A stud for my daughter-in-law

Rewritten by Bharati Anko based on a story e-mailed by [email protected] who says “plz my dear, write the story stepwise which will be extremely sexy from Situation via Dress Opening to Finish. Plz write a story based on my tips, which I already sent. Plz write it in English. Bye plz dear reply me at [email protected]

I am Swarup Das and I am 60 years old. My Daughter-in-law (DIL), Sneha Das is 25 and has a really sexy figure – 34/25/35). My son is in the US. Due to Visa problem, Sneha could not join him there. I am very eager to have grandchildren, but, the problem is the absence of my son and moreover I am a little impotent due to getting older. Whatever, I worried about the problem and was wondering how to solve this.

One day, I answered the doorbell as my daughter-in-law was having a bath. It was the milkman. As he sat down to remove the milk and pour it into my vessel, I noticed that he has a very good body, strong with heavy muscles. He was wearing a banyan (singlet) and a lungi. His lungi was slightly open, and I discovered our milkman’s cock, a cut-cock, (He was a Muslim) when he was sitting and delivering milk to me. From the gap I saw his hairy, dark black but large cock, with a dark purplish head (generally it is reddish). I knew that he was highly potent and having 4 children in 4 years. I thought that if I could get him to fuck my beautiful fair DIL, so that she will become pregnant and give me a grandchild. As it was the end of the month, he asked for his bill. I told him to come the next day and take the money from Sneha.

I planned to propose that she have sex with him. I brought up the topic with the excuse that the milkman’s bill had to be paid, and she should calculate the amount and give it to him tomorrow. I also said that he must be very active sexually and potent to have one child every year. At last I expressed with fear to my DIL my plan. She was shocked that I wanted her to get fucked by the milkman, who was a dirty dark man. She absolutely refused. But, I tried to make her understand that I wanted to get a grand child that would make the family environment nice. So, after thinking about it, she agreed. The next day, when the milkman came, my beautiful, fair DIL came out wearing her nighty, with a low neck and sticking to her beautiful curved figure. She asked the milkman to come in on the excuse of paying him. Then, I told our milkman the real fact and he boldly agreed to sleep with Sneha to make her pregnant. He looked at her beautiful body and started massaging his cock through his lungi. Then, interestingly, he took out his erect thick, black cock and started stroking it right in front of us. He said he would come that night itself and fucks her for a week. That would be enough, he said to make her pregnant.

That night, I had second thoughts about how could I tolerate as that dirty, cut-cock would enter my Daughter-in-law’s little vagina. I had hired a man to fuck my own Daughter-in-law and informed him about her fertility period.

When he came at night, I told them that I would stay outside in the living room, as my presence would disturb my DIL. So, after preparing, she entered into her bedroom and lay down on the bed. I signaled that man to enter her room, which he gladly did. I left the room, but watched them from a hidden place (sometimes, when I felt horny, I would watch my son and daughter-in-law fucking, so that I could masturbate while I watched them) I peeped from a corner of the window which they did not know and watched while a paid stud (dark, ugly, arrogant, thick and scary beard, sweat body, red teeth as he eats betel-leaf and 38 yrs old) attacked her. My DIL lay down on the bed, wearing a transparent red nighty. The milk-man stroked his thick cock, moving his hand up and down, making it stand out even more. Then he sat on the bed next to my DIL. He licked his lips as he looked at her lovely body, her figure displayed by her transparent red gown. He bent down and touched his thick red stained lips to her rosy red lips. As I watched, he pushed his dirty tongue against her lips to open them.

She tried to turn away, but he held her face and forced her lips open. As he kissed her lips, mashing his mouth to hers, I found I was really getting excited instead of getting angry. The Arrogant Stud moved his hands to her boobs, his thick dark fingers squeezing the fair globes, pinching and pressing her nipples through the red cloth. He was creating a sensation on her nipples and they were starting to stand up. He moved his mouth to her nipples and started nibbling them through the cloth. He was nibbling her Nipples with his dirty red stained teeth. His hands went to her gown and pulled it off roughly. He bent his head again and sucked her nipples like a baby suckled its mother’s nipples. His long dark beard was tickling her boobs. He then lowered his hand to her pussy. The stud fingered her pussy with his ROUGH fingers and pushed them into her. He moved them around and found her G-SPOT and rubbed it till she started getting excited and made her cunt wet. Then he opened her legs wide.

But before Fucking, my Daughter-in-law was tensed, so she went to the toilet to PISS. The sound of Pissing is like Extremely loud “NASAL WHISTLE” (sssssss-ssssssss). And the Black circumcised Cock became more hard and Erect hearing her PISSING. He took off his kurta and lay on the bed with his lungi open, his hard erect cock jutting out from its nest of black curly hair and his huge hairy balls hanging between his legs. He was a real beast compared to my traditional ‘bahu’. When she returned from the bathroom, first, my DIL was afraid, but then he touched her chut, she enjoyed it. She has clean-shaven, but Black and little chut. When my son used to fuck her, she was never so excited, probably, my son did not fuck her properly. He then took her hand and put it on his circumsized big black cock.

