Kannada maid

Ever since I was in my teens, as far as I can remember, I was fascinated with the concept of making love to mature women or maids. After a lot of masturbating and thinking about how to go about doing it and getting away with it, I had almost come to the conclusion that it was pointless and that my fantasies would go unfulfilled, when opportunity not just knocked but slammed through the door into my life. I am from Bangalore, was preparing for my boards, which gave me a lot of opportunity to be at home alone as both my parents worked. We had a female servant called malthi. She was a reasonably good-looking woman with mid to large sized tits, a nice rounded ass and mid length hair. She had just given birth to a boy and her boobs always seemed to be bursting out of her kameez. Sometimes if I was lucky I could see the wet patches of milk on that. Ever since she had given birth to the kid, I had my eye on her because of those boobs. Sometimes she obliged me with a view of them while sweeping the floor (no chunni and bra… I wonder why?). I was happy with what I got… Just didn’t have the guts to do anything in spite of my raging desire to take her in the kitchen or the bathroom or wherever else I saw her. She shared the small house on the rear with her husband and brother-in-law. One fine day after her morning duties she came to me with a letter from her husband’s parents. Since none of them could read, my mother usually read the letters for them, but my mother not being around I was asked to. In the letter her in-laws asked her man to send his brother back home as he seemed to have come to the city only after her… Guess I wasn’t the only one who lusted for her. There were a lot of other things about how they had heard rumors of her being chaalu and so on. I asked her if this was true and if her brother-in-law had made a move towards her. She replied that he had and she had repelled him. She requested me not to mention the letter to anybody and I knowingly promised her.

Once the letter came everything fell into place. The very next day after she was done with her chores, I called her to my room. I asked her if she enjoyed the sex with her husband. She was scandalized by that question and said “yeen kaltha eediya neenu (what are you asking?)” I repeated the question and she said she was leaving. I leapt out of my chair and forced her back against the wall, pressing my body hard against her. I was nice to feel her tight big boobs on my chest. She struggled, squealing “Dayavitu bidu naananu (Please leave me).” I wasn’t about to let her go. Grabbing her hands I pulled them up above her, raising her tits. I could feel her struggling to get away, the quick rise and fall of her breasts driving me nuts. My knee was halfway up her legs. I forced them a little wider and got my hips right in front of her pussy. My penis was hard and erect and I knew she could feel it through the thin salwaar. I pushed my dick in harder and started to grind my dick in deeper. She started to cry and squirmed to get away from it, squealing and whimpering, “bitbidu nannu, dayavitu “(please leave me I beg you).

I was getting excited and told her to shut up or else the letter and its contents would go to her man. And anyway her man could never offer her the pleasure I probably could. She nearly screamed… “Ella”(No). I pulled her chunni away with my teeth and tied her hands behind her back with it. I must say she fought back; unfortunately I was just a bit stronger. She was whimpering again with her pleas to let her go. I held her by her hips and bent down and bit her nipple lightly she jumped and arched her back nearly screaming “aahhhh”. Once she arched her back one of my hands was between her legs pressing and rubbing her pussy really hard. My penis nearly exploded on her reaction. She started to struggle even more wildly trying to get away from the hand, and my mouth on her tit, and fell on the floor. I caught her by her legs and dragged her to the bed. I was erotic to see her writhing while I was pulling her. I lifted her bodily and threw her on the bed. The floor rubbing on her tits had made the nipples erect, and I couldn’t resist biting the nipples once more at. Because of my carelessness she nearly succeeded in undoing the chunni. That called for desperate measure, so I tied her hands to the bedposts and stood back to watch my work. I could see the fear in her eyes and her squirming and writhing to get away. The legs thrashing trying to get a hold so as to pull away from the bedpost where I had tied her hands. After some time the struggles subsided and she started pleading, “bitbidu nanna yeen bekaru mathine”. I responded”. That seemed to ignite her and she started to scream, I frantically looked around for a rag, a handkerchief, anything…. I finally took the pillow cover and stuffed her mouth, and slapped her hard. She looked really surprised and scared.

