Maid’s God

Ramesh was a government employee aged 26, and a bachelor. He was living alone in a flat. He befriended some of his neighbors and had a good relationship with them. One of the neighbors was about to leave the apartments and requested Ramesh to employ their maid servant so that she could be employed.

Poor Revathi, her husband left her alone and went to jail. She had a smoking body and she feared to work under any employer. She only works as servant maid for trusted people. Ramesh’s neighbor who requested him was one such guy. Ramesh too agreed. Revathi started to working in his apartments from the very next day. Revathi found Ramesh a very genuine guy.

Ramesh earned handsomely and was well off. But Revathi never tried to steal his money, never even had that temptation. Ramesh was a bachelor and had feelings like any bachelor would, but he never dared looking at Revathi the wrong way. Both were proud of each other for having such a good master and maid respectively.

Ramesh would help Revathi with additional finance as donation whenever she had some emergency expenditures or when she had to pay her daughter’s school fees. Revathi’s soul was filled with gratitude. One day while at work, Ramesh had a minor accident on his leg and was advice by the doctor to take 15 days bed rest. Revathi’s reaction to it was simple. She bought her little daughter along with her and stayed with Ramesh to help him 24 hours until he gets okay.

Apart from cleaning the house which was her main duty, she washed his clothes, cleaned the utensils, cooked him food, and most important of all took good care of him. She helped him taking his medications, she fed him with food, and she also helped him with his toilet.

Ramesh was initially embarrassed. But Revathi persuaded him saying she used to do this quite often for her husband and she does not have any problems doing this service for another grown up man like him. She also said in tears that for all help he had done for her like a God, it’s her duty to help him.

Ramesh was moved by her tears and allowed her to unzip his shorts and pull out his penis for him to pee. She would take him to the toilet and would stand besides him till he finishes shitting. She would clean his anal hole thoroughly to make sure that his shit does not give any infection to his anal.

One day she compelled him to take bath as it was over 3 days since he last bathed. As usual Ramesh hesitated; as usual Revathi persuaded. She got him undressed and made him sit on a stool naked. She then tied her saree besides her waist and started to bath him. As she poured water on him and started to soap his body, Ramesh’s penis started to get hard. Her soft hands gave him goose bumps. Her navel was clearly visible and it turned him on further.

He covered his penis with his hands. He murmured her to stop bathing him and tried to convince her that he could manage it. But she never heard him. She continued to bath him. When she saw his hands covering his crotch she forcibly parted his hands with hers. She was shocked to see Ramesh’s 8 inch penis with full hardness.

She tried to touch his penis with the intension of cleaning it. But as she touched his penis jumped. Ramesh said sorry and continued that he was never touched by a woman before and her hands were feeling a little too nice, he confessed. Revathi stopped touching him, but can’t resist giggling. She continued to plainly pour water all over him.

After bathing she rubbed Ramesh’s body with a towel and asked Ramesh to wear the towel around his waist. But his penis was still hard and there was a blatant tent on his towel as soon as he wore it. Revathi then stripped off the towel from Ramesh’s waist and said the fabric would hurt his erect penis.

She guided the naked Ramesh to his bedroom. She went to the cupboard to fetch his clothes. But Ramesh’s stiffness on his penis refused to go. Her navel and her poking nipples through her blouse due to her sweat turned him further. As she turned towards Ramesh to hand him his clothes she laughed out a loud saying when would his erection stop. Ramesh replied it would stop if she could leave the place.

Revathi said she could only help him out in wearing his clothes. But Ramesh replied then his erection is never going to reduce as she looks too hot for his penis to limp down. Revathi then shyly approached him and asked what’s there in her for her god to feel so horny about. Ramesh looked at her navel and said her lovely stomach and looked up at her poking nipples and said and said nothing. Revathi then pulled away the pallu of her saree and asked you love these mangoes. Ramesh was speechless.

Who else am I going to give them apart from my God asked Revathi. She took Ramesh hands to her breasts and Ramesh was in seventh heaven as soon as he touched her soft breasts from her blouse. He understood that she wore no bra as he could feel the softness of her breast flesh and the hardness of her nipples. As he kneaded her breasts he started to passionately lick her navel. Revathi murmured this fruit belongs to my God.

She made Ramesh to lie on his back on his bed and she sat on his stomach gently. She then slowly removed the hooks of her blouse and Ramesh’s heart beated faster. She threw her blouse in a flash and revealed to Ramesh her mango like breasts. Her nipples were swollen and looked like the nib of an olden ink pen, sharp and pointed.

