Preeti And Her Mom’s Lesbian Act

By: Preetikul

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Hello! Friends I am back with a story of me, Mom and Shinde Sir. We engaged in a lesbian act and Shinde Sir fucking Mom in her ass and pussy and making his cock lubricate for an ease fuck to Mom. Shinde Sir called Mom at the time of her office and fixed a day of Saturday noon for our session as Mom also agreed for a session with him. Mom told him that her husband will be going out of station on Friday early morning so will able to enjoy with his cock inside her and a lesbian with her daughter.

Saturday noon was fixed by them but the place wasn’t fixed so Mom was relaxed and also asked me also to relax as all depends on Shinde Sir’s wife visit to out of station on Friday evening or Saturday morning. We got relaxed as Dad went for a month tour in many places on Friday morning and after that Mom was busy to go to office. I had a rested the whole day by watching TV programs and watched 2 porn movies. Mom returned back from her office work at 6 o’clock and I asked her if any call from Sir about tomorrow’s program so she said

No and we got out for the evening works. Mom prepared food for us as it was just 8 o’clock and said to me that we will have our food at 8.30 pm. We sat for food at the said time and after the food we were busy watching a horror movie on the channel and heard a car horn outside our house so Mom went out to see. I too followed her and we got surprised to see Sir and questioned him about his visit so he told us that he just dropped his wife to the station with other ladies of her forum

And thought to surprise us by starting our session from this night onwards for 2 days and 2 nights. Mom said to him its okay, but we aren’t prepared as didn’t shave and other cleanings isn’t done. He agreed and said it’s a surprise so will accept us in all conditions. We came in and chatted for few minutes and then we 3 arranged a double bed in the balcony above the hall as he said it’s a proper place with ample of light fittings. He checked all the CFL fixed on to the walk behind our bed and also on the gapped railings of the balcony.

By that time I helped Mom to get a romantic double bedsheet having a picture of “Sambhog” of Khajuraho’s sculpture. We then laid it on the bed and he was surprised to see the ‘Sambhog’ picture in the middle with the same type of pillow covers. I arranged a water earthen pot beside the bed and he managed for some drinks (both hot and cold) with some snacks which he purchased on the way to our house. All the arrangements were done to his satisfaction and

I went out to lock the main gate so as one could think that we are out of station. We both were completely sweated so asked for permission from him to get bathed so he refused our demand and said this is only chance for him to taste our sweated sexy bodies and asked us to come up in the said spot after locking all the rooms with doors and windows down the ground floor. Me and Mom came up in next 5 mins and by that time he was very well dressed in his shorts and loose t-shirt and then he asked me strip down my Mom and then Mom to me.

I dropped her pallu down and squeezed her boobs from her deep low cut blouse. Then pulled the lemon color saree from her peticoat and threw it on the railings. Then unhooked her lemon color blouse and then her same color peticoat and gave Sir a view of her sexy figure of 36 24 36. As Mom was opposite to him in a semi see-thru red color bra and panties with her hairs partly on her shoulders and rest on the back.

He then asked her to turn around as he wants to look her ass crack. Wow was the words from his mouth. Then I moved forward and dropped her shoulder straps on her arms and slid her panties to her knees as Shinde sir got aroused by watching her partly grown hairs on her choot. He started rubbing his cock thru his pants. I removed her panties out of her legs and unhooked her bra to remove out of her body and threw those 2 short clothes on Sir’s lap. He smelled her clothes and kept it aside on the railing.

I pushed Swati on the bed and started arousing her by massaging her breasts, ass and her pussy as she was surprised to see her daughter well trained in arousing act. After sometime Sir told Swati to strip down me so she stood up on the bed and asked me to stand up near her. She pulled the string of my night silky gown tied on my middle of my cleavage. The gown rolled automatically on the bed as I was just in 2 small transparent clothes infront of him in

My light blue color netted bra and panties covering the censored point of fucks. He asked Swati to massage me and pull out my bra. Swati did so and she was surprised to see my well shaped breasts in firm and coned position been fucked for many a times. Swati bited on my earlobes, neck, uplifts of breasts, navel, back and shoulders and then down on my thighs too. My blue breasts cover was under my legs.

