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Hi to all the ISS readers and my lesbian counter parts. This is my true story when I was at the tender age of 17 years. My name is Seema and I stay in Mumbai with my parents. The incident goes 4 years back. Before that let me tell you about my self. I am 21 years old now and 36-28-38. Currently unmarried and working in a call centre in the suburbs. Ok let’s come to the incident now.

It was 4 years back. We were staying in Mumbai with my mom dad my elder sister who is who was 20yrs that time. It was during one our summer vacation where my parents have to go to my native place for a marriage. We could not go as didi had just joined a new job and she could not take a leave so we 2 stayed back. We used to stay in a chawl as we were from a middle class family… There was a family staying next to us. They consist of Mom dad their only son and his wife Neelam. Neelam was 21 years old with good body and very fair. She had a 1 year old kid. Her husband was a useless guy with no work in hand and just a drunkard and use to borrow money from every one every now and than… Because of his nature his parents asked him to leave his own life. Earn on his own and fed his family. He was given a separate room and separate gas connection. Neelam always use to fight with her mother in law. As they were thrown out her mother in law never use to allow them to use the bathroom. So they use to have bath in the open in the backyard behind their house. Its was like row of houses so there was a row of houses just opp the backyard. So they use to use a big bed sheet to cover the area where she use to take bath but she use to not cover the side are as out kitten wall use to cover it. Once I was brushing my teeth in the morning I saw her having bathed totally naked. I was amazed by her body. Big breast and pink pussy and a round ass. This was the first time I was seeing a nude person of the same sex in front of me. I could not take my eyes of from her. This became a regular thing. I used to watch her daily. Once I saw her husband coming from behind and squeezing her titts and nipple. I was shocked that what she is doing all this in open. One day I saw him coming from behind and pressing her boobs and kissing her back. I just thought of waiting for waiting for a while and watch the game as it was really new and exciting for me. I knew I was getting wet down there. IN a flash he removed his lungi and underwear and started to hump her from behind. She dint have a clean shaven pussy but she had trimmed it so I could see his dick going in and out and from her pussy. She started moaning and her legs starter trembling and she started loosing her grip from the ground.

Slowly he started to increase the pace and rhythm and making a pat pat noise. He was squeezing her nipples along with when he was humping her from back. She was making a moaning sound but very low as they were in the backyard. Trust me I was enjoying all this and I was surprised to find my hand on my crotch and running on my nighty over my pussy. By the time I looked back again they were almost done and her husband was washing his dick with water and Neelam started to wash her pussy and his cum al over mixed with hers. I am sure she had a orgasm.

Now every day I use to wait for her to come and take bath and wait for something exciting to happen. Not every day once in a week at least they use do something or the other like kissing squeezing her tits and finger fucking her.

In the month of May my parents had to go for a marriage to attend to our native place and they were off for 10 days> we could not go as didi had just got a new job. So I stayed back to accompany her. My parents left. We were left alone and specially I was happy as I could enjoy in sight seeing with out any fear of any one coming. I use to get up every day early and do my morning stuff and make Tewa for my sister who has to leave for work and than use to watch her. I liked her body and I started playing with my bossy. I was getting sexually aroused and excited. I was surprised that everything was happening after seeing a naked lady and not with any guy. This was unusual but I was licking it. I got some porn cd from a friend of mine and use to watch it thinking of Neelam and started to masturbate when my didi use to got to office and I sue to do all kind of thing like walking naked in this house feeling my butt and putting and carrot between my legs and walking all over. Squeezing my nipples and shaving my cunt and imagining all sort or bedroom stuff. Like getting sucked my pussy sucking a black cock and getting fucked by 2-3 guys at the same time and all kind of hardcore sex.

It was Saturday and as usual I got up early and started to do my work and was waiting for her and some action to happen. There she came and started to strip of her clothes. She was now in her black transparent bra and panty. She was about remove that when her husband came from the beck and started to smooch her and press her boobs over her bra. He slowly went down and slid her panty a little and started to lick her pussy. She started getting excited and was moaning when her kid started to cry as he had woken up. So her hubby had to leave on run inside. Neelam was left dry and she was really excited and very high. she was biting her lips and she herself started to put her finger in and started to masturbate and this was the first time I saw her doing that in the last 3 months. She started to put in faster when I heard phone ringing but I was in a no mood to leave what I was watching…. She was standing and fingers herself. What a sight it was. I was waiting for her hubby to come back and get back into action but he was not in sight. Neelam was trembling, so to make it easy she sat back on her hips on the floor and spread her legs so her pussy was in my full view and she started masturbating with hand and with other hand she was taking a support on the floor and in between she was pinching her nipples. I was getting really excited this time and started rubbing my crotch area. I wanted to lick her pussy and take her nipples and bite it and suck it… I wanted to go there are surprised her but to my utter surprise and shock I felt a hand on my shoulder and when I turned back it was my sister who had come there without me noticing her. My hands were still on my pussy area but still .I was motionless and speechless… She asked me what I was watching and doing here… I said nothing but she was not convinced and she went to the small kitchen window to see what the game all about was, and she was shocked to see Neelam lying naked and fingering herself. I thought Neelam must have finished by now and would have started to have her bath but she hasn’t as she was still unsatisfied with what her hubby has left from…Sister’s eyes were gazed at Neelam and I was in a shock. She turned towards me and gave me angry look and again she turned and started to watch Neelam’s game. She was lost in that. Even I thought to join in and came near my sister towards her back and started to watch Neelam. My chin was on my sister shoulder and I was looking at Neelam and so was my sis Kiran.

