Sister Love And Getting Caught By Mom

Hey all you sexy lesbo gals.. its been more than a yr to my last post, sisterly love. For those of u who dunno me, I m Vinnie and have been a lesbian relation with my elder sis Tammie for more than two years. We are a family of four, the other two being our parents. Tam has completed her engineering and now works a nice IT company. I am TYBE. Both parents are also in job.

Ever since TAM got her job, she has gone extremely busy. Yu kno, IT shit, long working hours, and all. Our sexcapades have been fewer. But, that never became a sore point in our relationship. It all the more made our encounters wilder.

Coming to the story, this one is about how our mom caught us and now is our lesbian partner. This happened this winter. This year winter was good and it made our sex encounters ever so desirable and exciting. Both Tammie and me got more and more louder and wilder because of all the joy and also longing for each other’s bodies. It was mid December and our dad had to go out for some office work for 9-10 days for negotiating some deal of his company. So, it was a ladies world at home. So, weekend, and Tam happened to have it off. My exams also just got over. Christmas was less than a week and we were all setting in the winter holiday mood.

Since Tam and I were now more than sissies, we got into some really skimpy, rather skinny outfits, despite the winter. It just helped us ogle at each other also touch each other at the most exciting and intimate parts of the body. What we forgot was that while dad was not there, mom was and she was getting suspicious. We would just give pecks, kisses – short and long, press each boobs, pinch titties, rub pussies over skirts/shorts (both never wore undies as home except during periods) out of mom sights several times during the day, or so we thought. In fact, our mom was keeping an eye on us and seen us do that several times. She shared this with us later on.

It was Saturday night. As we were about to go to sleep, mom told us that the water heater in her bathroom was out of order and we leave our room unlocked so that she could have her bath the next morning. She has been in a habit of getting up early and having bath for as long as I have had my senses, may be longer. We didnt know her intentions and said ok. Ne ways, whether unbolted or bolted, we knew that our mom slept like a log and we would be free for our night of love, lust and sex.

The moment we were sure that mom had slept, we both stripped in no time and started cuddling and kissing. Tam was really horny and was sucking my nipples like there was not tomorrow. I could not stand it and was moaning like a whole being banged both ends by gorillas. Soon she was eating my cunt. She inserted one, then two and then three fingers inside my pussy and finger fucked while licking my clitoris.

It was driving me crazy and my moaning kept on going unabated and also increased in the pitch. Tam then got in 69 and I grabbed her milky white ass cheeks to draw her pussy closer and started eschewing her pussy. Her finger in my pussy and tongue had a multiplier effect and I had a rousing orgasm as I squirted out a stream that went past our bed. I dunno how many orgasms I had and just kept going till Tam had shot her juices in my mouth.

We both lied there and din realise when our mom had opened the door and watched the whole show. When we opened our eyes we saw that mom had raised her gown to her waist, panties to her ankles and had two fingers inside her pussy and vigorously masturbating with eyes closed.

Our mom is not like any lady close to 50, for the fact that she has very little of any extra pound and she still looks like around 40.


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