Sex in village

This was the story of a villager. The person about whom I am telling is a middle status family and was much worried about their economic problems. That person has three sons and he is retied army man. He usually went away and not of that caliber to do any business his wife was very clever and sexy too. She buys some buffaloes and sold their milk by this she bought a taxi car and give it t o his sons for driving. Other sons went to school and his men went away to his friends. She had a servant too for the caring of buffaloes. He is of very good face and have a big long bar too. One-day wife ask her husband for sex. But her husband refuses because of bad health and enough family. She stop insisting when her husband went away she went to toilet and masturbate with the stick by which buffaloes are handled. After a while she came out and she was squeezing her big busty boobs. And servant was noting whole activity. She was making brake fast for servant and calls him for breakfast. When he came she told her that she was having pain in her left thigh. After that servant said u should do massage with oil. She said I don’t know how I do. Servant finishes his breakfast. And started massaging on her thighs and finally reach to her pussy and give her little masturbates with his finger. The wife started moaning. And she started removing her clothes and the servant sees this is the good chance of having fun with heads wife. What he did start tongue fucking in which heads wife got very much pleasure and she was surprised of pleasure she call her in her room and give a bottle of oil which he applied at her pussy of age 40 and apply some on his hard hands and start massaging her boobs and start sucking them they both kiss for a long time and then servant put his long bar one thing I tell u that servant was a patan the one nation popular of big long bars.

He started chewing her pussy and play with boobs with a long time. After some time she become bore of sucking what he did that she suck and swallow whole dick in her mouth and suck whole cum in her mouth. Finally patan put his long bar dick I her pussy first she feel pain because her husband dick is not so big. Ad servant wanna put whole of his dick init. And it is like any tank smashing and bombarding and destroying every thing which came in front of him. She feels some pleasure when inserting started and servant put whole and whole in her pussy she was moaning with joy. They both fuck several times and insured t hat no one had seen her. After a week her son is mine friend I went to call him for cricket. When I entered I see no one in home and finally come close to her mom room what I see that servant is playing with her pussy and boobs. They have seen me that I see them, Doing all the servant didn’t worried but she become worried she ask him to call him and he can play with me. After that he call me I went in the women I ask aunty she was naked in front of me as I entered the room she remove my pants because I am wearing trouser with elastic.

She holds my balls in her and started ducking my 6 inches dick and servant was fucking her from asshole. I got surprised and feel too much joy. I com e near and suck her boobs. A kiss her a lot and finally I ask her that I fu ck her from pussy as I entered my dick I feel some resistance from pussy. I apply some oil and then put now it entered a lot but not to much which I want then I feel some enjoyment I think that day a beautiful and memorable day of my life. I fuck her too good that she never fuck off from her servant again I use to come every week I was telling that I am entering much in her after that servant to enter in it two dicks in one pussy wow. She feel pa in but we feel pleasure and we cum inside her pussy which were blooding too much I scared and left her room and ran away. But after some days she was ok. I went to England for BCS. And after some months I heard that she had a baby. I was very much restless to see patan son and mine. People say he (son) w as beautiful. Why he not beautiful that was hard work of two men. Tell me how much u like my story and I am first time writing a story plea se forgive my mistakes. mail me at [email protected]

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