The Pool Games

I was swimming in the pool of our apartment club house. I just swam around enjoying the coolness of the water. It was a Saturday morning. I had nothing better to do and I was bored. So I came down here for a swim. I was in a two piece blue bikini. I had came down for a swim, I was just wearing my small ear rings and had no other jewellery on me. My long hair was wrapped inside a swimming cap.

My bikini was a string type bikini. The top part was tied at the back with a string and the bottom part was tied at one side by strings. My mom had bought it for me from US. It was the first time that I was wearing this. Clad in my new bikini, I happily swam around the big pool.

The club house was separate from the apartment buildings even though the club house had other facilities and was a closed one, the pool which is on to one side of the club house was an open one. It was like an open courtyard, covered with walls on three sides and the club house to the other side. There were beach chairs around the pool where you can lie down and enjoy the sun.

There were no other visitors in the club house at this time. The crowd would be more during weekend evenings as it was a Saturday I knew that, there would be a lot of people by evening. That was why and I had decided to use the pool in the morning itself but there were some maintenance girls in the club house, doing the cleaning and arranging stuff, before the visitors came in.

There was one girl by the pool side, cleaning the corridor beside the pool. I had not noticed her before. She was a little on the dark side, with short black hair. She was wearing the club house uniform. I was standing in the pool at the other edge from where she was cleaning. I was catching my breath and had not noticed her until then. She must have been around twenty five years of age.

She was cleaning the floor with her long handled scrubber and was glancing at me once in a while. I swam across the pool, noticing that her glances were on me. I was getting tired and panting a little bit. I decided to get out of the pool. I got out of the pool and settled on the beach chair, enjoying the warmth, all the time feeling her piercing eyes on my body. She was staring at me, like she could see through my bikini.

I settled on the chair, trying to relax and I was relaxing on the chair when I noticed that another girl had joined the first one. They were cleaning close to the chair I was lying on. She also looked similar to the first and was of the same age too and they were slowly whispering to each other, giggling and looking at me. They were talking in the local language they had thought that

I did not understand their language. I was clearly able to identify their words. Look at her, she looks like a cute Barbie doll one was saying to another her body is so perfect. Look at those well shaped legs. I feel like kissing her feet. She is so fair, almost white. I would die to see her cute tits inside that bikini tops her belly looks so smooth and soft. Her navel is so cute, right?

They both nodded I was smiling at myself hearing all this. I love it when someone praises me. I wonder how it would be inside her bikini bottom. I know it’s going to be sweet like her one said smacking her lips together. They both were laughing. I got up from the chair and walked towards the ladies room. They immediately began to scrub the floor, as I passed close to them but I felt their eyes on my back as I went into the ladies room.


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