Me My mom and aunty

Me and My Mother with neighbor Aunty

This is only a story not real but if this happens in every once life it will be great. I am Kavita 21 years college student living in Chennai with brother and mother as my father is in abroad. My friends used to tell me that I look very sexy. But my mother is sexiest woman I ever saw. They used to tell me that my buttocks are the sexiest thing in my body.

We have a neighbor aunty called meenakshi who is a friend of my mother, they used to sit together once me and my brother leave for the college. As my friends used to tell me that I am very sexy I got an attraction on girls as they used to touch my buttocks and boob during the class hour secretly.

Slowly interest turned towards girls and aunties whenever I go our I looked for the ladies buttocks and their boobs. I got attracted towards my mother and the neighbor aunty I slowly developed an idea mother and the aunty must be lesbians and if I join them it will be heaven.

One day I was leaving for the college meenakshi aunty was standing at her door step I looked at her and smiled and leaving. She suddenly called me as if she remembered something.

“Kavitha can you come here for a minute.”

“Yes Aunty’

She walked inside her house knowing that I am following her. I looked at her huge back

“oh what a back this uncle or my mom must be very lucky to look at her bare back”

As she realized what I was thinking she suddenly looked back and asked

“are they attractive kavita”

I was shocked how she knows that I was looking at her buttocks.

She smiled and said “I know you were looking at my buttocks”

I started stammering ”No aunty it was just following you “

“I know you were looking at my back”

She came close to me and put her hand on my shoulder and gave a small pat on my shoulder “don’t worry you also have a beautiful back”

She gave a taping on my buttocks it sent a shock wave on through my body.

“You have any boy friend kavita”

No aunty

Boys must have tried you is it.

Yes aunty but I don’t have any interest on boys.

You are interested in girls

No yes aunty

No or yes

She was staring at me to know whether I was interested in girls

I am attracted towards girls aunty but never had any such friend.

Will you take me as your friend.

Aunty what are you saying

Why am I not beautiful?

Aunty you are one of the sexiest women I saw in my life.

That means there are many you mean who are the other ladies

She came close to me and put her hand around my hip and pulled me towards her

I leaned over her shoulder

She kissed my cheek softly

I closed my eyes and a chill ran in me and I pressed my body on her body

She lifted my chin and looked at my eyes and slowly bend towards my lips

I closed my eyes she kissed on my lips and her warm silky lips sucked my young tender lips I started losing weight. My legs were no longer steady I was about to collapse on my legs.

She tightly held me against her body our breasts were tightly pressed and our kissing continued that was my first kiss experice.

Slowly she pulled me towards the bedroom without separating our lips we moved towards the bed. After reaching the bedroom she let me fall on the bed and she fell on me and we kissed passionately. My cunt started oozing.

Are you wet kavita

Yes aunty

Should I see?


As I was on the way to college I was wearing chudidhar she removed the knot of the chudi and pulled it down now I was with only panty and tops. She removed the tops and pressed my boobs smoothly. I closed my eyes and started enjoying every moment of this act. Then she removed my panties and bra now I was fully naked.

She was with dress

Aunty I want to see you naked

Sure sweety

In seconds she removed her sari petticoat and blouse and bra. Now we were naked we embraced tightly and kissing endlessly. Our thighs were tightly pressed bobs were pressing together our lips were eating one another.

My cunt was oozing heavily she felt the wetness and winked at me.

You are hot love

Yes aunty

Should we do scissors?


She got up from me and sat at my leg and spreaded my legs seeing my cunt her mouth was watering.

She kept my legs in V shape and she slided one leg underneath me and other leg on top so that her pussy and my pussy are touching.

As soon as both our pussies touched the wetness of both the pussies turned in to cream I was in the seventh heaven.

She rubbed her cunt in a circular motion on my cunt

I started moanin

Ohhh Izzzz

Ohhhh Izzzzz

She love my moan

Slowly she reacted with her moan





Yes Love

Hit My Cunt Kavi

Hit My Cunt

We have reached orgasm in minutes as we were hot

Did you enjoy kavi

It was great aunty

You want to try again

Now aunty

Why you don’t like me kavita

I love you so much aunty

There is one more love for you kavita

Who is that aunty

Don’t get shocked

Who aunty

It is your mom who loves you so much and wanted to have you on her bed

I was shocked

Aunty is that true

Yes it is our plan to sense your taste if you show interest in ladies we have planned to pull you in our relation.

You mean you both are lesbians

For years

Then what is my fate aunty

You are our queen lovely

Go to your house your mom is waiting to fuck you your cunt

I dressed up and came to my house I saw doors were opened and no sign of anyone I looked at the bedroom


I ran at her and in seconds we were rolling in the bed

At least close the door baby aunty said from the doorstep.

Rest with my mom in my next part

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My next stories will be with my mother and brother and brother fucking me and mom

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