Fucked virgin maid

This is Amrit. At that time, I was 17 years old, our family used to live in village. Among couple of maids in our home,there was one under aged girl. Her name was Maya. I didn’t know her exact age. Could be 15 or 16.She was healthy, dark skinned, playful girl. Whenever anybody of our home needed something used to yell, ‘Maya’.She would try to carry out everybody’s order. I did not have much sexual experience. Maya did not even developed her breast properly at that time.

I used to play badminton in the evening. Sometime it used to hart in my right hand. Once my hand was hurting really bad. Like everybody else I called ‘Maya’. I did not have any bad intention about her. I was sitting in the dinning chair. I asked her to massage my right hand. I spread my right hand towards her, she kneeled down on the floor and rubbing, squeezing and trying to massage my hand in an Inefficient way. I was yelling and showing her how to do it. In the process of doing so,my fingers pushed her breast couple of times. Maya was laughing loudly. I scolded at her and asked her why she was laughing and some how touched her breast again innocently. Now she was laughing uncontrollably, a—ha—ha—ha. My bhabi heard that commotion from the next room. She came to us and asked ,what was going on?I was embarrassed. Maya said,’choto shahab was tickling me’. My bhabi scolded me saying that, I should not be playing with the maid. I should not forget my status. My bhabi affectionately run her fingers in my hair and massaged my hand.

Next day, I was sitting in the same dinning room; Maya approached me and asked whether I need a massage! I said, ‘haramzadi, get out of my face, you complained to my bhabi’. She apologized touching my legs and started to massage my hand. To my surprise, this time she was doing it very nicely. Couple of minutes later, she got closer to me, while massaging my bicep, put my palm on her right breast. I was astonished at her bold approach. I slowly removed my hand. She grabbed my hand again and put it back to her breast. I closed my eyes. She was whispering at my ear’choto shahab, I won’t complain to anybody or laugh, you can squeeze my boobs, anyway you want’. A hot current was flowing through my body, I was sweating. I was slowly rubbing her boob. That the begining. In our big and crowded house, whenever I had chance, I used to smooch her boobs and touch her rear. She smiled and nodded to say that, she was also enjoying it.

Once, I asked her to massage my legs, before I go to sleep, if she had time. She agreed with a smile on her face. My room was across the hallway, right opposite the servant’s quarter, where Maya sleeps with couple of older maids. I was excited and waiting for her before I go to sleep but, all in vain, she did not show up on time. I got asleep. In the middle of the night, in dim light, I felt some one was touching my foot. Before I say anything, she hushed me up with her fingers on my lips. She already closed the door. I pulled her to lie down beside me. She was shaking and hugging me tight. I asked her to take off her dress. She slowly got naked and rubbing her hands all over my body. Maya suddenly found my erected dick and started to squeeze it. She did not know what to do with it exactly. I took off my lungi and show her to stroke it. She was holding and kissing it. I tried to push it in her mouth, she did not let me. I was squeezing her both breast hard. These are not full blown boobs, only half ripped. I started to kiss her, she did not do anything, I was exploring in her mouth. I was touching all over her body, slide my hand between her legs. She had just a little bit of pubic hair. I wanted to play with her cunt, she removed my hand.

I was going impatient, I climbed on top of her, squeezing her boobs real hard, sucking her lips. In a few minutes she eventually got receptive and started to explore her tongue inside my mouth. I was smooching her pussy hard and tried to insert my finger, she was resisting me hard. She was asking me just to play with her, not to fuck, I got a big cock, if it goes inside her she was going to die. Moreover, she did not want to be pregnant. It took a few minutes to explain and convince her. Maya slowly started to open herself. I forced her mouth to put my dick in. She was slowly licking and sucking it. Even though, I was a teen-ager myself, I had a sexual encounter earlier in my life with one of my older relative. I lost my virginity to her and learned some primary lesson about sex.

Then I spread her legs forcefully and got in between her legs. Started sucking her small boobs, very hard. My dick was already lubricated from her mouth, I was smooching it at her pussy lips. Now I feel, she started to like it.She was holding tight around my neck and breathing heavily.I feel the sticky liquid on the tip of my cock.I guided my hot rod right in to her pussy,pressed a little bit and stopped.Maya was sucking my lips and chin vigorously.I locked my mouth to her and gave one big push,she tried to scream but could not,because of my mouth.My cock was almost half way,inside her pussy.I feel the resistance inside,her hymen was breaking. She was crying,but I was in no mood to stop it. I rather gave another big jerk and my big shaft was all inside her shattered cunt. She was shaking like an injured animal. I slowly started to pump her virgin pussy. In a couple of minutes, she stopped crying and started to wrap me around with her both legs behind me. Another couple of minutes she was slowly moaning. Now she was kissing and sucking me hard. In about ten minutes my pressure was started building, I was being ready to cum. At that time I felt a stream of hot liquid was flowing around my cock. I realized she had her orgasm in her first sexual encounter. I pulled out dick and sprayed about six-seven spurt on her tummy, breast and face. I playfully rubbed some of these cum in her face and insert my finger in her mouth. She did not like it, wanted to throw up, I held her mouth. When I looked at her in the dim light properly, I got scared. She had blood in her pussy, boobs and face. My penis was a bloody piece of meat. Before she can see it and get freaked out, I used my shirt to wipe everything off from both of us. I did not hold her anymore, asked her to wash herself properly before she get back to the maids quarter. The longer she would stay, the possibility to getting caught was bigger.

Folks, hats the beginning to a two years continuous sexual relation with her. In these teen years, she turned herself to a real slut. The later days, she was my teacher. We explored all kind of sexual adventure. She used to kiss and lick me, from top to bottom. She becomes hungry for sex. I had to satisfy her, sometime twice a day. She developed an unusual craving for my cum. However I fuck her,vaginal or annal, I had to mouth fuck her at the end to cum in her mouth. She used to squeeze my balls to get maximum cum from my cock. Few times I had to pee in her mouth to satisfy her craving.

Maya at the end become so horny and I started to dislike her. Then one day, she was caught getting out of my room in the middle of the night by my brother. She was beaten badly, by my mom and kicked out of home. I was sent to the dormatory.

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