasure that I chummed soon allover her face. Now. Then I carried her to my bedroom and asked her to relax and told her that I will not do anything I slowly planted a kiss on her whole body… I took up a lotion and rubbed it nicely on her armpits and breasts. Now she stopped her cry but still resisted me then took some lemonade honey and some extra sugar in the glass and mixed it with curd and milk and shacked it well I touched her pussy she cried I open her pussy lips and poured the mixture on her and drenched it with her breasts now I slowly went under her to kiss her pussy I slowly started to insert my tongue on hers.. She pleaded me no. But in vain I began to us ten her… She started to keep quiet… Soon I took my tool and drenched it in that mixture and swiftly inserted in her pubic hole… I slowly inserted it was tight she was shouting loud… I took a hackney and placed it in her mouth.

She tried to kick and didn’t cooper eat now I have no choice I took the rope under the bed and tied it in her both legs to the bed s and took her both hands and tied to the top I took a huge plaster and planted it in her mouth.. Now resumed my work I also placed a towel under her pussy hole for precaution. I slowly took my hot rod inside slowly tears wetted the bed finally I had a feel that I have tired her pussy wall and the loud notice of her nearly fainted me… I thought imp killing her… She cried loudly I stopped for few secs and then resumed I inserted my cock and started the pace work. But I had an orgasm earlier this time it delayed. I was doing my work for nearly 8 – 10 mins suddenly she bursted few smelling liquids from her pussy I too had a feel that I will cum so I took my tool near the mouth and nose and exploded it. Now she drank it automatically then I set her loose I noticed few blood strains in the towel which prevented to ruin the bed. She was very weak now… She slept soon I went to hotel and bought some food to her she ate it and slept the whole day passed by the next day morning I woke up early and she woke up late due to the tiredness of constant encounter. She was now laurite and started to smile @ my face I too smiled and went to my room she started her work. Today I had a very special plan…

This day I didn’t make any traps or arrangements I jus ordered 2 jumbo family packs from the nearest ice-cream shop. I took it to her and gave she ate it eagerly. Quickly I removed my pants and removed her dress and drenched those creams in her breasts and vagina it was very cold then took the other ice-cream and dipped it in my penis and inserted my penis in her vagina now it’s really a cool sex for us… Soon I increased the pace and she started to enjoy it then I bursted my cum in the ice-cream cup and she ate the whole ice cream. The 3 days went by the full of sex thanthras… She is now a sex addict My family members are coming next day so this day I had a special plan I filled the bath tub with warm water and added the soap solution vigorously the foam was full of the bathroom… I just called her and made her nude and throwed her in warm bath tub she started to enjoy it I made me nude and jumped on the tub I kissed her for 10 mins and made the foreplay she started to moan this time. I told her today we are going to enjoy to the fullest and we had vigorous sex for three hours and she was completely drenched in sweat. She could not do house hold works also. She said that she was unable to work and she shall send her daughter to complete the work. In afternoon her daughter came and started to work and I put on the CD which was showing me and her mother having sex with each other which I had secretly recorded this morning using my PC cam. How I seduced is in coming stories. Aunties and babes interested in sex and living in and around Hyderabad mail me at [email protected]

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