Homosex with friend in hosur

Hi This is govindaraj from coimbatore age of 24 and my cock size is 6.5inches in length and I am fair good looking guy.I am in coimbatore now and my native is hosur(Krishnagiri Dist.,)This happened when I was 22 when I went to my native place I met my old college friend there in hosur his name is rajan and he is of my same age little darker in color and cock of 7 inches long.I went to his house there were no one in his house he was in lungi and baniyan and he was watching television and after my arrival we chatted about other things and it became late so he compelled to stay in his home as there were no one in his home too.I decided to stay there.We had our dinner and he asked whether we can c a xxx film and I said ok….He gave me a lungi and I removed my underwear and was in baniyan and lungi only.As soon as the film started there was a kissing scene and pressing of nipples and women sucking the cock of man.My cock got aroused cing those scene and I hold my cock(*Sunni) in my hands and started masturbating it.My friend asked to show my cock which was in mood and I didn’t show my cock because I was little hesitating to show it.Rajan came close towards me and hold my hands and kept it on his cock it was upto 90degrees and he took my lungi up and slept on my lap and shagged my cock and I felt I was in heaven and then after a little while he took my sunni in his mouth and sucked I was moaning

He hold my nipples in a hand and squeezed it and slept over me and sucked my nipples,lips and cock for a long time.Kissed me everywhere.I got him down and sucked his nipples and took his cock in my mouth and gave a blowjob he told machan rombo nala eruku nala oombu da en sunni rombo nala edhukaga dhan wait panit eruku he told ie., suck nicely and my tool is waiting for this only for a longer time….He kept my cock between his thighs and moved to and fro as he was lap fucking and I was getting my precum out and it was moving inside quite nicely.He told machan yenadhula podu da en soothu la podu da(Told to ass fuck) I told no da yenadhu pogadhu en sunni perisa eruku adhunala pogadhu da.He told Machan oil potu pana ulla pogum da he replied(I told it wont go he replied if we apply oil it will go)He applied oil on my sunni and massaged it and applied oil on his ass hole and inserted my finger he told valikudhu machan so I gently pressed inch by inch it went.I didn’t control my temptation so I pulled my finger and inserted my cock in his ass hole at first it was paining for me too.He was shouting venam machan ulla valikudhu.,.I inserted and poured little more oil inside this time he told he is getting less pain as it is first time foir both and I fucked him for 10mins and I was about to cum so I removed my cock and turned him front and cummed in his chest and I suxked his cock and he cummed in my mouth and both washed and slept nakedly for the whole night and in the night we had sex for 2 times fucked nicely and it was my most beautiful sex in my life I ever had.Fucking 3 times in a night…Is there in and around Hosur,Krishnagiri ,Coimbatore can mail me to [email protected] .Waiting for ur response dears..

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