It was really exciting to see them when he started rubbing his cock against her absolute shameful orfice (pussy). He spread her legs and got on top of her and then he was pushing into her tiny black chut. Her eyes popped out of her sockets as she saw her vagina explored to new depths. Tears were streaming down her eyes. Sneha was totally naked except her sindoor and mangalsutra during the sex session. He was pumping into her hard, saying things like “ tera mard chakka (eunuch) hai, use aurat ko chodna nahin ata hai. Mera lund ghode ke lund ke jaisa hai, tujhe bacchha deke hi chhodega” (Your husband is a eunuch, he doesn’t know how to fuck a woman, my cock is like a horse’s, it will make you pregnant) to her about my son. As he spoke, he started ramming his cock into her. He pushed so hard that her head started banging against the headboard of the bed. His belly and thighs were slapping against her naked flesh. They were in Seventh Heaven fucking like animals. At the time of Fucking, Sneha was about to SENSELESS, she started moaning “ jor se, aur jor se, meri chut ko masal do, use apne ghode jaise lund se pees dalo” (harder, harder, smash your horse’s cock into my pussy and grind it to a pulp). She put her legs around his waist and started jerking her hips towards his huge cock, trying to get as much of it as she could into her shaved traditional daughter-in-laws cunt. She climaxed hard, shouting at him, “ aaahhhhhhhh, meri choot me aag lagi hai, mai mastee me aa rahi hoon, mujhe tumhare lund ne swarg dikha diya, aur jor se chodo mujhe mast rehna hai” (my cunt is on fire, I am coming, your cock has taken me to heaven, fuck me harder, I want to cum hard). She got 100% satisfaction by this wild Beast. Her Hair was totally Disarranged and Rolled on her face with Sweat due to vigorous movement during sexcounter.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, mera lund baras ne wala hai, mera lund poori tarah se andar le, tujhe mai mera beej de raha hoon” (My cock is about to shower you with its seed, take it in completely” he shouted as he pumped into her like a madman. He grabbed her boobs and pinched the nipples, squeezing the white balls with his black hairy hands. His rough fingers left red marks on her milky boobs. He smashed his mouth to hers, biting her lips and pushing his tongue into her mouth. He kept pushing into her chut, making his cock go deeper than my sons cock had ever gone. My DIL was thrashing, trying to avoid his rough and violent hands and mouth, when he fell on top of her, cumming hard.

Then the milkman removed his still hard cock from her pussy and told her to take it in her mouth and suck it clean. She resisted, as she had never taken a cock in her mouth, but he grabbed her hair and pressed his cock against her lips, saying “tere marad ka lund kabhi nahi choosa hai kya, saala chakka, aurat se lund chuswana bhi nahi aata, leking mujhe acchhe se aata hai” (haven’t you ever sucked your husband’s cock, bloody eunuch, cant even make his wife suck his cock, but I know how to get it done). He then pinched her nose shut, as she opened her mouth to breathe, he pushed in the circumcised black head. He told her to suck off all the juices from his sticky cock. He pushed his cock in till his balls were banging against her chin. As I watched them, my beautiful traditional DIL’s mouth being fucked hard by the beastly stud, her red lips stretched around his cock, her nose and mouth surrounded by his dirty black pubic hair, I took my lund out of my pyjamas and started masturbating. My cock has never been so hard. I stroked myself hard and came, my cum spilling on my clothes and on the floor.

The milkman’s cock was getting hard again with the forced blowjob my DIL was giving. He removed his cock from her mouth, slapped her face with it 3-4 times. Then he turned her over. He licked her Asshole with his tongue, and then he pushed a finger in her pussy and inserted it in her asshole. She screamed with the forced insertion, but he pushed it in till it was fully inside. He removed his finger and put it in her mouth. She tried to turn her face away, but he forced her to suck his finger from her dirty ass. He even tried to push his cock into her Asshole, but failed due to resistance of my Daughter-in-law. The beast got up from the bed and made dressed, leaving my DIL with full of Sperm at her tight Love Hole. As I was looking her Sperm-filled pussy, it was oozing out while my DIL was just looking at the Milkman. He laughed and twisted her nipples in order to make those erect and left the room.

This continued for a week, during which he fucked her pussy every nite and also her tiny asshole, forcing his dirty cock into that tiny hole and making her suck it afterwards. He also made her lick and suck his asshole, while he spanked her bottom with his rough hands.

Remember that: Nothing is sexier than a Married Daughter-in-law is being impregnated by a hired stud’s cock in front of her Father-in-law where he knows that his son is the only man who is allowed to do it. My DIL was impregnated by him as she was at her fertile period. Now, my DIL is carrying a child of the milkman. Her boobs are huge and her nipples have turned dark black. They are leaking milk. The milkman not only takes milk from his cow, but has also given milk at the boobs of my own DIL. Now, I am very glad, as I will get a Grand child after 2 months i.e., after delivery. My son and Sneha (both are fair skinned) but will have a dark child who was fathered by a dirty hired stud and grows in my DIL’s womb. I also get quite excited when I remember this week. Maybe when she has delivered, I will be the stud to impregnate he next.

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