Pushing up her kameez I took a hold of the string to her pajama, rubbing my open palm on her belly feeling the smooth skin. She reacted as if a snake had crawled there, arching her back and throwing her body this way and that. That pissed me off and I sat on her stomach facing her legs and slowly untied the knot, pushing her pajama down her legs… And no panties!!! Man what the fuck do they do, it was like an open invitation. She flailed her legs, crossing them and spreading them wide to try and stop me from pulling them down. I slapped her on her pussy and she quieted down for a bit. The smell from her pussy was sweeeet. All the time the “unnnhhhhh”, “unnnhhh” and a sudden “uennnnnnn” was driving me crazy, but I wanted to savor the moment and enjoy my first rape at my own pace. I finally pulled her pajamas off. I didn’t really waste any time in pushing her kameez over her head, I wanted those milk laden tits worse than the pussy. It was erotic the way she was trying to hide her pussy by crossing her legs and turning this way and that as far as she could. I knelt down beside the bed and took hold of one the tits; she tried to turn away so I couldn’t get to it. But there’s only so far you can get when you hands are tied wide apart. I started to squeeze it slowly and then harder. She started screaming as loud as she could with the gag…”aaaannnnnn”, “uuunnnnnnnnnnn”. I just couldn’t wait any longer and started sucking at it hungrily…. The milk literally poured out of it. I sucked for quite a while, nearly emptying the tit.

Now it was time for my long-suffering nanhe mian to have his day. I undressed and pulled my dick out, it was hard and the veins were throbbing on it. It however wanted a blowjob first. So I sat on her chest feeling the nice softness of her tits on my ass, and pulled out her gag. She immediately started to scream. I had to slap her quite a few times to get her to stop. I held her head and slapped her face with my dick, but she refused to open her mouth, so I clamped my finger around her nose. She held her breath, but not for long, as soon as she opened her mouth I shoved my dick in deep… Aaah, man the hot wet feeling of a mouth with a tongue snaking around your dick is the greatest pleasure on earth. I held her head by her hair and started fucking her mouth slowly and the rapidly. She went on with her “uunnnnghs” and “aaannnnnghs”, choking some of the time. I just held her head and rammed it in, my dick glistening with her saliva and my precum. In and out it went for quite some time till I was ready to cum…. And come I did, shooting load after load down her throat keeping my dick in forcing her to gulp in my seed.

My 7 inch dick needed a short rest and was ready for the finale. I got on the bed straddling her hips. She saw what I was planning and crossed her legs and shut them tight. I tried to pry them apart but it was very tight. So I took the bed sheet pulled her leg to one side and tied it to one end and did the same to the other. I loved women tied spread-eagled waiting to be fucked. Pushing a pillow under her ass to push up her pussy, I sat between her legs, wet my dick and started to push it in. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. As I started pushing her writhing and squirming became more and more insistent, her muted screams from the gagged mouth only driving me crazier. I had to hold down her hips and plunge my penis in one shot. The tight, wet, hot insides almost made me explode. It made her arch her back high and a long “unnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggghhhhhhh” escaped from her mouth. I started pumping and pinching her tits, pulling at them, cupping her breasts and kneading them. She still tried to get away from my hands. My fucking became harder and stronger, each thrust matching her “aaaaannnnngggh”, pushing in deep.

Faster and faster I went. I could hear my balls slapping on her ass. I held her tits and pulling them tried to push in harder each time. With each thrust I got a longer “unnnnngh” out of her. I was slamming as fast and as hard as I could, holding on to her tits for dear life. She was going up and down on the bed with every thrust slamming her back, her boobs swinging wildly this way and that, her legs jerking as if to unseat me as I rammed into her. I was fast approaching climax time. I wish I had recorded the stuff. The wildly shaking bed with her going up and down shaking her head and knees wildly, and me pushing and pushing. Finally I came. As I had come never before spurting glob after glob of semen into her belly. I came nearly for a minute. After waiting a couple of minutes to catch my breath, I got up, got the camera and took a couple of snaps of her tied up all nude, but next day she came and said that she really enjoyed what had happened yesterday and she like wild sex like what we had any sexy ladies, bhabhi’s or divorced women want a secret sex affair with full secrecy in and around Bangalore and Singapore (presently in Singapore doing Masters) can contact me on my e mail id [email protected]

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