Heaven on Earth

I was married to Anitha almost two years back and recently she went to her native place for her first delivery. She had to undergo a Ceasarian operation and stayed in hospital for 15 days. I went to my in-laws place to see my wife who was in hospital. My mother in law attended her in the hospital and as only one person is allowed to stay with the patient I came back home. My father-in-law aged about 46 years and my younger brother-in-law aged around 19 yrs were at home. To kill my time I saw a hot late night movie in VCD and wanted to catch my sleep, as I moved to my bed room I heard moaning from my father-in-laws bed room. I thought something was wrong and tried to open the door but the door was locked, I pushed the window door open and as the lights were on I saw my father-in-law lying completely naked on the bed and masturbating. Even though he is 46 yrs old he looks much younger and smarter. His hairy chest, his erect black nipples, his muscular thighs and his erect black 8 inch long penis covered with black & gray pubic hair, his heavy balls were feasting my eyes and I never thought in my 26 yrs of age that another man beating his meat can sexcite me so much. As I was almost starved of sex for almost three to four months due to my wife’s pregnancy, my penis swollen to its full size and started pushing my lungi up and it needed much attention and pressure started building in my balls for relief. My presence made a little sound near the window and my father-in-law looked up and saw me peeping his masturbation. I rushed to my bed room and pulled my lungi away and started pumping my erect 7 inch penis with hand. In my hurry I forgot to lock my door and my father-in-law who came to my room switched on the light and saw me lying naked on the bed with my penis in one hand and my other hand pinching my erect black nipple. I could not react in shock.

My father-in-law stood there in lungi and softly asked whether I climaxed I replied in negative. He approached my bed I noticed his lungi forming a tent as he was not yet ejaculated. Noticing my looks on his tent he pulled away his lungi exposing his anaconda like black penis to me. He slowly parted my legs with his hands and kissed my penis on its head. I felt a rush of blood to my penis on his wet and warm lips touch. My whole body tingled with pleasure and I started freely responding to his touches. I took hold of his penis and touched another mans’ cock for the first time in my life, it felt like a hard rubber stick. He started sucking my penis taking me to heaven. His fondling on my balls was giving me intense pleasure. I started pumping his penis rhythmically. Suddenly he left my penis and left my room. I was surprised and shocked by his reaction but within five minutes he returned to my room and asked if I want to ride (fuck) his anus. I was excited at this offer and he told his anus was coated with jelly and he took my penis in his hand and coated my penis with KY jelly. I slowly sat on bed he wrapped his legs around my waist and I could easily penetrate my hard penis in his ass hole. the warm and tight hole itself took me to new peaks of excitement and pleasure.

He started thrusting his waist down and I pushed my penis up his ass hole. It was like a dance as I went up and he came down and he went up , I came down. He placed his lips on my lips and started French kissing me. after few seconds of ecstasy he placed his mouth on my nipples and started sucking them one by one which made me pump harder and harder. Not being able to control my passion any longer I felt a flood of my hot semen pour out of my balls through my penis and filled his ass thrust after thrust, I groaned loudly with relief and started to feel dizzy with the sexual pleasure I experienced. Within few minute my father-in-law shot his love juice rhythmically between our bellies it almost shot up to my chin and he licked his cum and dropped the same to my mouth to taste his cum. That fortnight I was introduced to many sexual delights by my father in law which I will be sharing with readers and what we did not observed in our sexual act was that we were observed by my brother-in-law which I came to know later I will be writing that story shortly. Since then I was in HEAVEN IN EARTH and I never missed my sexual life even though my wife has to take complete bed rest for six months after her major operation as my father-in-law and mother-in-law came with my wife to my place to assist her ailing daughter.

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