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I am bobby sans, 19yrs old, a college student. My original name is budhyodeb santra and i am by birth a hindu. But later, when i was only one year old, my family was converted to christian. My parents had divorced when i was 2yrs and i stayed with my mother who is an executive with a major company. As my mother had hardly any time to look after me, i was brought up by sangeeta murmu, an adivasi woman. Sangeeta had worked with my grandparents, and then came to work for us when my parents divorced. She never used to wear a blouse, and only draped her sari round her body. From the side you could see her enormous breasts. I faintly remember when i was four years old, she used to make me suck her breasts to put me to sleep. When i was eight i was put in boarding school. I did not see sangeeta till i was 17, as during the holidays i traveled to my father as per courtfs legal agreement. Sangeeta is now 50, and has two sons, and the youngest daughter, nandita. Nandita is now aged 25 years and can speak little english. My grand parents had insisted nandita to speak in english, and she had bit house education also, till she got married at the young age of 18years. When i was 18, i had just finished my school exams, and had returned home as i had to become a day scholar in a local college.

On the first day, sangeeta came to my bedroom with bed tea, and shake me by my shoulder. I got up and she placed the cup on my bedside table. While putting the cup on table, her sari fell open from the side showing me her breast. Being old her brest was now sagging but it still excited me and i got an instant hard on. I controlled myself for the time being, but it happened again when she was sweeping the floor. She reached across to take my clothes from the other side of the bed and brushed against my hard prick. Now my dick is 7 long and i am proud of the size. She pulled my shorts down, felt my hard cock in her hand, and said, ebaba, you are a man now, i wish i was youngerf. Saying so she put my cock back in, smiled and went away. As she left, i went to the kitchen and saw her putting on a blouse. She told me that after my mother had left for office, she removed her blouse, as she felt comfortable that way. Her breasts were exposed and i reached out and cupped them, but she smilingly said, ebaba, i am too old, wait till tomorrowf and left.

The next day i was woken up and saw it was nandita who was dressed the same way as her mother. She bent to place the cup on the side table and i saw her breast from the side, which was large, round and firm with dark brown nipples. She saw me staring at her brest and remained that way for a little while pretending to wipe the table. I again got a hard on. As she left, i went to the kitchen to keep the cup. Nandita was doing the washing job and her breast was visible. She was smiling and letting me gaze at her body. I stood there watching her, my cock became straight and hard, nearly poking through my shorts. She glanced down and her eyes widened. In surprise her hand went to cover her open mouth. Hurriedly i left kitchen and came to my bedroom. A little later nandita came and said, eyou like what you saw?f. My throat started becoming dry and i just nodded my head. Nandita asked, eyou want to see more?f. She continued, eshall show you everything, but you cannot touch. Agreed?f. Again i nodded. Slowly she unwrapped the top of her sari, letting it come to the top of her breasts. She held it in place for a little while, and then slowly lowered it so that the top of her breasts were visible. Continuing in slow motion she lowered the top till her nipples were revealed. They were large but soft surrounded by large light brown areola. Then she lowered the top to her waist exposing fully her large round firm breasts.

She asked me if i liked them and i replied, ethey are beautiful and attractive toof. She said again, want to see more?f. I kept quite in excitement as this would be the first time to see a woman naked. She said, eno touching, only seeingf. Her waist was slender. She slowly unwrapped the sari from around her waist taking her time to unwrap the whole sari. My cock was throbbing, my throat getting dry, my heart started pounding. When it came to the climax, her back was turned to me and i saw her huge flat buttocks. As she turned around, the sari was held at the junction of her thighs covering her pussy, showing me her solid firm beautiful thighs. She held that pose for few minutes, again asking me how i liked. I said in a hoarse dry voice eitfs fantastic, but please stop teasing mef. As i said that she dropped the sari, and i saw her fully nude. She is slim, long haired, plain looking, flat stomach, her pussy covered by sparse hair, beautiful thighs.

She slowly walked towards me and i reached out to touch her. She drew back immediately saying no touchingf. Again she came towards me and pushed me onto my back. Kneeling in front of me nandita reached for the waistband of my shorts. She slowly started removing it kissing my stomach, which sent a shiver through me. I lay back on the bed with my hands clenched and raised my hips, and she removed the shorts completely. As my straight erect cock come into view, she grasped it. Gently blowing on my throbbing cock she said, eitfs really big. I am feeling hornyf. She asked me if i had fucked before. As i said no, she replied, egood, i will be your first fuck. A fuck that you will always remember. I will tell you what to dof. As she said that she took the head of my cock between her lips, cupping my balls very gently. I raised myself up and immediately she reacted, estay as you are or i will stop and go awayf. My body was completely tense with what she was doing. Holding my erect cock in her hand, she sucked my balls one by one, and then licked the entire length of my cock. Still she would not let me touch her.