Then Swati went down to her knees and pulled my panties out of my legs as per his instructions she stuffed the removed panties inside my wet hairy pussy. We then lay on the bed and to lick each other in 69 positions as Swati was busy licking my hairy pussy and trying to pull out my inserted panties from my love hole. Sir objected her and asked not to do so early so she stopped to pull it on. I was sensing her lips and teeth touch on my restricted area.

I was stroking her little haired pussy by my tongue in a horny way as my dream came true so thanked Sir a lot in my mind. As I was under her so Mom turned on me and insert her tongue in tongue as I gave her the taste of her juicy pussy. We got in the lip lock position with a slurping noise and our pussies touching each other with our boobs kissing each other nipples as Mom was of my same height. We played with our legs in legs for few more time.

I was aroused when Mom’s full erect nipples touched my semi erect nipples. We both kissed each others private and general parts of our each body. We then got separated and went to Sir and I pulled his pant out and Mom removed his shirt. His cock was in a lazy position so it was our job to make it erect for the intercourse. We 2 began simultaneously licking his punctured cock one by one and gave his erection back in 6-7 mins by touching our luscious lips petals.

I was sensing the tag of my panties touching my inner walls of pink pussy. He then asked me to lie on the bed as head in the middle of the bed and he fucked my pussy by 3-4 strokes to move my panties deep inside near the vulva. After removing his cock out he took the tablet of Vigora-100 to strengthen in power as he was 55+ and Mom was in her 40’s and I a young girl in 24. After the tablet he asked Swati to lie beside me and he began to utter our names as Preeti

And would lick my pussy and then Swati to lick her pussy. This act went on for next ½ an hour as he must have sensed the working of the tablet. When he stood up his penis was fully errect and throbbing up and down to get a perfect hole. As if his lion was searching to get in the den. We came to know that time the effectiveness of the tablet. When he used to kiss my pussy he used to search the panties in my pussy but failed to do so.

He then asked Swati to lie on and asked me to come up on her in 69 pose as he is eager to fuck Swati and simultaneously insert the orgasm filled cock in my mouth for more lubrication. I came on Swati and laid on her and he came near to my mouth and Swati’s pussy. He firstly fucked my mouth as I could feel the erectness as the cock cap was touching my deep throat. Removed his cock out of my mouth and hurriedly pushed in her Choot by stretching her Choot petals.

Moan took the head out of my Choot and moaned in a pain as first time only it touched her uterus. Aah aah no no Sirrrr please remove your long cock out of my Yoni as if he wanted to touch her heart. I was busy licking her pussy top nut portion to continuously stay her in wet inside. He didn’t pay any mercy on her and began to stroke in the same manner as Swati was crying now and begging to him for mercy.

Oh my, oh my please stop him. Preeti tell your Sir to stop pumping his cock, please darling ask him to stop, my sweet child please do it as you are my sweet trained child naa. I think the inner walls of my Yoni are pinched and blood is oozing out of it. Preeti listen my daughter as he is in no mercy with me.

After stroking her for continuous 20 mins he then pulled out his cock from her pussy as a load of blood came out of her pussy as some stains were also on his cock. He asked me to lick those stains and opened my jaw to insert the same in me. I licked it all and then he asked me to get down and Swati on top as it was my turn to shout in loud.

I was busy licking Swati’s full teared choot juices mixed with her blood and hope he must be putting a condom on his cock to stroke inside me. But no he and Swati got engaged by stretching my pussy petals by Swati’s fingers and he was finger fucking me and then inserted his whole palm in my pussy and started fucking my pussy by his palm as he low grown nails were kissing my inner walls.

By this action my pussy hole got bigger and then he brought his head to my pussy as I could sense his warm breaths on my outer and inners walls. Swati pushed in head and he inserted in his nose and mouth in my pussy and began to search my panties which were just near to my uterus. Swati was pulling my choot cheeks to give him much space to pull out my panties. He succeeded to pull my panties by his teeth as due to this act I had an immediate orgasm and splashed a white load on his face.

