My First Maid

By: Master_writer

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The following story is completely fictional any relation anyone or anything dead or alive is simply a coincidence. A note to the readers all conversations will be in English no translation will be provided.

I had just moved to my new apartment. I was appointed there by my new employers. As a pilot I got a lot of such perks. The first few weeks were a nightmare because I had to complete all the chores myself. Soon I realized that I needed my own maid. Now for a maid I had my own personal requirements.

1) She had to be punctual

2) She had to be young (not for perverted reasons)

3) She has to be hot (for perverted reasons) I talked to my neighbors and then my security guard for such a maid. He told me that his friend’s wife was looking for such work and she would be very able for the job (as my maid).

I asked him send her to me that Sunday and went back home. That Sunday I waited for her. By 11 o’clock I heard the bell ring and went to the door to open it. The guard had brought the woman as promised. He introduced me to her and left immediately. Swathi my soon to be maid was standing in front of me in a traditional Indian attire.

Now I have read many maid sex stories that said they didn’t have any perverted intentions towards their maids but this was different. The moment I laid my eyes on Swathi I knew that I would be thrusting my cock inside her. She looked like she was in her mid twenties she had long black hair that flowed till her back. Her skin was lighted than an average Indian woman it was a little darker than whitish brown but you wouldn’t call her dark skinned.

Her face was actually very pretty. She had beautiful eyes, a well proportioned nose and thin lips. Her body was very curvy I wouldn’t find this out yet as her sari did a good job of hiding them. Her breast very a little large almost d-cups and they were firm I could see this as she wasn’t wearing bra under her blouse but was using the sari to cover them up. As I said before the moment I saw her

I wanted to fuck her I wanted put my mouth on her nipples and suckle on them like a baby. I wanted to take a good sniff of her pussy and give her a good thrashing with my tongue. But she was married I had to watch my steps carefully as I had just moved into my new place and didn’t want to do anything that would start any stupid rumors. I asked her about herself. She told me about her house she was married to her husband abash he was a taxi driver and also worked privately.

She didn’t have any children. She lived with her in-laws. And she was looking for work because she was trying to help out her husband. I asked her what salary and work was she expecting. She said she would clean the house, wash my clothes and do my dishes all for twelve hundred rupees a month. She would cook for me too but that would be extra I was happy as this was a little less than what I thought.

Since finding a maid in Mumbai is a big challenge and I really wanted to fuck her. I told her that I would give her fifteen hundred if she cooked for me too. I saw her eyes sparkle the moment she heard about more money. I told her that I was very strict with timings and that her pay would get cut if she took holidays without telling me. And she had to be on time and do a good job. I wanted to make her think she had earned the extra money.

She told me she would start working form tomorrow she would come at 8 o’clock as I had to leave for work. And thus my life with a new maid had started. As the days went on I started to familiarize myself with her. I used to talk to her. And get to know about her more. She had just been married for six months and that it was arranged by her parents. But she still loved her husband he was very nice to her. He would always protect her from her mother in-law.

He treated her well. Soon it was a month since I had employed her. All was going well. We had become good friends and she would always gossip with me during work. She was actually a S.S.C pass and was okay at speaking English. She was also very opening minded. She wasn’t afraid of talking about sex and used a lot of dirty words while talking about it. Soon all our conversations were only about sex and similar things. One day we got into talking about penis sizes. She had asked me about me about my size.

Now I not lay I just saying what women had told me before. I told her that by length I was seven inches and I was extremely thick many women had complemented me on it. She said that her husband was just five inches but it was enough for her. No matter how many times we talked about sex she would never flirt. She just talked to me as friends. Now since we were friendly enough I would start trying to get her into bed. Please send me your feedback on [email protected] Based on the comments and feedback I’ll write the second part.

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