She stood up and brought her boobs in front of my face. I could feel her pussy on my stomach. Cupping a breast she holds it to my mouth and said, esuck itf. I did so, and her soft nipple sprang erect and hard. She then did the same with her other breast too. Slowly she moved backwards and started licking my body, kissing it and biting my nipples. While licking her breasts rubbed against my body and her pussy came in contact with my cock and she shivered. She reached my stomach and her tongue went deep into my navel. Then she approached to my crotch where she kissed the base of my shaft. Then again placed her lips on the cock head and sucked gently. She gradually licked my inner thighs, and sucked on my balls again. Coming back upwards, she took the entire length of my cock in her mouth and moved it up and down.

Nandita said, enow it is time for your first fuck. But i will do the fucking jobf. Straddling me again, she sat on my stomach. Then took my throbbing cock in her hand and guided it into her wet cunt. Now she lowered herself completely, but still she would not let me touch her. When she bent forward, her breasts were dangling over my face. Resting her hands on my shoulder, she said, elick and suck them one by onef. She remained motionless on my cock as i sucked her breasts. Then she started moving up and down on it. For nearly ten minutes or so she continued her movement. Her hands clenched tight on my shoulder as her thighs tightened around my waist. Her body became tense as she came closer. As her body relaxed after sometime, she said, ethis is first time happening with a real man. I have spent seven years of married life. My husband has fucked me number of times with his 3ff long cock, mostly being drunk. And then every time i have to satisfy myself on my ownf. She started moving again and her head thrown back emitting loud cry. Her movement went on and i felt my climax arriving. Seemed she knew it, she jammed her cunt fully on me so that our pelvises were joined and i shot my load into her. Holding my shoulders tight, nandita cummed and simultaneously my cock jerked inside her.

She still lay on top of me. Her hard breast nipple crushed against my chest, my cock still bit hard inside her and now she said, eyou liked it?f. I just nodded as it had been my first orgasm and it was mind blowing. She replied, eit was wonderful for me too, i could feel your cock right up to my womb. Especially when your hot juice squirted inside me. I could feel your cum hitting the insides of my cuntf. She still would not let me touch her. As my cock grew soft, she rose and said, ei am going to prepare your breakfast. You are going to need all your energy nowf. She prepared a heavy breakfast for me. Sitting on the bed next to me, fed me the food with great care. While taking breakfast, she took my hand and placed it across her thighs. She then parted her legs and told me, ecaress my thighs and rub my cunt. Now you can touch mef. Being delighted, i ran my hand along her thighs, and then reached her pussy, which was wet. She took my hand and placed it on her breasts. Told me to squeeze them, and rub my thumb over her nipples, which were already hard and erected. I did so enjoying my first feel of a breast, as she continued feeding me.

When i was finished with food, she kept the plate on the table and making me lie down next to her. She said, enow you can do whatever you wantf. I leaned over her and started sucking her breasts. She took my hand and guided it to her already wet pussy and told me, erub it and then insert your finger inside. Move them in and outf. At the same time she took my cock in her hand, squeezing and rubbing it. Getting soft touch of nanditafs fingers, it started to erect again. When it was fully hard, she spread her legs wide and made me kneel between them. Then she ordered, enow fuck me. Just as you were doing with your fingers, do it with your cockf. She caught hold of my hands and placed them on her breasts. Her nipples were feeling hard against my palms. I started fucking her and she said, ewhat a wonderful feeling to have such a cock inside me. Fuck me harderf. I was excited as this was the first time i was really fucking a woman. I started shoving my cock in and out in her cunt faster. In response she raised her hips, tried to lock my cock with her pussy lips, and holding me firmly against her, she cummed. I was still hard inside her. I started fucking her hard and harder. She put her hands on my shoulders and her eyes kept wide open. Now i started to reach my climax, she pushed me deep inside her. As i shot my spunk into her, she said ejust lie on top for some time and let your cock remain insidef. I really loved the feeling of her soft breasts against my chest.

Being exhausted, i lied down by her side and went to sleep. When i woke up, nandita was not there. She was in the kitchen preparing food. When she saw me, she told ecome, hold my breasts from behind and press your body against mine till i finish preparing your foodf. The feel of her big bum against my cock, made me get an erection. As she felt it, she bent over placing her hands on a stool pointing her arse towards me. Her legs were spread wide, and i could see her inviting juicy pussy from behind. I started shoving in and out of her. She continued preparing food even in this position. I would stop fucking at times, and lean over to grab her dangling breasts. Suddenly she said, eput your finger in my arse holef. I shoved my middle finger fully into her ass hole, and continued my thrusts into her. She was too happy to say, eit feels good to fill up both my holesf, i started shooting my load into her. She took me to the bathroom and washed my cock with warm water. I went back to my room and fell asleep.

