Massage By A Maid – Part I

Hi everyone, this is my first story here. Not many stories here are true.. people have written stories which happens accidentally like it’s happening in a porn movie which i believe is really not the case. This is a long story, based on your feedback if you want the story to be short let me know. You can email your feedback to [email protected] if you like this story.

This happened 4 years back. I was 22 years old and was working in Kolkata in a software company. My name is H. I used to live in the big apartments in the NT area close to the Software companies location. Since many years i stayed with my friends in other cities, I wanted to get some privacy in this new city and place and i choose not to take many roommates. I was single back then. I looked for one roommate to share the 2 bedroom house in the 8th floor and found one room mate.

It was business as usual, work back home eat watch TV , internet and sleep. We had a hired a maid to do the cleaning work at home. She normally comes at 8:30 AM and do the work till 10 AM and leave and that’s it for the day. Since we are only 2 people in the house and nor much of work to do except for some cleaning and washing clothes. About the maid, she was thin, tall, small boobs but really clean, cute face.

Also she has that attitude in her face chewing pan giving a bossy look. she must be around 27 yrs old. I never had intention to try to fuck her but did some fantasizing about her .Also everyday I would get a glimpse of her body when she was sweeping or mopping the floor. Her skin was very shiny brown and very soft on the outlook, the texture was really good. About me, I am 5 feet 11 inches tall and have a slim body.

My friend normally goes to office at 8:30 AM and by then the maid comes and he leaves. I have one separate room for myself and I normally sleep late till 9:30 AM. I always fantasize showing my body to women whenever I get chance any place. It was very hot in summer, i used to sleep with only small shorts. So, I use to sleep with my shorts with my half naked body when she cleans the house and even when I am not sleeping, I pretend to be asleep and watch her secretly to get her reaction.

Even after i bought the AC for the summer, I used to switch off the AC in the mornings before she comes and sleep in shorts and show my body. Sometimes little bit of my bums as if the shorts have moved down accidentally as it was loose, and she in the name of cleaning my room watches everything and I noticed it when I watch her with my one eyes half close and since its dark inside my room she was not able to figure out that I am watching her.

She thinks i am sleeping as she knows I wake up late every day. My skin is very smooth and i have very less hairs, clean chest and legs and that’s probably why she was watching me. That’s my assumption anyways. Many days pass by doing the same, and sometimes as you guys know the dick gets hard in the morning and it makes a tent in my shorts or bed sheet.

She used to watch it for sometimes. She used to keep going out of my room and come back in looking for something or like cleaning again to watch again which i noticed later. I always have craved for a good massage. I used to get good massage from maids who were working in my parents’ house when i was studying in college. And it always happens when no one used to be at home. And 2 maids ( in separate incidents) have even given me oil massage and bath when i was in late school and college.

Guess they like doing that, grown up guy and its a nice feeling for them to massage the body and give bath too and they have washed my bums putting hand inside the jockey. Those stories will come later. After watching this maid for many months, i wanted to ask her to give me a good massage. But i was really not sure what her reaction would be meanwhile, my friend got transferred to another city and left the house I was living all alone in my apartment.

But I was very reluctant in asking the maid for massage. She looks and acts bossy, not sure whether she complain to the apartment society and people she knows working in the apartment and it would really be a big shame. I thought of asking her many days, but really didn’t get the courage. I wanted to see if any other plan works. Sometimes, i didn’t used to lock my bathroom door and leave it a

Slightly open even though she can’t see me straight with the door slightly open, there is mirror which she can see from outside through the small opening and it shows all what’s happening inside the bathroom. I did notice her couple of times she watching in the mirror and since i was with soap and shampoo didn’t quite make her realize I too watched the reflection on the mirror.

I really was enjoying all these things and it’s like a fantasy growing more inside doing all these things. But never still got the courage to ask her for massage. I know doing massage is really one of the ways rise the urge inside for both sides. Even though I didn’t have intention to fuck her, I just couldn’t stop fantasizing where it will lead to. One day, I prepared myself to break it open as I couldn’t really keep it to myself and not asking her.

