Yash Takes Away His Sister’s Cherry

Hey all the Indian Sex Stories readers, I am Richa, a regular reader of this amazing site. I love all the experiences posted out here. I have had my share of sex experiences in my life which I am going to narrate here. I would love to hear your comments and compliments on me at my email [email protected]

Before starting the narration, Let me tell you about myself. I am Richa Jain from Guwahati, Assam. I am presently 20 years of age and my figure reads as 36 28 38 and this story goes a year back in Feb, 2011 when I was of 19 years. I was a virgin but this whole idea of having sex was making me more and more horny as I was looking for an opportunity to lose it soon.

The story starts here and I had a brother named Yash who was 2 years older to me. He was well built with height 6 feet and a great organ of 7 inches. We shared a great bond between each other but I always sensed that he looked at my body hungrily. Previously, I did not use to like the way he used to stare but then it strike to me that who else would be better for me to lose my virginity than him as he would treat me with love and care.

Now, I started enjoying his secret touches and his stares and I always made an effort to show him more of myself as we slept in the same bedroom but different beds. So, at night, hiding from my parents, I used to wear sexy gowns which showed my body to the maximum to arouse him more and more and this act of mine was having a positive impact on him.

One day, we were just talking in our room when suddenly, he asked me whether I have a boyfriend and I am still a virgin or lost it. I replied am a perfect virgin. To this statement, he was happy and he put his hand on mine and said Richi, Tumhe pata hai ki mein tumhari purrii body ko dekhte rehta hoon mujhe pata hai tumhra bhai hote hue mujhe nai dekhna chaiye par kya karu.

You are a sex bomb and anyone would love to fuck you hard until his strength goes off. I just love staring at you and I would like to love you more. I would like to take away the virginity of my sweet sis and make her a woman. I want to lick your cunt and I want to fuck you hard until you beg me to stop!

I was amazed at his straightforwardness but all I asked was whether he too was a virgin. He responded in negative and said he had had it with prostitutes imaging me in their place. I blushed and he came near me and kissed me on my forehead. He then, placed his lips slowly on mine and gently kissed me.

I closed my eyes as put his tongue inside my mouth and had started sucking my mouth at first, I was scared but the way he did everything, I was comfortable. He now put his hands on my back over the gown and made me rest gently on the bed. He came over me and started kissing the whole of the face. First it was my forehead and then he started biting my earlobes now.

Aaaaaahhhh! What a feeling it was and he had now started to kiss my lips again and started sucking my tongue. Now, he went a bit down and started kissing me in my neck. I was moaning continuously. He got to know from my hard moans that the neck was my sensitive area and started kissing me more and more. I was Bhaiyaaa aur kiss karo.

Mujhe please make love to me and I want to lose my virginity to you and he responded by biting me in my neck and told me to call him just yash when we are alone. He went more down on me and kissed me on my cleavage and started licking it . He opened the knot and now I was lying under him showing off just my lacy bra and panty which hardly covered my assets.


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