Velma a great lesbian

While Marge quite often gave high teas at which everyone dressed up, mornings she would usually spend in the company of her cousin Millie or her friend Velma. The two seldom came together. Jo could tell why: Marge’s cousin and Velma were from two different worlds. One could see Millie doing church work, singing in the choir, or helping pass the collection plate. Velma belonged in a strip show. And it didn’t take much to get Velma to strip, or at least to take off her blouse and exhibit those store-bought breasts of hers.

“Size isn’t all that matters,” Marge said to Velma one morning after she had done just that. “Jo has extremely beautiful breasts and they’re quite small.”

Jo blushed. She was flattered but she hoped Millie would let the whole subject drop.

“She has. Let’s see them then.”

“We’re not all exhibitionists.”

“Maybe her titties are false, too.”

They definitely are not, Jo wanted to scream, but held her tongue. Surely, the three of them could find something else to talk about.

“My son Nobel has lots of pictures of Jo on his wall. I don’t see any there of you.”

Grateful for Marge’s support, Jo still hoped they would let the whole subject drop and above all that they wouldn’t go into Nobel’s room to look at the pictures. She was sure he had taken home one of her brassieres the day before. Hopefully, he would not have left it out where the others could see it. She would have to get it back from him. Maybe she’d have a chance later that morning. She started to get up, but Marge held her back. Velma was talking once more, braying would be a better description. “If he likes hers,” she said, “It’s cause he ain’t had a chance to be wit a big woman’s.”

Amazingly, for it was not like Marge at all, Marge had begun to unbutton her own blouse. In a moment, both her blouse and her brassiere were on the carpet. “I show you big,” she said. Marge’s breasts weren’t merely big, Jo thought, they were astronomical, double D’s with huge dark aureoles and enormous brown nipples. If she were to ever have sex with a woman, Marge would be the one.

“What about her,” Velma asked, “Miss Fancy Pants. Is she going to keep her clothes on or is she go’ in to show us these wonderful titties you been raving about.”

“She can keep her clothes on if she wants,” Marge said loyally, but it was too late. Jo had known a girl just like Velma in the eighth grade. The other girl had made fun of Jo; Jo had unbuttoned her blouse; the other girl had not. She and two other girls then sat on the little bitch, pulling up her sweater, revealing the four pairs of socks that lay beneath.

“They something all right.” Velma said once Jo’s bra and blouse lay on the carpet next to Marge’s. She came and stood next to Jo. Don’t you touch me, Jo thought, don’t you dare. But Velma had already taken Jo’s hand and led her to stand in front of the now sitting Marge. “Which pair you want to suck,” she said to Marge, and stuck out her chest placing her body side by side with Jo’s. Too easy, Jo thought, your nipples are a good six inches closer to Marge’s mouth than mine.

But Marge had reached out both her large brown hands, and had taken a breast from each of them. This is crazy, Jo thought, as an electric thrill went through her. Marge released Jo’s breast barely brushing the nipple as she did so; then she took Jo’s hand and placed it on her own large bosom. Bent over awkwardly above where Marge sat on the couch, Jo had no choice but to kneel in front of her. Marge grasped Jo’s breast a second time, her other hand on Jo’s neck guiding her forward. In a moment, Marge’s large brown nipple was in Jo’s mouth and she was sucking for all she was worth. At the same time, Velma’s arms snaked around her body, Velma’s hands caressed her breasts. Velma’s stiff nipples pressed against her back. While Marge’s right hand held Jo’s head firmly against her breast, her other had snaked between Jo’s legs, pulled aside her panties and begun to stroke within.

Jo heard a buzz, then experienced a throbbing vibration in her anus, as Velma thrust the vibrator inside her. She struggled but was unable to move, her mouth filled with Marge’s nipple and breast, Marge’s fingers moving gently inside her. Jo came once, twice trying but unable to free herself from the vibrator. The next moment, both women were nursing at her bosoms and she had yet another orgasm. Afterward, she ate Marge’s pussy while Velma ate hers. And then, without being asked, she made love to Velma starting with her firm hard breasts, trailing a string of kisses down Velma’s belly, ending with her tongue in Velma’s crotch, her ass cheeks up in the air while Marge gently probed her with the vibrator. Anyone need sex with me male and female both contact me I am male 29 [email protected]

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