They both slurped the Vermicelli which was splashed on both faces. Sir then buried his nose in my pussy as I sensed the warm breath and fucked my pussy by his pointed thick nose for a minute and removed his nose and then tongue fucked my pussy in full speed for around 15-20 mins. I enjoyed his act of nose, panties pulling and palms insertion and moaned a lot as they enjoyed the slurping of Kheer (Vermicelli) from my pussy and the noise of wet fucking.

He then stood up and brought his cock near my pussy and stroked it in deep and reached in a stroke to my uterus. I screamed a lot as I love his fucking tact. He continued the fucking my pussy and also put his cock for a lick fuck in Mom’s mouth as Mom said Preeti your pussy tastes good than me. Sir’s cock was enjoying the licks of mouth and pussy walls. While fucking me he must have an inch grown penis as I was much sexier than my Mom as I could see the lust in his eyes.

Then he asked Swati darling down onto the bed and asked me to rest my back on as I would not be able to bear her weight so he could screw the mother and daughter at the same time by inserting the cock in Swati’s pussy and lifting his legs to insert in my sweetie due to this position our juices were exchanged due his act and art of fucking and his cock tasted the mixed juices. This session went on for 1½ hour and he ejaculated a little on

Swati’s boobs and we 2 licked her dry and tasted is cum as it was 2 o’clock and then by keeping him in the middle of us we laid on the bed for rest sleep. He was dipping his right hands fingers in my pussy and was sucking and his left fingers were dipping in Swati’s pussy. I was again wet due to his act and asked him sat on his chest facing my ass towards his chin and started rubbing my pussy on his hairy chest and nipples.

I stepped out after 15 mins as he saw his chest glowing due to my juices dip on. Mom licked his chest by her tongue and then covered our naked bodies with the large blanket. We woke up when our housemaid came at 8 o’clock. I rushed to open the door by wearing my gown and nothing under it as she was surprised as she hasn’t seen me without inners. I asked her to arrange this floor only as we will be resting on the 1st floor for the whole day and I came up as saw Mom and Sir both got out of bed.

After the maid departed we came down in the hall and had tea and then the breakfast as Sir told us that we will go for lunch out. He said he is having a 2 hour work in his office and little bit shopping in the main market so asked me to come with him so we left after bath to be back by 12.30 noon. We reached to his office and he took me to the men’s toilet and forced me for a blowjob and stained my top by dropping 3-4 drops on my blue top and on my jeans skirt.

He finger fucked me on the sofa beside his office table. Due to his lust I said NO to him so he got nervous and looked at me after couple of minutes. I said to him Sir you want my cunt? He shook his head saying yes as I have shaved my cunt at the time of bath so I stood up to and was to pull my panties down but due to knock on the door I was denied to show and he went to his chair and said come in.

He signed on 8-10 cheques and some documents and then he asked me that we are leaving. I followed him from his office thru lift to the parking lot and then he took me to the main market area and purchased 2 cheap plain color saree’s for us from a handcart for just Rs.90/- each. I chose a cream color and a pink one for Mom as we were having same color petticoats and blouse. He then said to me that you will wear these saree’s on our way to the hotel for lunch.

We reached our house and he gave the packet to Mom and said see you in these saree’s and get back near his Tata Manza car in 15 mins. We rushed to our respective rooms and came out wearing those and stood infront of him as he took us out of our house and asked us to strip down our blouse and petticoats. After stripping I was in the cream color saree with bottle green netted bra-panties and Mom in pink saree with dark blue netted bra-panties.

He then asked us to get in the car as I sat on the rear seat and Mom beside him. He drove us to the 5 star and to the restaurant and pulled a chair for me and Mom to sit. Every waiter was watching our bra’s from our cheap transparent saree’s. We had the delicious food and he said no for the finger bowl and took us to the wash basin and asked us to pull our inners out. We did so and then wash our hands and came out as the inners were in his hand.

He paid the bill and took us thru the stairs towards the main door as Mom’s boobs were shaking up and down as mine was a hard one and yet to hang out. Then took us to the parking lot and asked us strip our saree’s and stuffed our clothes and the inners in the dickey and got in his car naked on the back seat as he switched on the A/C. Thanks to the black tinted window glass as no one could see us sitting without clothes.

