Lonely Women

Hi readers. This is your JJ, I feel happy to post a Sunday submission something which has been interrupted in the recent past. This is again is a lesbian story which revolves around a lonely women and her secrete desires. Once women reach the later side of 40’s she gets dumped in the society in which we currently live except for the odd adolescent guy who wants to screw a matured lady. Women have their own problems when it comes to sex. The narration below belongs to a Chennai woman who has all her wants fulfilled in terms of materialistic world, but then as mentioned above her hormones never stopped secreting and are driving her mad. Will be able to overcome the tormenting bodily requirements? Or will she a to the other ways of finding pleasures? Driving home, Manjula thought about her aerobics class, her workout, and the new gym she had just joined, Fitness Today. A newly come up facility in the Anna Nagar east, she had hoped that by joining an exclusively female facility it would help her take her mind off of men. At 44 years old, and newly divorced from an extra martial affair, she needed to get her mind off of relationships, and men in general. Her affair had ended with a thud, and she couldn’t help but feel unattractive, unwanted. Not that men didn’t find her attractive; at 5’6″, 68kgs, jet black shoulder-length hair, and a decent figure, men usually flirted with her, and she had her occasional masturbations sessions, but she still couldn’t shake the feeling that she could look better. Her self-confidence was shaken, but she still needed men, wanted men. Just the thought of a gorgeous man aroused her. Manjula decided she needed a change, so joining an all-girl gym might help.

Fitness unit was a nice place, with helpful attendants, and excellent aerobics instructor. Bhoomika had made her feel comfortable on her first day, showing her around the facility, providing her with a locker, and explaining the complicated aerobics schedule. Manjula didn’t know many women so helpful, and Bhoomika easily charmed her. Her body tight from years of intense aerobics, she seemed proud of her figure, and her self-confidence was evident. Wearing a black panty and white tights, she paraded throughout the gym, introducing Manjula to several other women. Manjula had thought she would feel nervous coming here for the first time, but she was very relaxed, and surprisingly confident that she had made the right choice in selecting a gym. The tour lasted about ten minutes, and Bhoomika suggested Manjula change into her workout wear, as the intermediate class was getting ready to start. Back at the locker-room, Manjula quickly changed into her tights, tied her new aerobics shoes tight, and headed for the class. She breezed through the workout, working up a good sweat. Her mind felt clear and alive, and back in the locker room, she was surprised to see so many women heading for the large public changing room. So many different girls, all sizes and shapes, stripping and happily showing their contours off. Manjula decided to just pack up her clothes and go home for a hot shower. It was only a fifteen-minute drive, and she could relax and take a long hot shower alone. A quick good-bye to Bhoomika, and she was out the front door, waving to the receptionist as she left. As she drove, her mind kept wandering back to Bhoomika. She had a perfect picture of her in her mind’s eyes, seeing her in that white tights, standing close to her. Manjula remembered staring at Bhoomika’s chest, taking in the view of her hidden breasts, her lovely cleavage, and her faintly hard nipples. Manjula absentmindedly licked her lips, and, realizing she had done this, shook her head as if to shake that thought out of her mind. Only one more light, and then a quick left turn would see her home. Her hands gripped the wheel tight as she saw the light was still green, and she hoped to make it.

She brought the car to a slow stop as the light turned red, and now she waited. She became aware of the fabric of her tight workout dress against her own nipples; she never wore a bra. She didn’t need to, as her breasts were small and tight. Manjula looked down to see her nipples as they formed small points against the material. A hot wave flashed through her body, and she moaned at the feeling. She looked at herself in the rear-view mirror, her eyes intense, and she licked her lips again. The traffic light flashed green, and soon she was pulling into her driveway. Manjula lived in a gorgeous two-story house. When her husband had left her, she decided to stay in the house, and make the best of it. Manjula sat on her bed, taking off her shoes and socks. She stood before her full-length mirror, and gazed upon her body. She felt that same rush of pleasure again, and her nipples responded. Bhoomika again flashed into her mind; she couldn’t help but peel off her workout dress. Manjula loved how she looked in just tights. She turned around, and looked over her shoulder at her butt and legs in the reflection. She could see the faint outline of her black panties under the white tights. Placing her thumbs into the waistband, she slowly pulled the tights down her legs, and stepped out of them. She turned back to face the mirror, and gazed upon the reflection of her nearly nude body. Whips of dark pubic hair peeked out from the sides of her panties. Her lips parted as she saw the dark spot at her crotch; she knew at that moment that she had to masturbate. Once again, her vision of Bhoomika flashed into her mind. Manjula felt totally confused. She had never, ever, thought of women in this way. She had a few bi-sexual friends, but the thought of being with another woman had never interested her, until this very moment.

