My Younger Sister Dr.Kani – Part II

Hi, Ram here, i hope you might have liked my first part with my cute sister Kani, those who had not read please read my first part story. Now am going to write about the next part i.e. after that night what happened?

As we end up when power came. I had a good sleep & i woke up at 10am, when i saw beside me my sister Kani was not there, i thought even she might be sleeping, but she woke & had bath, was in nice dress. She mostly loves to wear leggings & kurta tops, on that day morning she was in black leggings & red kurta which was up to her knee. When i saw her, wow she was looking so cute & her soap smell was arousing me, my cock was stiff. I thought she may be angry or won’t talk with me properly, because of last night act.

Kani: Good Morning anna.
Me: Good Morning da, when you woke up Kani?
Kani: at 9am brother.
Me: Ok
Kani: Go brother take bath; let’s have breakfast together am hungry.
Me: I had bath, she was watching TV, and I said you’re damn cute & good looking in this dress.
Kani: Really Brother! Thank you.
Me: I, mom & sis had breakfast…

We both were watching TV, as mom was busy in kitchen.

Me: Kani how was last night?
Kani: she smiled & was silent
Me: sis you got a sexy lips, if you allow me, i will suck those lips for whole day. I touched her lower lip wow…
Kani: hmmm your desire is quite different brother.
Me: Kani when i was sucking your lips it was awesome & i was in heaven,(as talking i kept my hand in her thighs, she was wearing leggings, as its kind of dress like another skin only, I could feel her thighs through dress too). You liked my kiss sister?
Kani: Yes, i liked brother.
Me: Can we today night also? Will you allow me to do Sister?

Kani: Hmm you naughty bro, we had enough kiss yesterday, so no kiss today.
Me: you said you like it, and then now saying no, this is not fair sister, let’s do it Kani pleas.
Kani: Ok brother, we will do it.
Me: I whisper in her ear Thank you, while doing this i touched her thighs & was rubbing.
Kani: No mention (she smiled)
Me: I was just rubbing her thighs, to & fro
Kani: Brother what are you doing on my thighs?

Me: Your thighs are so soft & sexy, i can feel it through the leggins, sister your thighs is sexy, i want to just kiss & rub for whole day.
Kani: Shut up, you naughty brother.
Me: Hey sis, you know your ass is so sexy; I love to see when you walk.
Kani: That’s why yesterday while going shopping you made me to walk front & you came back?
Me: Yes my sexy ass sister.
Kani: You naughty… love to see your own sis ass moment while walking?
Me: Yes i love it.
Kani: Don’t you have shame to do this.

Me: No am proud to say that my sister got a sexy ass.
Kani: Hmmm
Me: Sister you know, when you walk your ass go left & right, most of the celebrity ass go like this, the normal girls ass goes up & down, but my sister ass wow wow, i will just love to kiss your ass cheek when you walk. Sister if you allow me, whole day i will sleep on your ass.
Kani: Hmmm

Me: She was smiling & enjoying, come on sister let me feel it, i just touched her ass, my sister allowed me, wow i was just rubbing it and pressing & massaging. Sister how you got such a sexy ass? What you did?
Kani: I did nothing bro.
Me: Don’t lie to me Kani. Kani can i kiss your ass pleas. Pleas
Kani: Ok brother.

Me: I just started to kiss thru dress.
Kani: Ahh bro enough, please stop it
Me: Come on sister, just started now lemme enjoy for a while, my sexy sister i want to lick it. She was just moaning.
Kani: ahhh hmmm bro am feeling something, i can’t control brother. Brother….ahh hmmmm ugg..
Me: Kani my sexy ass sister i was rubbing a lot.

Kani: Bro ahhha enuf mom will come
Me: Sister i wanna kiss your naked ass…
Kani: No brother not now.
Me: pls sister.pleas

Kani: Bro, are you mad? Mother is in Kitchen.
Me: pls sister.pleas if mom comes I will stop, when she come out we will come to know and we will stop.
Kani: Ok but only one minute.