He drove to a site which was under construction and there was no one due to Saturday off to the workers and asked us to wore back our inners and saree’s and then drove us to our house. We relaxed till 4 o’clock and till that time he bald his head and then he took me to his friend’s bungalow around 4 kms from our house and opened the door lock with his keys and told me that his friend stays in Dubai and visits 2 times every year in June and in December only.

I was wearing the same saree, petticoat, transparent blouse, black netted bra-panties with a chain on the neck and 2 bangles in the hand. He took me to the 10’ x 10’ size bedroom which was having only a double bed and 2 side tables on each side and a painting on the wall. The room was dark as he put on the night lamps fitted with 2W bulbs in it above and front of the bed. He stripped me down my saree, petticoat, blouse and panties and

I climbed on the bed as he leaned me on the wall below the lamp and by removing his clothes off he climbed on the bed and moved on his knees towards me and pulled my waist near his face and licked my cunt in the leaned position for 1 hour as my moans were closed in the room with aah aannh ahh aah aaah maajhi Puchchi chata ajoon jor jorat chata phadoon taka aaj majhi choot tumhi tumchya dataanee majhya choot chi dhooldhaan kara majha choot

Cha raas pya aaah aaah drink my cum as aaj majhi mastvaal gaand mara, I am going to shoot aaahhhhh then his mouth noise as muh muh mmmmhhh chook chook slurp slurp mmuh mmuh and asked me to sit on the cot by my legs on the floor and again deep licked my choot for another hour. Then I removed by bra clips and I got back on the cot by pulling a pillow behind me and sat on the side as he leaned naked on my breasts and told his story that he is not satisfied by his wife and he haven’t licked her pussy since their marriage.

I was afraid and utter a soft voice in his ears saying Sir you don’t scare me and then pulled my arms back from his chest and he was sitting he moved back to rest on the pillow in sitting position only by legs stretched straight on the bed. I crawled towards his legs side and in the same crawled position pushed back my Gaand towards his face so he smelled my asshole and planted his lips on my low pussy end and stroke his tongue in and out and also tasted my

Gaand hole by circling his tongue round the hole I took his tool in my mouth for a blowjob. After that job he went to shit in the toilet and I wore back all my clothes and waited for him. Then he showed me the main purpose of the bungalow as it was having a back entrance and parking lot. As the frontal view was just 30’ away from the main all time busy road with a glass pane on the first floor with a single

1 foot beam lay to hold the full 15’ transparent light tinted glass on the front side of the room with a small with a space of a man can sit in the window. The view of the glass room was so excellent that each passerby will definitely look up as it was in the catchy eyesight position. I said to him to fuck me on the same view as it’s my fantasy to get watched while someone roughly fucking me.

He agreed for it and then I myself leaned on the full glass pane by stretching my hands on the glass upwards and he put on all the lights as it the sun was all set and due to tinted glass if not put on the lights the passerby will not be able to view us. The room was only having ample of lights on the floor side for entire view of the room from outside too. I stripped my saree out, then loosened the petticoat knot and removed my blouse off.

Pulled my petticoat below my armpits and then undid my bra and panties under the petticoat and dropped it on the side bar. I bent on the window base as I could see the diagonally opposite house 6-8 persons including men and women were watching us and also many more passers by. The view of the hall was glittered by the floor lights as one could locate my clean shaved pussy. Sir pulled me towards him and dropped down my petticoat to my legs

And inserted his cock from back to my pussy as my pussy was already been wet due to the fantasy of being viewed fuck. Sir rammed his tool deep in my pussy as my moans diverted the passerby’s to look for our fucking session. I enjoyed as a large number of persons watching me fucked in the glass room. Sir told me that he is cuming so told him loudly to cum in my deep pussy.

He filled my pussy with his thick load and got separated by squeezing my soft ass cheeks, flat stomach; hanging breasts due to my leaning position, and inserted a finger in my pussy and back in my mouth to taste it baby. He got separated and put off all the lights which were glowing and moved towards the bathroom to wash him. I also joined him. We sat naked on the side chairs and then we moved towards the other closed room by gathering all our clothes.

He denied me from wearing my clothes and asked me to just pull hold my peticoat till my half globes and walk to his car. All my clothes were shattered in that small room where he leaned me on the wall to licked my cunt. I went down to his car in the petticoat covered body as he joined me in a minute and we got in his car and he drove to our house.

