Hi friends, Gola is back with another real bro-sis incest story. Sorry friends for not narrating any story so long. Remember my last story with my uncle, aunty & my sis.

After we left our uncles house. My incest relation started with my sis that year but as there are lot of members in our family and that time we are not so much fascinated with this. During those periods we discuss sex with each other touch each others private parts when we found lonely time. Main problem is that we both don’t sleep in the same room.

I remember on my 14th birthday my uncle and aunty come to our home and stayed with us for a week. Actually uncle shifted to our city and will stay in a rented house near by us. After the birthday party was over aunty give me a kiss on my chicks and ask me how is our sex life going on. I said, no sex after we left their house. She was totally surprised. All other members went to sleep, my uncle plan we 4 will sleep on the roof. My sis is now a grownup girl with firm developing breast, very fair with long hairs. All this I realize when my uncle praised her. They both asked why we don’t have sex for so long. I replied we don’t have enough chances. Then uncle advised me “ chances don’t come, you have to create it like he created it by bring all to sleep on the roof. Then he said, you have the chance today enjoy it. I was very happy to listen this and look to my sis. She was also smiling. Then my uncle ask her to close the roof door and sit on his lap. When she sat on his lap uncle give her a lip kiss and said now she is really grownup. Aunty and me both are watching them. Then aunty told me snatch your sis from uncle or he will enjoy her and I will only watch. I replied aunty you are there for me. Then I ask aunty how is their sex life going on. She said it was excellent. If we want to watch them again they will start. Saying this she went near uncle and told my sis to sit with me. My uncle was not ready to leave my sis as she is very fresh for him. Also it seems my sis is also enjoying his smooth and dicks heat on her ass.

My sis come towards me, I hold her hand and look on her eyes. The feeling was different. Daily I have been doing this for many times but this time it was very different. She was looking very beautiful & sexy with her tight t-shirt. This was very first time I was having such feeling for her. I think I am in love with her. She asked why r u staring at me. Then she sat near me and watched my uncle and aunty. As usual they open their dress very quickly and foreplay started. Now I watch my aunty nude beauty. In those years she gained little fat on her body, her boobs are more firm with erected nipples and nice round ass. Uncle started playing with her tits looking towards my sis and giving her dirty comments and gestures. I was having hard on as I listened aunty moan sounds. I come closer to my sis and put my hand on her ass. Really it was big for me now. We both smiled and come closer to our fucking guru’s. Uncle didn’t wait longer and put his hard dick inside aunty cunt. Uncle was laying and aunty was fucking sitting on his dick so her boobs jumps like anything. Seeing hers boobs motion I can’t control myself and hold my sis boobs tightly. Aunty told me, make her naked and suck her boobs. I took off her t-shirt and see her pink bra. I was really imaged with this view. My own sis with only bra on her boobs sitting in front of me and waiting when I will open her bra and suck her brown nipples. I opened the bra and my eyed stuck on her boobs for minutes until she bring her right boobs near my lips. I started licking her nipple. My one hand is on her ass and I was rubbing her ass. Seeing both of us in this situation aunty told me, see the bhenchood how he is sucking his sis boobs. Then she call us to join them.

I was not in a mood to leave my sis but she want to join the play. So we went near them and aunty took both of our mouth and put them on her nipples. I remember her boobs are now more soft. I suck it as well as my sis. I kiss my sis too & some time kiss her nipple. I see my uncle putting his right hand on my sis pussy and she was making loud moans. Then aunty told me took way your sis from your uncle or he will tore your young sis cunt. I was fond of my aunty ass. It was also very soft and too big for me. I come back side of her and rub my rod on her ass. It was such a pleasant feeling I forgot about my sis. Then aunty got up take my sis and me to another bed. She advised my sis to lay down on the bed and took my rod on her mouth. She give me a pleasant oral sex and I was rubbing my sis little hairy pussy. My uncle was lip kissing my sis and squeezing my sis boobs. When my rod expand to maximum level aunty told me now it’s your turn to fuck your sis. She spread my sis legs and guided my lund to her pink tight pussy hole. As it was not fucked for so long time now it was very tight and when I entered my lund, I was also feeling the pain. Then I slowly put my lund inside. Aunty was giving pressure from my back so that my lund quickly enter her pussy. She was crying with pain but no one there to listen her cry. Slowly her cry converted to pleasure as I move my rod to and fro inside her cunt. Now aunty took away uncle from my sis boobs and advised me to fuck hard. Now my sis was making moan sounds like Aahhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh . Her sound becomes louder with my stroke. I increased my speed and put one hand on her mouth to quite her. She ask me to slow down as she was to adjust her position. Now I hold her hard and feel the heat of her body. Her boob are press with my chest and we both are enjoying this.

Then I told her “I am fucking my own little sis and it was such a pleasure it can’t be described”. She told me, she also think the same. The more the sin, it give maximum pleasure. All friends who have committed this sin knows how much pleasant it was to fuck your own family members. I advised her not to make such sound because any one can wake up and come to see what is happening. As we all 4 are completely naked we can’t put up out dress so quickly and all will be cut red handed. She told me complete your fucking quickly as she was very much tired. Then I asked her to bend in doggy position and I will fuck her from the backside. I hold both of her boobs and put my lund slowly in her cut from her back. It was a good posture and I enjoyed it much. I increased my speed my lund is rubbing her pussy lip and entering her hole. My aunty was giving me sexy smiles. Slowly I feel I am going to purge my cream. So I ask my sis to take my lund out of her cunt but she told me she was in her safe periods so I can ejaculate inside her cunt. I was mad to listen this, if she will got pregnant with this but before I could do any thing I ejaculated inside her. Hot creams full inside her pussy and my lund was also become loose. Then I took my lund out and look towards her pussy. My cream were flowing from her pink pussy and enjoy this. During that period my uncle and aunty finished their play and we all slept.

In mid night I wake up as feel some one pulling me one side. I open my eyes and see my uncle was licking my sis pussy and with excitement my sis was pulling me. Then I wake up my aunty and we watched them for a while. Now I feel aunty didn’t like this. She also advised uncle to leave my sis and come to sleep.

The next day my sis was in a very good mood. I was also enjoy her smile, her jokes and her touch. That day uncle went to some other city for his official work and will return after 3 days. My father selected a rented house for them and we all went to see the house. The nest day aunty will move to that house. So we cleaned the house and take rest there for some time. I asked aunty why he didn’t like that uncle fuck my sis. She told me my uncle is very fond of fucking new girls and if she start with my sis one day she will make her pregnant and our two family’s relation will damage also my sis is very young and she is for me only. Me and my sis like her words very much. She also advised my sis to keep distance from uncle.

Then aunty told us that uncle is very sexy and he needs sex 4 / 5 times a day. Also he have lot of relation with women or young girls of my sis age. I asked aunty how she knows all this. She replied, she caught him may times red handed in their house. Two women from their same colony and two young girls who are their neighbors daughter. I know both the girls very well one is of my age and other one is 1 year elder. I imagined both girls being fucked by my uncle in front of me. I asked aunty are you worried for this reason. She replied, yes. I told her I will take care of her. She come near me give me a kiss on my forehead. Then I said I like her body very much and I want to have sex with her. She told me, she also want the same but not in front of my uncle.

That night we 3 slept on the roof again and have a good threesome sex. I will narrate this latter and a lot of real incest incidents of my life. Any incest couple can exchange their view with me, send their pics, or stories. I only invite real relations. My mail id …

[email protected] .Please reply me.

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