Babita and Me


Hello readers it is SATISH here with another story of how I fucked a maid.

I was deputed in Delhi for some work, the company had a private flat in one of the societies there, with a maid to clean the flat and do the cooking. I had seen the maid two times when she had come to the flat to cook my dinner. Her name was BABITA she was about 24 year’s old, small tight breasts, had maintained herself fairly good. It was a Saturday and I was at home relaxing watching a movie on CD, it was an erotic film, with good erotic scenes when the current went off, I just went to sleep again when the door bell rang, I opened the door and saw BABITA there, she had come to do her daily chores, I let her in and went to sleep again as there was no current. I could hear she was going around doing her work, I had a small cat nap and woke up after some time, the current had comeback. I walked out of my room and what I saw there was the most erotic scene I saw live, an erotic scene in the film I was watching was going on, BABITA was sitting on the floor ,legs wide apart, she was fingering herself watching the film. I watched her for some time she was in her own world not knowing I was there watching her, I also started getting aroused watching her enjoying the scene. Her dupatta was on the floor next to her, her hands on her pussy rubbing slowly as the scene progressed, twitching her toes in ecstasy.

I walked ahead to the room, she heard me coming and got up hurriedly, pulled the duppatta from the ground and covered herself, she was breathing heavily as she was caught , I smiled at her , she covered her face with her hands and ran to the corner of the room, I increased the volume of the TV , I knew she was very much in shock and horny too, as she was playing with herself for a long time, I went behind her and turned her around , she started to tell something but kept on stammering, not knowing what to tell. I confidently asked her I want to do it like in the movie can we, she put down her head , I took her soft hands and placed it on my hard sick, she felt it for a while and started to press it slowly, I was also getting aroused, I lifted her head and kissed her cheeks, and embraced her ,she was still playing with my hard dick,.I moved my hands behind her back and pulled her to me tightly, her hand was caught between her pussy and my dick , I lifted her like that and brought her in front of the TV, I pulled a cushion from the sofa and dropped it on the floor, I sat there and pulled her down made her sit in front of me ,her back to me , I fast forwaded the film to another erotic scene and felt her stomach, slowly moving my hands to her pussy, she held my hands tightly as if to say no please don’t touch me there , I did not heed her hands and slowly felt her pussy ,covered her pussy with my palm , and squeezed lightly, she leaned back to me and said “UUUUMMMMM, OOOOHOOOHOOHOHOO”, I slowly started to finger her slit from her salwar she opened her legs wide, the erotic scene on TV ,her moaning and my fingering was a great way to start a Saturday.

I slowly undid the salwar and eased my hands inside to her panties and felt her pussy, she was wet there, very very wet, I brought my hands to my nose and smelled her cum and let her smell it too, then I put my finger under her panty and felt her wet pussy she shuddered and lifted her bottom, pushing herself to me even harder.

I was making her wetter and wetter , she was enjoying it fully, I slowly inserted my finger in to her love hole which was dripping wet by now, slowly finger fucking her , my dick was pulsating in my shorts, I closed my eyes and was enjoying all this. After fingering her for some time I slowly slid off her salwar down her legs along with her panty, until her ankles, I pulled down another cushion from the sofa ,turned her towards me and made her lie down on it , I undid my shorts , held my pulsating tool in my hand , with my other hand I lifted her legs high placed my dick on her pussy, slowly moving it in the slit up down up down ,she was lifting her hips and was pressing to me hard wanting me to enter her , her lower lips ware held tightly by her upper lips and eyes closed , I took hold of my dick and placed it at the entrance of her pussy and pushed it slowly in, it was a bit tight at first but due to the fingering she was very wet and my dick entered her fully she she gasped for air and I slowly pulled my dick out of her pussy and entered her again, I was holding her legs high with her salwar and panties and was slowly fucking her in out in out , she was meeting me too thrust to thrust, raising her hips to my fucking her I slowly increased the speed and was moving in her faster, faster, I called out oh oh oh BABITA while fucking her , and she was moving her head side to side enjoying the fucking , my dick was pulsating inside her pussy while I was fucking her ad it was feeling great , I went on fucking her for some time and was about to cum, I pulled out at the last sec and came on her pussy in big gushes , my hot ,hot semen coming on her pussy, she was still moving her hips up and down until the hot dick stopped spurting on her , I watched her she had a smile on her face, I cleaned off the semen off her pussy and my dick ,she pulled on her panty and salwar, I went and sat on the sofa exhausted after such a lovely fuck. After some time of rest I asked her how it she told very good was, she liked it. She wanted to go, when she went near the door I stopped her went near her and gave her a good kiss on her lips and sent her away.

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