And since she comes for only 1 or 2 hours, my time is short and wanted to ask her when she is at the right mood. She came to clean the house as usual at 8:30 and it was weekday. When she almost finished her work, I had a towel tied to take bath and went near the small balcony where she was putting the clothes for drying. I asked her, do you know to do massage ?. She was almost finishing putting all clothes for drying, after a min, she came inside the drawing room and asked ” For who the massage is ? ”

Now you know that bossy attitude. I am the only one living in the house and i ask her whether she can do massage and she asks back for who. Anyways, i told her it for me. Then i gave her little more info that if i go to parlor outside, its going to cost me more money. if you give me massage, i ll pay you, but never said how much anyways. Then, she gave a really wicked smile, I  don’t know what her thinking was . She smiled very sarcastically and then went to the balcony to take the bucket and put it back in the bathroom and she made me stand waiting for her answer.

Finally she was going to leave, she said “I don’t have time, i have to go work in other places “. I couldn’t speak anymore and i said Ok and she left for that day. Next day, she came very early like 8 AM and it was Saturday and no office for me. Since i was living alone, there was nothing much of cleaning to do at home. I gathered more courage since she didn’t react very differently the previous day. The moment she came in, i went and asked her again ” You have time today to do massage ? ” She said, let me finish the cleaning work and i will come. I was really happy that finally there is something happening.

By the time, i arranged my bed , put towel in the bed to lie on it to avoid oil spill on my bed. my bed was arranged on the floor. I cover myself with the thin cotton white transparent towel which i had as cotton material can be easily moved. I didn’t wear anything inside. Finally when she finished the work, she came near my room. I was standing with towel. She asked me to lie down.

The oil was in the other room and i asked her to get it from there. By then, i lied down on the bed my back facing her, i put the towel on top of my bum covering it like covered in the massage parlor. Though the towel was very thin , it will very long and it was from my hip to below the knee level.

By then she came with the oil, and she started the massage on my back neck and shoulders. it was really very relaxing and slowly she moved down to my hip and started massaging there. Since the towel was easily movable position was not knotted anywhere, i can feel that she moving it little down in the act of massaging and i have no idea how far she has moved since i m facing down. My cock was growing with all these things happening.

Also the bed is on the floor and she has to sit near my thighs and her thighs are touching mine and every move she makes, she is pressing hard with her body on to mine. After sometime, i told her to massage my legs. She started the massage below the knees and doing it for some time until the area where the towel ends. And after a while to my surprise, she lifted the towel from below the knee and folded it in a quick action to reveal my thighs and almost half my bum her act surprised me. Now i know, she has a real view of my bulging and desperate cock through my inner thighs and my cock was tilted towards one side.

She carefully in the act of massaging lifted my one leg a bit and separated my legs far away and i know my cock is throbbing in the middle. Now, her hands started moving a little inside closer to the balls in those sensitive areas. I can’t explain, it was wow in heaven. She really knows the stuff and probably enjoys doing it. In the act of massaging, she touched by dick many times as though teasing it moving her hands deep inside the private areas to raise the intensity.

After i was giving the commands all this time, she now asked me to turn as she needs to massage the other side of legs. When i turned, my towel got unfolded a little and came down a bit, but was covering my cock until just above knee but still my cock was super hot and standing real hard and there is a tent evident with my towel on. She knew all this, and gave a cunning smile which she gave the previous day.

The attitude she was having that itself was making her look hot like a fem dom now. Now she started the massage below my knees and quickly move above the knees to the thighs and in the act moving the towel up and more up .Now she is almost teasing me playing with her hands closer to cock raising the heat in my body and her’s too.

I was in a very uncontrollable situation and looked at her with my heart beating very fast. She gave the wicked smile again and raised one of the her eyebrows. Now she removed the towel completely covering my dick, moved her hand rubbing my cock slowly and came put 2 of her fingers on my nipple and started pinching it and went to the other nipple to do the same. Then again, moved her fingers towards my ears and made a circle and then started playing with her fingers all over my body. I then with courage moved my hands and made her Saree fall from her shoulders. The Story will continue in the next part.. Email me [email protected] if you liked it. Thanks

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