Her mind raced; she had always masturbated to the thoughts of naked men, with gorgeous bodies and hard cocks; chiseled men that would be hers. Bhoomika’s body was now painted in her mind. It was a picture she couldn’t erase, and she didn’t want to. Her senses were coming alive; she could smell the faint aroma of sweat on her body, and it was enticing. Still standing in front of the mirror, she removed her panties, and sat back on the bed. The mirror continued to provide a view of her. Manjula spread her legs, and gazed at the sight of her pussy, her pubic hair still damp from the combination of sweat and sex. She became aware of how hard her nipples were; she felt totally aroused, totally sexy. This was not like the usual masturbation session; in the past she had always had to work hard to achieve an orgasm. But today she seemed on the edge already. The sight of her own body making her shudder with excitement. Manjula ran her fingernails along the insides of her thighs; she imagined it was Bhoomika’s hands doing this, not her own. Now the word “Bhoomika” escaped her lips. In one motion her fingers touched her lips, parting them, exposing her hard clit. Manjula’s upper body jerked forward, her eyes widening, her chest heaving. A stream of her wetness flowed from her pussy onto the bed, and her fingers were quick to retrieve it. She brought those fingers up to her mouth, slowly licked them clean, enjoying the taste of herself. Amazingly, she imagined that she tasted Bhoomika, and the fingers of her left hand began to rub her clit in a circular motion. Her ass and legs tightened as she enjoyed the feeling of making love to herself. She was past the point of no return; her sexual feelings now controlled her mind. Manjula thought of the locker room, the women wandering in a casual fashion. How she now wished she had gone with them & spent more time. Now her right hand joined her left in pleasuring her clit, two pairs of thumbs and forefingers squeezing, rubbing, rotating. Her legs instinctively spread wider, extending out in the open, toes pointed. Manjula’s body swayed as she fought desperately to prolong her pleasure. She could see Bhoomika, feel her, and taste her. Her stomach tightened, and she forced her eyes to focus on her reflection. Manjula could resist her feelings no longer; with one last

Enduring movement, she pinched her clit madly, and a loud groan seemed to flow from all parts of her body. The orgasm gripped her tightly, ripping through her from head to toe. Her eyes closed as she reveled in the unbelievable pleasure coursing through her, centering on her pussy. Loud moans escaped her, as wave after wave of pleasure wreaked havoc on her. She fell back onto the bed, her hips grinding into her fingers, her feet on the bedrail supporting her body weight. Manjula arched her back high, cupping her crotch with both hands, and then she collapsed back onto the bed, breathing deeply. Still groggy, she became aware of the sweat dripping from her forehead, from her armpits, from between her breasts and stomach. More visions of Bhoomika ran through her mind like some kind of private slide-show. Manjula finally released her grip on her pussy, and she pushed herself up to a sitting position. She looked at herself in the mirror again, and the erotic nature of the entire experience overwhelmed her. She suddenly felt strong, confident, and mentally aware of her experience. Manjula stepped into her huge double shower off of her bedroom, and stepped under the now warming water. She reflected on her feelings. “Am I that attracted to other women?”, she thought. Her feelings could not be denied; she could not get the thought of Bhoomika out of her mind. Manjula quickly dressed and did her make-up. It was only 5:00 p.m. On a Friday evening, and the entire city seemed to await her. She felt very bold, very defiant. Tonight she would explore her new feelings. It was time to forget about the past, and look to the future. Manjula locked her front door behind her. She stepped into her Ford, cranked up the engine, and sped out into a new world. Scribble a few line as you would always do to keep me encouraged & keep posting more and more………[email protected]

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