She then stood up and released the last piece of cloth sticking on to her, her petticoat. Ramesh’s penis jumped in joy as it saw a woman’s hairy vagina for the first time. She mounted her fleshy apple like buttocks on Ramesh’s stomach. Ramesh felt her soft buttocks nice. She teased him by rubbing her buttocks all over his stomach. She made his penis to cum as she rubbed her buttocks against the hairy mounds above the penis of Ramesh. Ramesh cum with a moan.

Revathi said don’t worry God, I can make you hard again. Saying so she lied on her stomach on Ramesh’s stomach with her mouth facing Ramesh’s penis and her thighs placed right in front of Ramesh’s face. Ramesh’s face was contorted with pleasure at the sight of a woman’s lovely feminine buttocks and her piece of meat which all men yearn to eat.

Ramesh started with Revathi’s buttocks. He kneaded them with both hands and felt very nice. The touch of her soft buttocks made Revathi moan for more. This turned him wilder. He inserted his head right at her butt hole. He licked her buttocks like a dog licking at it’s own wound. With all these acts of Ramesh though Ramesh’s penis stayed on the limper side, it showed signs of getting hard again. Revathi as she moaned started caressing the balls of Ramesh.

Ramesh as he licked her buttocks started to slowly move his fingers around her bush to get a feel of her vagina. He was not seeing as his face was buried in her buttocks. But he felt them with his fingers. He spotted two holes. One whole was not that deep. Revathi too squirmed not there it is the one below it.

Ramesh then moved his index finger below her peeing hole and found a deeper and wetter hole. He instinctively figured out that it was her vagina. He inserted his hands deep into her hole. Revathi moaned and encouraged Ramesh for more. He then took out his face and inserted his tongue right into her vaginal hole. He started to lick her pinkish vaginal tunnel right away.

Revathi could not control her moans and she gave out a couple of huge moans. She noticed that Ramesh’s penis got hard again and swallowed his penis in one gulp. Now both gave oral pleasures to each other. Revathi just kept his penis in her mouth but never gave a blow job. Because the pleasure that Ramesh gave by licking her vagina was so great that she stopped sucking his penis to enjoy her God’s pleasure.

Her tongue gripped against the shaft of Ramesh’s penis as he licked her pussy more and more. The more he licked the more pleasure it gave her and the more harder her tongue caressed against the shaft of Ramesh’s penis. A few minutes went and Revathi orgasm heavily on Ramesh’s face. Revathi gave a sigh of relief by breathing out heavy air by opening her mouth. As she opened her mouth Ramesh’s penis went deep inside her throat. She immediately took her mouth out and shouted out in Relief.

She kept murmuring what do I do What do I do, I thought of giving pleasure to my God but how generously my god gave me pleasure. Saying so she started to suck Ramesh’s penis as hard as she can. Ramesh experienced great pleasure and she started to but her buttocks as hard as he can to withstand her sweet and shocking pleasure. Few minutes went and Ramesh orgasm heavily on Revathi’s mouth.

Revathi got up and lied on Ramesh’s chest with her face facing that of Ramesh’s. Both of their faces were filled with each other’s cum. Revathi rubbed her nipples hardly against the chest of Ramesh. Ramesh was introduced to another wave of pleasure from her maid’s lovely breasts. Out of horniness he started to kiss all over her face and finally on her lips. He could feel his own cum on her tongue as their tongues entangled and so did she. Their saliva’s mixed with each other’s along with their cum and gave them a different taste all together.

Ramesh then sucked her nipples like a baby suckling his mom. He finally ate the mangoes that Revathi had offered to her God. As he kept kissing, licking, and playing with her breasts his penis got hard again. Revathi then sat on Ramesh’s hard penis and started jumping on his penis in a slow, steady, and rhythmic way.

Ramesh was in 11th heaven now as he was fucking a lady for the first time in his life. Ramesh savored the moment of sex by closing his eyes and moaning every stroke of her vagina brushing against his penis. After about 10 minutes Ramesh cum heavily on Revathi.

Revathi was yet to cum. Revathi lied on Ramesh again with her buttocks on his penis. She continued to rub her buttocks on Ramesh till he got hard again. Ramesh kept caressing her breasts and kissed and licked the back of her neck.

As Ramesh got a hard on again. Revathi again sat on Ramesh’s penis and mounted her vagina on Ramesh’s penis. The horse riding of Revathi continued in that same slow, steady, and rhythemic manner. Moments passed and Revathi cum heavily with her squirts falling all over Ramesh’s thighs. After a few more strokes Ramesh cum again inside Revathi’s vagina. Both were now extremely tired and Revathi lied on Ramesh. Both dozed off right away for a couple of hours.

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