Fucked By Servants

Hi issians im sailu.After my bsc i have married to chandra.Chandra is a s/w engineer has a weak body and aint fitness.He always have to move around clients loaction for project work.When he move he has to stay there leaving me alone for atleast 2 weeks.Im fair in color have nice round ass with toned kicky thighs.My boobs are of 34 in size having reddish nipples like bullets seducing men around me.He fucks me like it is a duty and im frustrated with his miser attitude without spending a penny and want all things in the world for free.I hate his behaviour and sexually starved.

Sathya is servant at chandras home takes care of gardening and household work including grossery.I dont have work including cooking as we have a cook.He is dark in color with tight body showing his fitness.I usually wear top and half pant at home.If someone come i change to saree.Me and sathya stay in individual house having a cook.He went to the storeroom along with the cook and they didnt come out.I went there and locked the door outside and peeped through the window.He is fucking the cook in the ass pressing her boobs to the wall and shouting my name sailuuuuuu.

I was stunned seeing this and came aware of desire of my pussy.His dick is of 8 inch deep black in color with thick red bulge at front cracking our cooks asshole and nerves are like steel cabel.Seeing his bulge my pussy wanted him.Liquids oozed in between my thighs.He is fucking fastly and she is moaning slowly.I opened the window and let them see me.Sathya saw me and instantly pushed the cook aside and hid on the floor.The cook is seminude with a jacket that too exploring her boobs.She also hid there some.I unlocked the door and came into the house.

They came to the hall and stood infront of me lowering heads mutely.I saw his pant his bulge is still ready for a game.They both fell on my knees and i stood up unexpectedly and tried to move away from them.The cook grabbed my bottom of half pant and screamed sorry ma’m.This lowered my half pant showing the crack of my ass and the underwear raising the dick of sathya.He grabbed my right thigh and wantedly pulled the pant saying “sorry mam happened unknowingly”.Now my ass is just holding the half pant but from the backview my ass bulges with the black crack is seen pretty clearly.

I stood there thinking what to do and then i kept my hand on my hip raising the top making him view my folds on the hip.This act now made sathya uncontrollable as he is now seeing my ass bulges pressing my thigh and now my folds on the hip.He forcibly entered his hands into my top grabbed my fatty folds of the hip and twisted the folds making me feel the sweet pain i had lost.I moaned.This gave sathya a chance from the back got hold of my neck with another hand and began kissing and licking all around the neck and at ears he licked with his tounge.

I have been waiting for a dick to plough my pussy but i didnt expect this and i pushed him away.Sathya came again and grabbed my halfpant and pulled it down and along with plucked my underwear forcibly this is completely unexpected.He forcibly entered his tounge into my pussy.Started sucking my pussy.I tried to push him out but im covered by both his strong hands around my hip waist.He began drinking my precum which oozed previosuly.He didnt leave my pussy sucking until 5 min making me feel for sex.

I was already starved for sex and now with this l have left the ethics as my body craving for sex.After 2 more min i became moaning and im feeling him.I started pushing sathyas head more into my pussy.He is eating my pussy.I held his head and started moving my pussy towards into him.And the whole i got orgasm and cummed on the face of sathya.I also have a weakness.While im near orgasm i cum also with golden shower.I let it completely on sathya.He enjoyed the golden shower.I closed my eyes and sat in the sofa seminude showing him my pussy crack and toaned milky thighs and big boobs ready.


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