Me: i said ok, i pulled her leggins down & her panty too…i smelled wow such a sexy smell & sexy ass with great shape. I kissed my sister ass.
Kani: hmmm ahh….
Me: i was just kissing & rubbing my face on my sister ass.
Kani: Ahhh bro, enuf one minute over.
Me: She started to dress up, i said sis just one min lemme do this for once.
Kani: What bro?

Me: I licked ass cheek with tongue, she saw me and she liked it, she closed her eyes & enjoying, in the mean while when i was licking she was watching my tongue & eyes. I asked her you like it sister?
Kani: Yes whatever you want to do with my ass.
Me: I continued for next 15mins.
Kani: She was enjoying too.

We heard mom coming we stopped & Kani left the room.Then we had lunch, after that evening she brought coffee for me.

Kani: Good eve bro, here take the coffee.
Me: Good eve sister, thanks for the coffee, i asked hey sister is the coffee made with cow milk?
Kani: Yes, bro.
Me: Why can’t make with your milk?
Kani: My milk?
Me: Yes my sweetheart from your breast milk.
Kani: You naughty, i don’t have milk now.

Me: Can i help you for that?
Kani: Help your wife when you get married.
Me: Ok, when there is milk in your breast, will you make me a coffee with that?
Kani: Sure bro, anything for my bro.

At night,i requested her to join my room,she said mom won’t allow. I said inform mom that you got some project work so you need my help.

Me: After having dinner, she came to my room at around 2200hrs.
Kani: Hi bro.
Me: I was waiting for you sexy sister.
Kani: hmmm
Me: Sister you look so sexy in this cotton maxi, it shows your curves, especially your ass shape. I asked her did you like when i kissed & licked your ass.
Kani: Yes bro, i enjoyed it.

Me: I was in bed, she was standing, and I said sis pleas turn around lemme kiss your ass. I planted kiss on her ass cheek through dress.
Kani: hmmm…ahhh… Bro….can you please do that to my naked ass?
Me: Sure why not sister?
Kani: She lifted her maxi upto her hip and removed her panty & stood in front of my face showing her ass.
Me: Wow, i just hold her ass with my both hand & started kissing it & licking it.
Kani: hmmm ahha bro i love it.

Me: I made her lay on bed & started to kiss her naked thighs.
Kani: Bro what you doing? Just enjoy with my ass no other parts pleas.
Me: Don’t worry sister, i will give you pleasure, you will enjoy a lot.
Kani: hmmm ok bro.
Me: I just started to lick her soft & silky thighs, wow it was so smooth i was kissing & licking it.
Kani: Hmm bro it’s driving me crazy hmm ugg ahhh

Me: I slowly moved up to her pussy, i just smelled my sister pussy wow that was awesome, the aroma was great, I kissed gently & started sucking my sister pussy.This was the first time i saw my sister pussy or any other pussy. I said sister your pussy is so juicy & fleshy i wanna eat it.

Kani: Go on bro eat your sister pussy, do whatever you want.
Me: I started sucking my sis pussy very hard & harder, as she was in heaven she was giving her pussy to my mouth by lifting her hip. She was pressing my head force to her pussy and making to suck very hard.
Kani: Bro eat it, please do more and fast.
Me: Then i widen her legs & rubbed my finger over my sis pussy. I was teasing her.
Kani: Bro i can’t control it, do something,(her pussy became so wet.)

Me: I sucked her pussy juices. I started to insert my index finger in my sister pussy. I asked her hey sister how many fingers should i insert?
Kani: I had never done this brother do whatever you want am not going to stop you.
Me: I inserted 3 fingers & fingered my sis pussy very hard.
Kani: She was screaming like hell.
Me: I asked her to remove her dress. Wow she was fucking hot in naked.
Kani: Bro pleas suck my pussy more.
Me: I said i will sister but before that suck your bro cock. She was ready & was in squat position. I gave my cock to my sister. She just started to suck my cock like a real whore bitch. I was in heaven, i couldn’t believe that my sister is sucking her own bro cock.
Kani: mhmmmhmmm pluff pluff

Me: I made her to suck my whole cock, even my balls, i inserted my cock till her throat, she couldnt take it as mine was 8″,i inserted till throat, tears were shedding from her eyes.
Kani: Bro i love your cock, can i suck it daily, will you give me daily?
Me: I said why not sister, from today onwards this cock belongs to you, you can do anything with this, anytime you can suck it.
Kani: Wow thanks a lot bro, same with me to, my body is only for you, till i get married. Love you bro.
Me: I made her lay on bed & inserted my cock inside my sister pussy. She was screaming, as sis was virgin it was so tight.
Kani: Bro ahhh its hurting, bro your cock is too big to go inside my pussy.

