First Lesbian Experience With My Maid

It was the summer holidays after my tenth
class final exams. There were two months of vacation and I was completely bored
after the first week itself. My mom had gone out for work. I was curled up on
the sofa, lazily browsing through the TV channels. I was wearing a round neck,
sleeveless, white t shirt and a tight denim shorts. I was also having my small
ear rings, a thin waist chain and a pair of anklets on me.

I stared at the TV, switching the channels
one by one. Suddenly I remembered the CD Renu had given at the last day at
school. Renu was my classmate and my best friend. She had said that the CD was
pretty exciting and was a must watch. It was some kind of a porn movie. I had
not watched porn before. So after asking for a number of times, she had finally
handed me one of her CD s to watch. I ran into my bedroom.

I switched on my PC and scanned through my
school bag for the CD. Finally I found it, between the heavy math books. I was
too excited. I opened the cover and inserted the CD into my PC drive. It was
not playing. I opened the drive and took out the CD. It was all scratched at
the back. I cleaned it up with my t shirt and inserted it again. Still, it was
not getting recognized by the PC. I tried two or three times but did not

Finally, cursing Renu, I went into the
hall. Still pissed off with her, I started watching the TV. I made a mental
note to slap her for this, when we meet. I was brooding over it, when the front
door opened and Seema walked in. She was our maid. She was a stout woman in her
forties. She was wearing a white blouse and a red flowery sari.

Hi baby, do you need something to drink?
She smiled at me. I nodded my head, indicating no. She went inside the kitchen
and started cleaning the house as I sadly watched the boring operas in the TV.
“Ayesha..!”, Seema was calling me from my bedroom. “Come here for a sec”, she
called out. I slowly got up from the sofa and slipped on my slippers.

Coming”, I called out as I walked towards
my room. Seema was standing inside my room, with a broom in her hand, staring
at the PC monitor. I was shocked to see the video of two nude girls kissing on
my screen. The disc had finally ran, but at the wrong time. I had forgotten to
switch off the PC or to take out the disc. “So this is what you do, when your
mom goes to the office?

Seema questioned me. I stood there, with
my head hanging down. “Let me inform your mom right away. “Please don’t”, I
pleaded with her. She came close to me. “Your mom should know, what you were
doing”, she said. “Please Seema. I won’t repeat it”, I begged. Suddenly she
placed her hand on my breasts and squeezed. I was shocked. I was not wearing
any bra and I felt her powerful hand squeezing my breasts through my t shirt.

I caught her hand in shock. “If you want
me not to tell you mom, you should do as I say”, she looked fiercely at me. I
stood there holding her hand which was on my breasts. “Take off your hands”,
she commanded. I was scared. I did not want my mom to know. But I did not have
a clue to what Seema had in mind. I slowly took off my hands. “Good girl”, she
said. “Now, switch off the PC.

I went and switched off the PC. “Go and
sit on the bed”, she ordered. I sat on the edge of the bed. I was confused and
scared. I knew that what I saw on the PC screen was going to happen to me. But
she was not kissing me. I sat there timidly, watching her. She slipped my
slippers off me on to the floor and pushed me to the center of the bed. She
made me lie on my back. My hands were stretched out above the head.


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