We both were watching when suddenly her hubby came in. He saw her lying on the floor. Within minutes he joined the game and took of his lungi and undies and lied on Neelam and started fucking her. None of us wanted to move. I don’t know from where I got the courage and I slowly put one of my hand on Kiran hip and my body was sticking to her from the back but she dint realize it. My breath was near her neck area she was enjoying it and so was it… I saw that she dint react to my touch and so o got a little bolder and place my another hand on her waist and slowly on her belly from the front. She sighed and put her hand on my hand which was on her belly. I thought she wanted to stop but I waited for some time and we and took my hand over her belly toward her breast and placed on it slightly. She dint react and so I slowly pressed. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. I got the signal and knew that she was turned on while watching Neelam get screwed by her hubby. Now I got bolder and griped both her breast with both of my hand and squeezed them. She placed her hand on my hand joined the gamed. I turned her towards me and gave her a kiss and locked my lips with her not giving her any change to speak or react. I took her mouth in my and smooched her for more than 5 minutes till we were breath less. I don’t want to waste any time and go to the bed room. I pulled her nigthy up to her waist and started to rub her pussy. I was surprised to see that she was not wearing any panties. I asked her why she said that mom was not there so she wanted to be free. I bent down and kissed her pussy lips and than I put my tongue in her pussy and started to suck it she lost all her control and came down and I maid her lay on the floor and removed her nighty. She was a wearing a pink color transparent bra. I pulled it out at once and put my mouth on her nipples and started to suck it. I told her big 36 boobs on my mouth and sucked it form some time I can see she liked it. She had her hand on her pussy. I knew she wanted it badly. I went down and started to lick her pussy. Now I removed my nighty and my panties and kept my legs near her face and came in 69 position, she dint knew how to react but she followed what I was doing and joined the game. We sucked each other till we came in each other mouth. We got up and went to the bath room to clean over self. We came back to the kitchen asked there how come she was up so early she said I woke up by the phone ring now I realized why dint I go to pick the phone when it was ringing. But I dint regret it any more.

We smiled at each other and looked in her eyes. It was all lust. I went close to her and kissed her again. She dint stop me I made her sit on the kitchen table and kissed each other for a while. I was pressing her boobs along with finger her. She was loosing it so I asked to if could go to the bedroom. She said YES. I told her to go and I will follow her… She went I opened the fridge and took a long carrot and went to the bed room. She was lying on the bed. She asked me where I went I told her to get the carrot. She asked me why. I told her wait for a minute and will show u. I spread her legs and inserted it in slowly…. She stopped me with her hand but I was not in a mood to stop and took away her hand and she knew that I am not in a mod to stop. She opened her legs for me and she had a cleaned shaven pussy… I put the carrot slowly in till she dint ask me to stop. It was almost in I was surprised to c that it was whole in. Now I started to move it in and out. Didi started to enjoy she was pinching her nipples and squeezing her boobs. I was doing it for more than 10 minutes she started breathing heavily and moaning loudly. I knew that she was about to cum. I increased my speed and with a loud bang she lay motionless… I knew she was out. I looked at her and said DID U LIKE THAT. She replied. YES BABY I LOVED IT. I WANT TI MORE. Well that was it.

We fucked each other the whole day- as it was Saturday and she dint have to go to office. Next day it was Sunday we spend the whole day and night fucking each other in different style. We experimented a lot with each other…I became her sex partner, I was the active one and would use to dress like a guy and fuck her when ever and wherever we were in a mood till our parents came back. Even after they came back we use to fuck each other when ever we used to get a chance. She told me that she was a virgin till now and I was her 1st lover. I told her that even I was a virgin and I don’t want any guy as I have u. We loved each other till she got married. Even after her marriage we use to do it whenever we were together. She use tell me everything that she and her hubby used to do with her in the bedroom.

We got many partner after that. Her office colleague niti from India times dating and we had many more encounter. The best was the new years ever where we were 5 partners fucking and drinking all night till we all came over and over. All other experience in other story of mine. Any comments are most welcome. Please feel free to mail, me at [email protected] Any Lesbos from Mumbai specially form and heri please feel free to contact me.

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