How the maid seduce me

This is a real story say about six years back when I was leaving alone in Gujarat and was working there with my residence just above there I was then 38yrs old. It was afternoon time and the maid who was staying with me was working and suddenly it was afternoon time she made an acting of that she is going to faint and there is some chest pain. She was just 19 at that time, so as I was working in my office she was cleaning the floor step which go to my room which is on first floor, so she started doing some thing like she is getting giddiness so I told her to go up and sleep (take a rest) but she said that I am not able to walk also so I took hold of her hands and went up and made her sleep but as I did so she started saying that she has some pain near her chest so I told her giving a balm to apply there so she please would you do so and apply it with your hands.

So I said ok so she quickly removed her salwar top and know she was just in her bra I was shocked and aroused but then ignoring that I asked her where is the pain so she told me just below her boobs which were nice firm and of 38D so I started applying the balm but she kept say in that sir little up little up and then I said that your bra is there which is coming in the way so she said open the hook and remove it so I did so and when I saw her boobs fly open in air that’s when I could not control and I started squeezing them and in turn she started moaning instead of say to me what are you doing so I think she just wanted me to do that only so she seduce me . Then what after that I started playing with her boobs and the took her nipples in my mouth and sucked them and then what I removed her rest of the clothes and got her completely naked and myself also got naked and as I got naked she just got stunted seeing my 9inch rod right erect in front of her face which she could not control herself and took hold of it and start sucking it vigorously that made me so much high that within 2/3 min I started cumming in her mouth which she drank all without let any drop go off her mouth.

Then I started finger her cunt first with one finger the two so in just 3/4min she got very hot and just again took my rod in her mouth and sucked very hard but then I wanted to fuck her not get sucked but I let her suck for a min which made my cock rock hard and I got up and laid her down on the table near by and open up her legs apart and started entering my hard on in her cunt which was very wet with her juice and it was her first fuck which I didn’t new so as I push my cock in she screamed and some of the blood flash out and even the she took hold of me and push up and my hole cock was in her cunt and asked me to fuck her hard so I asked her is this your first time so she said yes with a man so I asked her then up till know with whom so she said with small kids to whom she used to give bath when she was working at some other’s place than what I started pumping her like a made dog and in say 10 or 15 I filled her cunt with my love juice and then this went on going everyday for say two years. For today this much only if you people like it and if aunty or old or young girls would like to enjoy with mine than do write to me on [email protected] till bye and have a nice time reading my story.

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