Me: Should i stop?
Kani: No way bro just insert it & fuck me out, today i want my bro cock inside my pussy, insert in any way.
Me: I just gave a big stroke & tore my sister hymen, she started to bleed.

Kani: She shouted, I just closed her mouth by kissing on her lips & said in her hear don’t shout sister mom will woke.
Me: I was fucking my sister very harder & faster ahhh sister you are awesome bitch, take it my whore sis take your bro cock.

Kani: ahhh yeah faster bro faster, bro do harder, harder i want more. Fuck your sister like hell & make her scream ahhhh yeah bro love you my lover. Fuck me anna pls fuck me more.
Me: As her words made me more horny & i was fucking like hell, pressing her boobs, kissing her lips, chewing my sister nipples. I bite my sister nipples so hard, she cried in pain.
Kani: Bro,no its paining pleas leave my nipples(but i didnt i was just pressing my sis right boobs & chewing my sister left nipples as well fucking was going on.)
Kani: Ahhh mhhmm ufff shhhh ahhhh bro love you. Come on bro just keep fucking your little sister.

Me: Yeah sister am fucking you, fucking your cunt. I did for 10mins, i was going to cum, sister am going to cum.
Kani: Yeah bro do it.
Me: Atlast i cummed in my sis thighs & navel.
Kani: Hmmm ahh its warm bro, she just touched & smelled my sperm.
Me: I asked her how it is.
Kani: Nice smell bro, i love it.

Me: We both were naked, we were cuddling, i hugged her very tight & kissed all over the face, neck, boobs, navel, waist, thighs all over the body and i licked her whole body
Kani: wow bro keep doing, you are taking me to heaven…mhmmm ahhh
Me: Hey sis you are fucking awesome in bed.
Kani: You had me like that bro.
Me: Sis i wanna marry & fuck you like my wife. Will you marry me?

Kani: No bro, i don’t wanna marry you, when you fuck me i feel am getting fucked by my bro, that feeling is wow it can’t be explained by word it should be feel, just fuck me as your sister only, anyhow am your wife too..(She winked)
Me: Hmm thanks sister.
Kani: welcome bro.
Me: Sister i wanna bang your ass pleas give me.
Kani: Take it bro, its yours.
Me: I kissed my sister ass & licked her ass cheeks.

Kani: Hmmm ahhh uggh ufff shhhhh ahhhh
Me: I slowly licked my sister ass hole, wow i just loved it.
Kani: Ahhhh nawty bro, do it more, put your tongue inside your sister ass hole.
Me: Her word excited me, i started to fuck my sister ass hole with my tongue. After 5mins i inserted my cock inside her hole, it was very tight only my 1O% cock went in, I was pushing hard.
Kani: Bro please stop it i can’t take it. please stop it bro.

Me: My sister started to cry but i didn’t, i kept pushing my cock inside her ass hole by pulling her like a horse riding. She was screaming like hell. I couldn’t make it, so i applied some oil & started fuck her, it was quite smooth. At last i could enter my whole cock in her ass. I started to fuck her hard i was kissing her neck & pressing her boobs.

Kani: Aahhhh bro…mhmmm i love it. Can you do little faster & harder for your sister pleas.

Me: Sure sister, I increased my speed & fucked her hard. She cummed by rubbing her pussy hard. In next 5mins i cummed inside my sister ass hole.
Kani: Hmm yummy bro i can feel the warm of your sperm in my ass hole.
Me: We both hugged each other & slept.
Kani: Thanks a lot bro, she kissed my forehead & slept.

This was my story with my sister. Pleas share your comments here. Thank You see you soon. If anything pleas mail me at…. [email protected]

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