Mom was ready with the food and Sir told him about my fantasy and pussy licking on the leaned wall and told her that Preeti will wear her clothes from the bungalow in the early morning hours tomorrow as she will have to wear the same petticoat in the morning and then he will take us (Preeti, Swati and Sir) to the bungalow by his car.

We had a hot fucking session whole night with him as he had a session first with me in a different style and use to say a fucking word with the pussy name and then used to fuck me roughly. Sir: Fuck your Yoni, Screw your Choot, Jam your Bully, Lick your love nest, kiss your Maina, Tongue your hot oven, Plough your Juice Factory, Rammed your child factory, Chod your jungle den, Thok your chaddi covered hole,

Zavoon taken tujhi zawadi Puchchi (a typical Marathi word) we slept after the hot session as Mom and I were ploughed from 11 o’clock to 3 o’clock as he again took the Vigora-100 tab. He woke up us at 04.10 am and asked us to get washed and in 10 mins I came down to the hall in nude. He threw the same peticoat on me and asked me not wear and they both got as Mom ride her Honda Activa and Uncle took my Scooty-Pep and went on the beginning of the colony

And asked me to walk nude by holding my peticoat in my hand till the place they were waiting. I was looking here and there as no one should see me. I just wrapped my peticoat to hide my body and give the view of my bare back and ass after sitting behind him. We drove fast and stopped at the end of the bungalow row as the said bungalow was 19th one in the row. I got down from the scooty as he pulled my petticoat in his hands and asked me to walk nude till the bungalow.

I walked slowly like a cat walk and was shy due to my nudeness. If someone comes out for a morning walk then it will be embarrassing moment for me. Suddenly I saw a two wheeler coming from the opposite direction with the head light on there was nothing to hide me as I sat down on the road in a shitting position to hide my shinning assets. The 2-Wheeler came near to me and stopped I bowed my head down as was ashamed of my nudeness on the road.

He asked me in a loud voice ‘kyaa nangi ghoom rahi ho raste par, kisne chuda kya tujhe, ae chhinaal ladki upar dekh, jara mujhe bhi to dekhne de tera nanga badan chal khadi hoja and apne tange phaila aur apni choot phaila ke apni gufa dikha mujhe, tere balls ko achchi tarah se chupoo’. I looked up and was surprised to see Sir and Mom standing infront of me. I hugged Sir in the same way and then I got in the bungalow and to the room and Sir took my clothes and asked me to down and locked the bungalow.

Then he rode my scooty by dropping my panties first just away the bungalow and I wear it, then my bra, then dropped my blouse, then the peticoat and finally the saree as I was not aware that I walked around a kilometer. I was doing a catwalk after each wearing. Then after sitting behind him we came to our house parked the 2-Wheeler as Mom was waiting nude outside in the lawn and got fucked and screwed from Sir on the lawn. After there fun we took bath in 1 bathroom as massaged and soaped each others bladders.

As Sir slept in the bathroom and I pissed on his face as Mom on his cock. He enjoyed the piss smell of me and licked Mom’s pussy after she pissed. After the breakfast on Sunday morning he gave us a packet each of Rs.10000/- and said will arrange the same in 2-3 months. And said to me that he would love to fuck me in a theatre beside the sitting rows and will inform me on coming Saturday morning to which theatre we will be visiting for a late night show.

He went away and we chat about our lesbian act. Mom said as she was also thinking to have a lesbian fuck with me but wasn’t able to talk to me. She told me that whenever I feel to have lesbian do not hesitate to talk to her. Then she told me about my marriage fixation with a Brahmin boy from my Dad’s office who is single and don’t have his parents so it will be just a court marriage and then a grant reception in a 5 star hotel lawn as

Dad and Mom had a talk with him and he had agreed to do as he doesn’t have the objection about my fucking session outside but will not be allowed to me after the marriage. I hugged Mom in a happy mood and dialed to Dad about my acceptance of getting married. So friends, I will be getting married in a short period of 1 month of less so will not be able to write down my fucking story henceforth. But will definitely write you about my “First Night” enjoyment with my husband. Rush your comments on [email protected] or on facebook too with the same address.

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