My Younger Sister Dr.Kani – Part II

Hi, Ram here, i hope you might have liked my first part with my cute sister Kani, those who had not read please read my first part story. Now am going to write about the next part i.e. after that night what happened?

As we end up when power came. I had a good sleep & i woke up at 10am, when i saw beside me my sister Kani was not there, i thought even she might be sleeping, but she woke & had bath, was in nice dress. She mostly loves to wear leggings & kurta tops, on that day morning she was in black leggings & red kurta which was up to her knee. When i saw her, wow she was looking so cute & her soap smell was arousing me, my cock was stiff. I thought she may be angry or won’t talk with me properly, because of last night act.

Kani: Good Morning anna.
Me: Good Morning da, when you woke up Kani?
Kani: at 9am brother.
Me: Ok
Kani: Go brother take bath; let’s have breakfast together am hungry.
Me: I had bath, she was watching TV, and I said you’re damn cute & good looking in this dress.
Kani: Really Brother! Thank you.
Me: I, mom & sis had breakfast…

We both were watching TV, as mom was busy in kitchen.

Me: Kani how was last night?
Kani: she smiled & was silent
Me: sis you got a sexy lips, if you allow me, i will suck those lips for whole day. I touched her lower lip wow…
Kani: hmmm your desire is quite different brother.
Me: Kani when i was sucking your lips it was awesome & i was in heaven,(as talking i kept my hand in her thighs, she was wearing leggings, as its kind of dress like another skin only, I could feel her thighs through dress too). You liked my kiss sister?
Kani: Yes, i liked brother.
Me: Can we today night also? Will you allow me to do Sister?

Kani: Hmm you naughty bro, we had enough kiss yesterday, so no kiss today.
Me: you said you like it, and then now saying no, this is not fair sister, let’s do it Kani pleas.
Kani: Ok brother, we will do it.
Me: I whisper in her ear Thank you, while doing this i touched her thighs & was rubbing.
Kani: No mention (she smiled)
Me: I was just rubbing her thighs, to & fro
Kani: Brother what are you doing on my thighs?

Me: Your thighs are so soft & sexy, i can feel it through the leggins, sister your thighs is sexy, i want to just kiss & rub for whole day.
Kani: Shut up, you naughty brother.
Me: Hey sis, you know your ass is so sexy; I love to see when you walk.
Kani: That’s why yesterday while going shopping you made me to walk front & you came back?
Me: Yes my sexy ass sister.
Kani: You naughty… love to see your own sis ass moment while walking?
Me: Yes i love it.
Kani: Don’t you have shame to do this.

Me: No am proud to say that my sister got a sexy ass.
Kani: Hmmm
Me: Sister you know, when you walk your ass go left & right, most of the celebrity ass go like this, the normal girls ass goes up & down, but my sister ass wow wow, i will just love to kiss your ass cheek when you walk. Sister if you allow me, whole day i will sleep on your ass.
Kani: Hmmm

Me: She was smiling & enjoying, come on sister let me feel it, i just touched her ass, my sister allowed me, wow i was just rubbing it and pressing & massaging. Sister how you got such a sexy ass? What you did?
Kani: I did nothing bro.
Me: Don’t lie to me Kani. Kani can i kiss your ass pleas. Pleas
Kani: Ok brother.

Me: I just started to kiss thru dress.
Kani: Ahh bro enough, please stop it
Me: Come on sister, just started now lemme enjoy for a while, my sexy sister i want to lick it. She was just moaning.
Kani: ahhh hmmm bro am feeling something, i can’t control brother. Brother….ahh hmmmm ugg..
Me: Kani my sexy ass sister i was rubbing a lot.


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