She woke me up sometime later and fed me with soup and food which prepared. While playing with my cock, she said, enow i will leavef. Noticing that my cock becoming hard again, she continued saying, ethis day i will never forget in my life. Today i have cummed many times and my cunt is feeling sore from insidef. I told her that i too would never forget it as it was my first sex in life. That evening my mother came back from office and declared that she would be out of station for a week to attend a conference abroad. She had told sangeeta to come and spend the nights here.

The next morning i woke up early, expecting to see my mother off. But was surprised to see nandita. Mother told me that nandita had come as her mother was unwell. She told nandita emake sure that baba gets all comfort in my absencef. Nandita replied, edonft worry madam, i will ensure all his needsf. After my mother left, nandita came to my room. I was delighted to get chance of getting nandita whole day and night exclusively. I did not want to waste any more time and asked her to undress. Nandita said, enot now. Wait till we are sure that your mother had caught the flightf. Nandita sat in front of me, removed my cock and started playing with it. An hour later, i got a call from mother that the flight was on time and she was leaving.

I made nandita stand and unbuttoned her blouse. As i did so she said, ekiss the valley of my breastsf. I bent forward and kissed her cleavage, feeling her shiver. Removing her blouse i found her wearing bra for the first time. She turned her back asking me to unhook her bra. I did so kissing the nape of her neck and licked her back. I sat in front of her and she said, euncover my breasts one by one. As they are exposed suck on my nipplesf. Again i did as she said feeling the excitement inside me. Once her breasts were exposed she said, eunwrap my sarif i did so and as her cunt came into view. I placed my hand over it, feeling the wetness. I then laid her down on the bed. Climbing between her legs, i licked and sucked her breasts again. Then i rubbed my hand gently over her pussy, and her body arched. For a while i continued it and then being excited she said, efuck me now, please fuck mef. Placing the head of my cock at her entrance, i slowly eased myself in and withdrew. Taking hold of my cock i rubbed the head against her pussy lips and clitoris which had become hard, like a mini cock. She kept on saying,

Put it in, put it in pleasef. Again i slowly eased into her, and when i was half inside, she raised her hips to accept my cock inside. I again withdrew and started rubbing my cock against her pussy. She requested, edonft do this, i need you inside nowf. But i started again sucking her breasts, biting on the nipples, and rubbing her clitoris.

As i reached her stomach, i could feel how tight her pussy was. I inserted two fingers into her cunt, and moved them in and out. I felt her body getting really tense. Knowing that she was going to cum, i removed my finger and with one hard thrust entered her. She wrapped her legs around my waist, holding me inside her and climaxed. When her climax was finished she said gi never imagined that i could cum with only one entry. But it felt so goodf. I started fucking her hard and she arched her hips every time i thrust into her. I stopped in between so that i could prolong it. She cummed twice before i did. She said ethis is going to be one fantastic week. Now you go to sleep as you need rebuilding your energyf. I slept till quite late, by which time she had finished her work

Naughty nandita, my servantfs daughter really looked after me well next three days. We spent the whole day and night by ourselves, naked. She stayed back with me in night also and did not return to her hut. On fourth day night, i and nandita were engaged in sex as usual, when the calling bell rang late at night. Immediately nandita went to the spare bedroom. I opened the door to see that it was nanditafs drunken husband, enquiring about her whereabouts. I told him that she was sleeping but he tried to force his way in. I ordered him to come back the next morning and not to create a nuisance here now. He then asked mef ethree days earlier when nandita came back from your house in the evening, i wanted to fuck her that night. But i found her pussy swollen and she having pain there. She did not let me fuck herf. I felt embarrassed to listen to his own family problem. I said, ehey man, how am to be blamed for that? Better you come back tomorrow morningf. He got furious and said, eare you fucking her? You donft have idea about our adivasi society. You will be in trouble. I am cautioning youf. I became afraid to listen to his threats. In the meantime nandita came out dressed in her sari, and told him not to cause trouble. Nandita accompanied her husband.

Next morning nandita came along her husband, and he apologized for his acts last night. Nandita asked her husband to wait outside. Then she asked me for some money. I took her into my arms, and held her against me. She said, egood god, he hasnft fucked me last night. He was so drunk that he only thinks he has fucked me. Moreover, the way that you have been fucking me, i canft get same from him. Again i have other reason too. Will tell you later if a get chancef. I had already started to become hard and she felt it. She took some money from me and gave it to her husband, and he left. For the whole week till return of mother, we would fuck each others by stripping her nude, whenever we could.

Since the day my mother came back from abroad, sangeeta used to come. One day i asked sangeeta why suddenly nandita had stopped coming. Sangeeta told me, ebaba, you are too simple. You wonft understand our adivasi community. Unfortunately the sarpanch, the community head, has ordered nandita not to visit your housef. I could guess the reason. Few months later nandita came to our house and i realized she was pregnant. She told me, ethe baby inside me is yours. But donft worry. This was the reason why i had made my husband believe that night that he had sex with me and i have now conceivedf. I was surprised with nanditafs level of intelligence and stared at her.

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